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 Lovers and Lunatics [Open to two others]

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Kohana Hirikano


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PostSubject: Lovers and Lunatics [Open to two others]   Sun Mar 06, 2011 2:19 pm

Kohana sat in silence outside the division barracks. The sun was high in the sky, it's golden rays warming her back. Her feet were dipped in her koi pond, a soft smile tugging at her rose tinted lips as her two Koi, Shiro and Kuro, took turns nipping at her toes. Kohana's blade was laid at her side. Just like any other day, thoughts of Vincinzo swam through her mind. She wondered how he was doing and if he missed her as much as she missed him. In a few days, she'd get to visit him, so her questions may be answered then. She closed her eyes, only to have her beloved's face appear to her in memory, bringing a wider smile and a soft pink hue to her face. The serenity didn't last long, however, as sickly green tinted arms encircled Kohana. Hello, Ko-Ko....lovely day, isn't it...?

Kohana took in a quick breath, only to have the arms that held her squeeze tighter. She soon recognized that green skin and the few purple thorns that studded the arms. Kohana glanced over her right shoulder as she felt the pressure of a head resting on it, only to come face to face with glowing red eyes. Ichi-Dono...? she muttered while staring into those eyes. She quickly rose to her feet, breaking from the embrace of her Zanpakuto spirit. She turned and stared down the now humanoid male. He stood at about six feet in height, easily towering over his petite weilder. He had waist length, forest green hair, styled in dread locks. Each lock had a bright green vine, about four centimeters thick, wrapped tightly around it. There were two to three jagged leaves projecting from the vines. His skin was a very pale, almost whitish green hue, giving him almost a sickly look. His eyes are a piercing crimson hue. His body had a sturdy, muscular build. Each muscle is well defined, making him look quite cut. He had four diagonal line markings on his face, two on each cheek. The markings are a deep violet in color and run parallel to the other. The markings on the right cheek ran left to right, the outer mark starting just below the center of his bottom eye lid and stopped just at the center of his jaw. The inner mark ran from the corner of his eye to the corner of his jaw. The marks on his left cheek run the same way, but went left to right. His attire consisted of nothing more than forest green hakama pants. His chest was completely bare except for a set of criss-crossing vines that looped over each shoulder and wrapped around his waist. The vines were about an inch thick and had various jagged leaves and violet tinted thorns scattered about the vines. He wore only straw waraji sandals on his feet, they also being forest green in color. lightly sighed, forgetting that he took on his plant like form only during rain storms. The male stepped towards Kohana again and snaked his arms around her waist, he now nozzling her neck. Oh, Ko-Ko! Where the fuck have you been hiding me?! I haven't been able to come out in fucking days! Don't do that to me again, you little cunt, or you get no more help from me! Got that?! He didn't really mean what he said, but he was way too stubborn to admit that he adored his weilder. Kohana blinked a couple times and tried to wriggle free from the angry spirit's arms. I...I get it, Ichi-Dono....I'm sorry....I've just been in the human world....I can't take you out forgive me... Kohana stood there, arguing with her spirit about her reasons for being in the world of the living, just to kill the bordom that they both knew that they were feeling.

"I'll never be alone again with you by my side.."
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Lovers and Lunatics [Open to two others]
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