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 Sangre Sombra Cero (wip)

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PostSubject: Sangre Sombra Cero (wip)   Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:31 pm

New Technique Application

Name: Sangre Sombra Cero (Zero Blood Shadow)
Appearance: A sphere with an outer layer of green energy and an inside consisting of a mixture of deep purple and red swirling around in a vortex of chaos. The mass of explosive pressure ranges in size but averages out to around three feet in diameter.

When you learned this tech: Provide links to training/fighting topics where you learned this tech

Duration: Detailed in Description
Using Rights: This techniques is usable only by Alexander and only while he is not in his released state.
Requirements/Preparations: One post in order to charge up the negative energy. In addition to that there needs to be some blood pooled in his hand, though his blood does not have to be his own

Description: When the energy mass is released it travels until it either hits something or the casters decides to combust it by saying the activation word "ahora". Once imploded the mass goes through several steps on how it all plays out.

1. It bursts outward in a wave of chaotic energy. This wave is extremely fast and moves directly outward carrying with it a slight paralyzing effect that causes anyone caught by the energy to lose about half of their movement speed for two turns. If an affected person is an elite rank then they only lose about a third of their movement speed. (range: 30 feet)

2. The next phase is a splatter of blood from the original placement of the sphere. This blood is steaming and as such is boiling hot, anyone splattered by this has their skin undergo a continuous burning effect that eventually will work its way through and out the other side after three turns. This can be avoided is a captain level spiritual pressure is solely focused on every splatter wound. (range: 40 feet)

3. The final phase concern the remaining blood that failed to hit anything. This leftover blood becomes a fine red mist that cooks people inside the cloud at a moderately fast speed. The heat has potential to kill, but it would take about 10 rounds to kill a unharmed elite. The mist remains in the area until it is somehow blown away. (range: 50 feet )

Weakness: The first two effects take a full round to complete and the final phase takes a full round to prep before it activates. In other words there is a calm of the storm where nothing happens between the second and third phases.
Preparation time: One Post
Duration: Described above
Cooldown: 10 posts
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Sangre Sombra Cero (wip)
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