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 La Serpiente Emplumada [Done]

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Alruna Espinosa


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PostSubject: La Serpiente Emplumada [Done]   Wed Mar 09, 2011 5:23 pm

Arrancar/Espada Application


Name: Alruna Espinosa
Alias/Nickname: Runa-Chan, Ru-Ru, La Serpiente Emplumada
Actual Age: 672 years
Physical Age: 21
Gender: Female
Rank: Numero 15
Modified: No

~Alruna's appearance comes off as normal when one first sees her. She's often described as an unobtainable beauty because of her lack of interest in dating or the opposite sex. She has long, forest green hair, and bright lime green eyes. Her pupils are thin slits, a trait she shares with venomous serpents. Her skin is soft and supple, but down the length of her spine, she has a series of deep emerald green scales that serve as armor to protect her spinal cord. She has a tuft of bright yellow feathers in between her shoulder blades that, when the right amount of reiatsu is released, forms a pair of vibrant feathered wings that she can materialize or retract at will. Her wings serve as her main source of transport instead of a sonido. She often has her nails painted with a seafoam green nail enamel and usually wears lipstick and eye shadow of the same color. Her tongue is serpent like in appearance. It is jet black and forked. She doesn't smell with her nose. Instead, she has a Jacobson's organ in the roof of her mouth. She collects scent molecules on her tongue and processes them with this organ. Also within her mouth is a pair of retractable fangs. Each fang is nearly translucent and resembles those of a venomous serpent. They are about three inches in length and secrete a powerful neurotoxin that is produced in small, pea sized glands hidden within her soft palate at the back of her mouth.the toxin is a pale green color. Her body has a petite structure. She is slender, but has a bit of curve to her body. She has a C cup bust, a slender waist and hips that curve just enough to give her an hourglass figure. She wears the usual arrancar attire, but with a modified top. Her sleeves extend well past her hands, almost six inches past to be exact. In the back, there are two slits in the top over her shoulder blades. These slits are for when she materializes her wings. Her top is a little tight fitting, but her hakama are a bit more loose. She wears the usual arrancar boots as well. Her Zanpakuto, Quetzalcoatl, is always strapped to her left hip by the black Hakama-himo~
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 112 lbs
Eye Color: Lime green
Hair Color/Style: Her hair is a forest green color. It's always word down and never really styled. It's length reached down to the middle of her buttocks and is pin straight.
Complexion: Fair, peach tone
Remains of Mask: a small maxillary jaw bone on the left side of her head. It has six teeth, two of them resembling a serpent's fangs. It looks much like a hair pin.
Hollow Hole: Her hole is about four centimeters in diameter and rests just two centimeters above her navel
Espada Tattoo: ;eft shoulder blade


Personality: Alruna is a calm and calculating individual. She's one of the few peaceful arrancar and sees no reason to fight unless she is first attacked. She's reclusive, often seeking solitude in the Menos Forest. She hates interacting with people, but will do so if she is confronted. Alruna works more with the flight part of the fight or flight system. She rather run from confrontation than stand and fight. She sees violence as a primitive way to solve problems and will take no part in the primal act. Alruna is asexual, meaning she feels no sexual attraction to either gender. She finds the whole thing to be a waste of energy. She won't even associate herself with who she sees as a "sexaholic." To her, they are people with no self respect and can only find comfort in laying with as many people as possible. It disgusts her to no end. Alruna also has a softer side that few have seen. She's a caring person to those she deems fit. She isn't the best at making friends, but when she does find one, she is a loyal friend to the end. She has no desire to climb the ranks and live in Las Noches. She feels uncomfortable around other arrancar and doesn't like being in a place where she has to interact with others frequently.
Quirks: Alruna has a habit of flicking her forked tongue repeatedly when in a new place. She does this to process the scents in the area and memorize them. She also tends to remain silent when around people, talking only with nods of her head.
Sexuality: Asexual
Relationship Status: No chance of getting her, fellas.
History: Alruna was born a hollow, at least that is wht she assumes. She came into existence with no memory of a human life, or a death. Her first form was that of a small winged serpent that emerged from beneath the sands. She was alone, and liking it. For years, she traversed the desert, occasionally devouring other hollows until she progressed to a Gillian, then to an adjuchas. Her adjuchas form was no different than that of her first body, except she was now nearly thirty feet in length with shimmering green scales and extravagant , colorful wings. She took to the skies, soaring above Hueco mundo. She assaulted new prey from the air, diving down and scooping them into her gaping mouth, or shooting them with ceros before descending to claim her prize. Upon devouring a Vasto Lorde, Alruna gained the power to remove her mask, letting herself progress to an arrancar. She gained something most arrancars did not. She gained a higher sense of thinking. She rid herself of the primal urge to eat and mate. After making the change into a greater being, she slept to regain energy.

