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 You do not try to take me on. || Valentina

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PostSubject: You do not try to take me on. || Valentina   Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:03 pm

Kita was headed to the White Desert. This was where she would fight the fox woman who had decided to return after she had ranked up to the woman's former spot. Her beautiful face was twisted into a snarl, and a very angry one at that. This woman did not have a chance. And if she did not show up to the fight then Kita would stay where she was. There was only one option for Kita and that was to win. She'd see just how well this woman lasted against her. A small snarl left her lips and she crouched in the sand, watching for the other woman to approach.

Kita was not going to waste any time.
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PostSubject: Re: You do not try to take me on. || Valentina   Sat Feb 26, 2011 10:30 pm

Thunder roared in the distance. An oddity to say the least to the residents of Hueco Mundo. Flashes of iridescent yellow bolts of lightning snaked across the sky, illuminating the ominous black clouds that filled the sky. A horrendous spiritual pressure filled the desert. This pressure could easily fool one into thinking that they were in the presence of La Primera Espada. But no. Though she should be Primera with the level of power the woman possessed, she was stuck as Tercera. Unfortunately, the only way that the faded number three on her right hip could be restored was if she defeated the Espada's token whore.

Valentina sniffed the air, catching Kita's scent on the wind. She wrinkled her nose in disgust. The woman's scent reeked of semen and sweat from other males in Las Noches. Val couldn't stand the woman's stench. It's bad enough that the slut stank up her den, now Val had to deal with the smell during combat. Val knew that Kita was strictly close combat. That gave Val an advantage over the woman. Val was a distance fighter. She could wield lightning from a distance, and if Kita did manage to land a hit, all Kita would get from it is a paralyzing electric shock. Val had the upper hand, so naturally she wasn't worried. She lived for combat. She only wished that she could kill the slut, but Val promised Lady Incognita that she wouldn't kill any of the Espada, but she would establish her authority with the lesser ranks. To Val, Kita was inferior and had to learn her place in the hierarchy.

Val finally arrived, her spiritual pressure flaring tenfold now. Her pressure was more than enough to bring the woman to her knees. Val's yellow eyes glowed brightly, the clouds that filled the sky now blotted out the moon, leaving the desert in darkness. Thunder roared overhead, lightning flashing brighter. Val's body surged with an electric current now, a few arcs hissing and popping across her body and her fur. She didn't bother sneaking up on the woman. Val knew that she could feel her spiritual pressure. Val simply stood atop a sand dune, staring down ant her and awaiting her to make her move. Bring it, Whore....I'll electrify you... a vicious grin appeared on her face, her grin now wide and toothy.
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PostSubject: Re: You do not try to take me on. || Valentina   Sat Feb 26, 2011 11:13 pm

If this woman had been smart she would have known not to...announce her presence by trying to subdue her with her Reiatsu. Kita just rolled her eyes. Being around James and Ulquoirra for the time that the fox bitch had left had toughened her out. A lot. So this woman....girl really, trying to subdue her was a ridiculous thought in off itself. Seeing the fox up on the sand dune, Kita only glared. This fight wouldn't be easy for Valentina, nor would it be easy for Kita. It was any one's fight, and she knew that going into this. Kita pulled her gloves out and slides them onto her hands. "You'll fucking try it you insestious bitch. You can't just expect to waltz right back into your spot after you left. This is what? The SECOND time that you've done this? Did you honestly think that I would let you waltz in and take my spot from me!?" She snarled out, as she flashed from her spot where she had been, to directly in front of the other woman.

"You stand no chance against someone who can keep up to you, and outpace you very quickly. You're not a sonido Master fox. I am." Like she had said, she wasn't going to waste any time, as she brought her hand up in a fist for Valentina's face. If she moved away from her fast enough, Kita would only follow her. As long as she stayed close and kept her on the defensive there would be no need to really get a hold of her. After all, Kita shot her Cero from her tongue, and she liked to point blank shoot it into peoples faces, and she was going to do that at first opportunity. She wouldn't stay inferior for long.
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PostSubject: Re: You do not try to take me on. || Valentina   Sat Feb 26, 2011 11:34 pm