Alruna was discovered by another arrancar. A man who called himself Layle. He found Alruna laying in a nest of feathers and scales, fast asleep. She was naked and laying in the open. Such worm-like vulnerability. Layle sat with her until she awoke, and blessed her with clothing. Upon dressing herself, Layle gave her a name. He bestowed her with the name Alruna after the woman he loved, then gave her his last name. Espinosa. For centuries, Alruna traveled with Layle, he helping her grow stronger by training her. He took her in as a daughter, protecting her and giving her the love that the reclusive female thought she never wanted. She became very close to him and followed him everywhere. After three hundred years with the man she called a father, he passed away. He was murdered by a member of the Espada and devoured. She witnessed the act of brutality, it forever haunting her memories. Layle was gone, leaving Alruna on her own again. She now remains alone and reclusive, rarely seeking friendship out of fear of losing them. She utilizes the knowledge that Layle had given her, living by her peaceful mantra. She witnessed violence and brutality, and wants nothing to do with the primal acts of other arrancar. She avoids Las Noches like the plague, not even going within the vicinity of the bloody palace. She knows who and what lies within its alabaster walls and dare not dance with the devil.


Name: Quetzalcoatl
Seal Description: Quetzalcoatl resembles a normal katana. It's sheathe is a deep forest green color with a lighter emerald green stripe running running along the length. The hilt of her blade is bound in emerald green leather that resembles snake skin. The tsuba is a lime green color with a faint red undertones and is oval shaped. The tsuba is modeled to look like a serpent devouring its own tail.
Aspect of Death: Beauty
Release Phrase: "Soar"
Element/Class type: Wind
Resurreccion Appearance: When released, Alruna takes the shape of a thirty foot long, serpent like beast. Her arms extend into large, vibrant feathered wings. Her body is emerald green in color with a ridge of vibrant yellow feathers running down her back. Her wings are about twenty feet long each, giving her about sixty feet of total wing span. Her feathers are a mixture of reds, greens, and yellows in color, giving her a dazzling appearance in her released state. Her primary feathers are a mixture of red hues, the secondary feathers are a mix of green, and her tertiary feathers are scattered tints of yellow. Her scales are smooth to the touch and feel as cold as the icy steel they resemble. Her mouth holds two rows of razor sharp teeth that angle backwards, much like a snake's teeth. She has two five foot long fags that fold back against her mouth. The fangs secrete a neurotoxin, much like the toxin she secretes in her unreleased form, except twice as strong. Since her fangs are too large to get in a decent bite, they secrete the toxin into her mouth, it coating her teeth and tongue to make it easier for her to get in a toxic bite. Her blade fuses with her tail, creating four, six foot long blade like spikes that run down either side of her tail. There are three blades on each side and are spaced about two feet apart from each other.

~Standard Techniques~

Name: Cero
Description: Standard arrancar technique. A concentrated blast of spiritual energy. Alruna's is green in color, and is fired from the very tip of her tongue
Duration: instant
Cool Down: 1 post with a one post charge time

Name: Bala
Description: A hardened bullet of spiritual energy that is weaker than a cero, but much faster.
Duration: instant
Cool Down: 1 post

Name: Sonido
Description: An arrancar's equivalent to a Shunpo or Hirenkyaku.
Duration: N/A
Cool Down: N/A

Name: Pesquisas
Description: An arrancar's ability to locate spiritual pressures in an area
Duration: N/A
Cool Down: 1 post

~Innate Techniques~

Name: Feather Storm
Usage: Either
Description: Alruna released a mass of vibrant colored feathers that serve as a cover or as a distraction so she can flee from a fight. The feathers are completely harmless, just annoying. They cover her scent by flooding the area with a heavy musk that disturbs the olfactory senses and causes eye irritation. This ability is solely used for an escape.
Duration: 3 posts
Cool Down: 4 posts

Name: Besos Del Muerte ~Kiss of Death~
Usage: Both, but is more effective in her released state
Description: Alruna bites her target, injecting a powerful neurotoxin that, upon entering the bloodstream, will paralyze the limb that she has bitten for a short time. The length of the paralysis varies by the strength of the target. The duration of the paralyzing toxin doubles if the target is bitten when Alruna is in her released state.