Val only smirked as the woman spoke. She took the term "Bitch" as a compliment. Val wasn't just any bitch, she was Queen Bitch. And this Queen had to set her subordinates in their places. Thunder roared loudly as a malicious laugh escaped Val's blood red lips. Her spiritual pressure increased even more. Val's golden eyes held mocking laughter. Stupid little're digging your own grave... Val's grin only widened more as Kita appeared before her. Val didn't budge. The moment Kita appeared before her, Val snarled. This lone snarl summoned a bolt of lightning. The bolt struck just between the two, turning the sand at their feet into glass with its extreme heat while putting distance between the two. Surely Kita would feel a bit of a shock from the lightning strike. Then the woman made a horrible mistake. She rose her fist to Val, aiming to punch her. Almost in a blur, Val's right hand shot up and caught Kita's fist. That contact alone was all that Val needed. Val's grip tightened on the woman's hand as a large current of electricity was sent from Val's body to hers thanks to this contact. The current wasn't strong enough to kill, but was more than enough to disrupt all nerve signals to the brain and paralyze the woman's arm up to the shoulder. This would render the limb useless for quite some time, giving Val an advantage. Val simply smirked. I'll show you why I am the true Tercera and a weak little whore like you is not....I promised Lady Incognita that I would spare your life, but that doesn't mean I can't leave you near death! She howled, another bolt of lightning shooting from the inky black heavens. This bolt traveling at the speed of light towards Kita. Val aimed to make the woman kneel before the Goddess of Lightning.
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PostSubject: Re: You do not try to take me on. || Valentina   Sun Feb 27, 2011 1:31 am

Did this woman really think that she was that stupid? Kita had to bite back a laugh. She was grounded, and any electricity would simple be grounded. Kita knew about lightning, she never went into a fight without background on what she was fighting. Yeah it was going to hurt like hell, and damn if it didn't, but Kita wasn't a hand to hand fighter if she couldn't deal with pain. A hiss of pain escaped her lips as the electricity coursed through her. "The true Tercera? I think not. You are merely a woman riding on the coat tails of those that are stronger then she. I seem to recall you and James getting frisky, and it was him to suggested you be welcome to these ranks. I earned my rank, you had it handed to you. Know true work when I defeat you." You will scream out my name in pain if it the last thing that I ever do to you Fox bitch. She thought to herself in addition to her words.

If the woman thought that paralyzing her arm would slow her down she was sadly mistaken. After all, Kita could use the 'dead' weight to her advantage. And this woman was a range fighter with a defense of electricity, and Kita thanked her lucky stars that one of her abilities was a perceptive combatant. She could tell in an instant what this woman was, and how to properly fight her. A smirk crossed Kita's face as she used Sonido to get out of the way of the lightning, and then just appeared behind the woman. She might not have been impressed with the speed that Kita was using, because she used lightning, but Kita was no fool either. Spinning down with her 'dead' arm, her glove still firmly attached, if the attack landed then Valentina would have a very large series of scratches on her back. Even if the blow didn't land, Kita had her mouth wide open and was aiming a Cero straight at the woman. If one didn't get her, the other would, or they would both land.
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PostSubject: Re: You do not try to take me on. || Valentina   Sun Feb 27, 2011 1:44 pm

Valentina grinned wildly as the woman narrowly avoided the lighting strikes. She was much quicker than Val had anticipated. Val's ears and nose twitched. she had captured the woman's scent.. She whirled around just as Kita was swinging her now paralyzed arm towards Val's back. Val smirked, and then laughed like a wild hyena before snarling, calling down another bolt of lighting. The bolt crashed down between the two yet again, creating a cover for what Val did next. The flash of lighting was gone in a matter of seconds. As Kita's deadened arm swung at Val, it was stopped by the jaws of the now transformed arrancar. Val had taken on her fox form while the flash of lighting served as a blinder. Val's jaws squeezed tightly, her razor Sharp teeth easily penetrating the woman's hierro. The now six for tall three tailed fox shook her head wildly, aiming to sever the numb arm. Val's teeth sank deer as she shook her head. If Kita didn't stop her soon, she faced looking her precious arm. Val moved swiftly, positioning herself behind the woman with her arm still trapped within her iron jaws. She was now out of range of the cero. Kita had only one choice now, a physical attack. This meant she faced another electric shock and paralysis, or she loses her arm. The choice was hers now. Val kept hold, still shaking her head wildly while he taste of blood flooded her tongue. This made Val bite down even harder. She wouldn't let go until she either claimed he arm or she was forced to let go
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PostSubject: Re: You do not try to take me on. || Valentina   Tue Mar 01, 2011 12:03 am

Yes the woman had a hold of her. Was Kita worried? Not in the slightest. After all, any person worth their salt knew that while grounded, there was a good chance of being killed by electrocution. But in the air? Like a bird? Not so much, even if it was reiatsu based, if there was no grounding, there was no way that the woman would win through her abilities alone. Grabbing a hold of Valentina's now wolf jaw, Kita wrenched up and used Sonido at the same time, carrying not only herself, but Valentina as well, into the air, where Kita would put them at equal terms. "I'm not an idiot Fox. Not in the long run." Applying enough pressure to the fox's jaw, Kita knew she would be able to make the woman let go. Being a hand to hand fighter meant she knew the pressure points for release and for pain. And she intended to use them all.

Kita knew that her arm would kill in the morning, or as soon as that paralysis wore off. So she had till then to either go into her release form or make this woman submit to her. Bringing her foot up, Kita slams it into the chest of the fox she now held, and got her arm back, watching the blood for for just a moment. She couldn't feel it yet, but her shoulder was starting to get feeling back into it. A snarl ripped from her own lips as she went for Valentina again. If the woman dropped to the ground then Kita would simply pick her back up into the air. Lightning was less effective in the air.

{{Sorry thought of that detail just now, so fighting in the air would be more advantageous for Kita, and not Val. Think of the birds on the telephone wires, because they aren't grounded, they don't get electrocuted.}}
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PostSubject: Re: You do not try to take me on. || Valentina   Wed Mar 02, 2011 2:38 am

Valentina smirked when Kita grabbed her jaw. Though she was able to pry her arm from her jaws, there was a price. The moment Kita touched her top jaw, Val's fur stiffened into statically charged needles. The needles shot through Kita's hand the moment she touched her. The needles buried themselves deep in her flesh, each one delivering a powerful series of shocks to her arm that were sure to numb her. They were still grounded when Kita grabbed her, so she was sure that the whore would feel a nasty shock from grabbing her. This gave Val a chance to back up before Kita got her in the air. Val snarled, then roared to the heavens as Kita took to the air. Val's roar called a large bolt of lightning down onto Kita. As the lightning enveloped Kita, Val reverted back to her humanoid form. She grinned and drew her blade. It was time to up the ante in this fight.

Crash down with thundering jaws and crush the souls of all who oppose thy might....Zorro De La Tempestad!

Thunder roared loudly now as the flashes of lightning grew more frequent. A single blot shot down from the jet black heavens and enveloped Valentina in its light. The lightning served as a powerful shield as Val made her change. Her spiritual pressure was concealed within the lightning prison, it now easily surpassing James'. Even in his own released state. Val's mask enveloped her head, taking on the shape of a fox skull helmet. Val's body became covered in a thin pelt of fur from the waist up. From the waist down, her fur became thicker and more abundant as her lower body took on a more canine shape. Her tail bristled and split into three thick tails that surged with a powerful current of electric current that could kill upon contact. Her entire body surged with this fatal current. Val's sword became encased in lightning as it stretched into a double ended Naginata. the weapon had a jagged blade on one end and a trident on the other. The naginata, when in Val's hands, also surged with the same powerful current. Once her change was complete, the lightning barrier that surrounded her disappeared, releasing her full spiritual pressure all at once. The sudden burst kicked up sand as a large crater was formed at her feet. The sand swirled around her as her pressure filled the air. Her bone like jaws creaked open, a hiss escaping her jaws. Her eyes glowed brightly from deep within the vulpine skull helm as they glared up at her opponent.
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James White
Primera Espada

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PostSubject: Re: You do not try to take me on. || Valentina   Thu Mar 03, 2011 2:44 pm

James casually walked off to the side of this fight, none of the residual power even causing him to twitch. He was clad in a leather jacket with the number 1 over his right breast. Same with his pants with the number 1 on his upper left leg. He looked over at the fight and stabbed Null Excalibur into the ground. Leaning on it and lighting a cigarette. This was enjoyable, a cat fight. Between Valentina and Kita, two women he has had intimate sex with. At least he was unsure about Kita, any night around her was fuzzy and hungover. Either way this fight so far was uninteresting and if Kita failed James would work his magic to defeat the weakened Valentina and take her power for his own. Which reminded him, where was Vladimir? Either way, Valentina seemed to be a little more powerful than before. He actually knew a good deal about Kita's power and abilities but could not for the life of him remember what they were. He took a long drag and scratched his chin. Maybe something blood related. Getting bored he created a table and chair similar to those overseeing a sports match and sat down, kicking his legs up.

(sorry short will build on later)

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Vladimir N. Tristan
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PostSubject: Re: You do not try to take me on. || Valentina   Thu Mar 03, 2011 2:50 pm

Vlad walked up behind James, grimacing, having a much more difficult time dealing with this power than James did. He stood next to him, nodded once, smirking at the two women, this would defiantly be interesting. He pulled out a bottle of Vodka, took a deep swig and offered the bottle to James, before having a massive twitch, and nearly flying backwards. He recovered and shook his head. I have a death wish... Was the only thought crossing his mind.
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PostSubject: Re: You do not try to take me on. || Valentina   Thu Mar 03, 2011 2:59 pm the post early on val when you electrocute Kita's arm and disable it etc i find nothing in your app that allows you to do so. So until you can show me how you did that then i am afraid i am calling that post void. there fore the fight needs to go back to that post and be continued on accordingly. A pain i know but still them are the rules.



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PostSubject: Re: You do not try to take me on. || Valentina   

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You do not try to take me on. || Valentina
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