  • Captain level shinigami/Vaizards/Bounts targets and all Espada - one post/2 posts during ress
  • Lieutenant level shinigami/Vizards/Bounts, Superhumans, and fraccions - 2 posts/4 posts during ress
  • Seated officers and other Numero - 3 posts/6 posts during ress
  • Unseated officers and normal humans - 4 posts/8 posts during ress

Cool Down: 2 posts/4 posts during ress

Name: Secondary Armor
Usage: Resurreccion only
Description: Alruna's scales serve as a second armor. They match the strength of a lower level espada level arrancar's hierro and can withstand most physical attacks. The scales only serve minimal protection against ceros, balas, and elemental attacks. She mat suffer burns and cuts.
Duration: throughout her Resurreccion
Cool Down: N/A since it's a physical attribute

Name: Prism Cero
Usage: Both forms
Description: Alruna's signature cero. It is a mixture of red, yellow, and green spiritual energy. The colors spiral around one another when the cero is fired, creating a beautiful display. The cero's strength is equivalent to that of the lower five Espada's normal ceros. It charges in one post
Duration: Instant
Cool Down: 1 post

~Rp Sample~
Darkness filled the forest of Menos. Only thin beams of light filtered down from the desert above. A hush fell over the area. Alruna Espinosa, a lone numero, walked along an empty path. Her piercing green eyes remained shut as she walked. Occasionally, her serpent like tongue flicked past her lips, tasting the air. The jet black organ captured the scent of something odd. A Vasto Lorde if she processed the scent correctly. She did her best to steer clear of the brutish beasts. They thrived on their primal instincts, meaning that the peaceful female was prey. She remained silent, her tongue flicking out again. The scent was stronger, meaning the brute was closer. It had found her. Her eyes opened only half way to see the creature before her. She sighed and turned to walk away.

As she turned, she bumped into something. Her eyes opened fully, her head tilting up to find another hollow, this one a humanoid looking adjuchas. She grimaced and turned to her left only to find a menos, with another menos at her right. Surrounded. She backed up slightly, only to be taken into the arms of the vasto lorde. She hissed and bit the creature's arm, injecting a great deal of toxin into it's body before it let go. It snarled and backhanded her to the ground. She yelped and hit the dirt, then glared up at the gang of hollows. Such hungry looks in their eyes, but not the hunger for meat. It was the hunger for flesh. They sought to take what she held dear. She grimaced and closed her eyes.

In that moment, she became enveloped in a flurry of soft, vibrant colored feathers. The plumage storm quickly spread and enveloped the gang of hollows. A harsh scent filled the air. One that was sure to create a decent distraction. Oh, it did. The hollows howled and covered their noses, their eyes watering as the heavy musk burned their nares and irritated their eyes. The feathers served as a decent cover. Taking in this moment, she sonidoed away from the disoriented group, heading up to the white sand desert for safety. Oh how she hated this place. Why must everyone be carnal beasts with no sense of intellect? Alruna pondered these things as she emerged from the sand and appeared in the desert. She shook the sand from her body, then exhaled slowly. She concentrated a bit of reiatsu into the tuft of yellow feathers between her shoulder blades. In that moment, she sprouted a pair of extravagant wings. Her feathers were a beautiful array of reds, greens and yellows. She stretched the feathered appendages before leaping into the air. She opened her wings and took flight. She gained altitude quickly and was soon soaring high above the pallid sands, ignoring the world below and just enjoying the feel of the moon's ghastly white rays on her back.

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Name: Kohana Hirikano
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Name: Noelle Fontaine
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Alruna Espinosa


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PostSubject: Re: La Serpiente Emplumada [Done]   Wed Mar 09, 2011 10:06 pm

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PostSubject: Re: La Serpiente Emplumada [Done]   Thu Mar 10, 2011 3:46 am

Approved ^^



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PostSubject: Re: La Serpiente Emplumada [Done]   

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La Serpiente Emplumada [Done]
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