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 Find the Unkown KIller [mission][ Izuru ,Yachiru, Raiden]

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Izuru Kira

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PostSubject: Find the Unkown KIller [mission][ Izuru ,Yachiru, Raiden]   Fri Mar 18, 2011 10:03 pm


The young blond captain had recently gotten a report back from a scout in the human world. It read: On my patrol I came across quite a few mangled bodies. Near a few of them i met the sprits that belong to them. These sprits claimed to have see a creature with giant claws attack them before they died. Since my mission time is up i request a team to come and find the beast. Kira wasn’t to happy that they guy wasn’t going to look for the monster himself , but he wasn’t going to go and yell at the guy like a crazy person. Today he had manage to get a team of interested Shinigami together to under go the mission. He had arranged for the three of them to meet at the gate leading into the human world.

After looking at the report one last time he stuffed ii into his shirt and left his office. On his way outside a couple squad members bowed and said good afternoon captain Kira. Seeing the meeting time was in 3 minutes he flash stepped the rest of the way to the gate. When he arrived he seemed to be the first one there. He sighed slightly at this and walked over to gate and turned toward the way he came. The two guards standing there look at each other weirdly. Kira paid no attention to them as he felt some approaching spiritual pressure from to directions before him.
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Yachiru Kusajishi

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Location : 13th Division

PostSubject: Re: Find the Unkown KIller [mission][ Izuru ,Yachiru, Raiden]   Sat Mar 19, 2011 12:55 am

Yachiru seemed to skip the entire way to the third division. She had been recruited for a special mission with Izuru and his homosexual third seat. Yachiru giggled a bit. She had a nickname for the guy, but she'd save that for later. She barged into the division barracks and popped a lolipop in her mouth. Butterscotched flavor. Her favorite. She ran into a couple members of the squad and asked where Izuru was. She was told that he was already at the main gates. Kohana smacked her forehead and waved goodbye to the two men who just stood there, staring at her. She giggled and skipped off towards the gate where she was supposed to meet the Third captain.

Upon arriving, she found the melancholy captain standing there by himself. She shunpoed towards him and seized the man in a playful hug, much like how she used to greet him a long time ago, back when they were both vice captains. Zu-Zu!! Hiya hiya!! It's been a long, long time since we did a mission together! Where is butt-pirate Rai-Rai? Isn't he supposed ta join us? Yachiru smiled innocently and released the constricting embrace before stepping back a little. She giggled to herself and suckled upon her lolipop like an innocent child. She was sure Izuru ould be suprised by her nickname for Raiden. Kenpachi mentioned such a term before after meeting other homosexuals. She saw it as a term of affection. She simply stood there with that daydreaming expression on her face, ready to get the show on the road.




Characters: Roll call!!
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PostSubject: Re: Find the Unkown KIller [mission][ Izuru ,Yachiru, Raiden]   Sat Mar 19, 2011 1:36 am

Raiden had gotten no sleep the night before. None at all. Was he nervous about this mission? Sure he was. After all, this was the first mission since he and Kira had been....intimate. Raiden was allowed to feel nervous about it. And the fact that Yachiru-taichou was joining them certainly didn't help anything. Raiden rubbed his eyes and got dressed. It was going to be a long day, he could already tell, and he only hoped that he didn't snap at Yachiru-taichou. That would be bad. Walking over to the Gate, where Kira had told him to meet the pair, he came up as he heard Yachiru call him a Butt-pirate. Raiden's eyes went wide, and his face beat red. Actually, as red as his hair.

Out of instinct, Raiden put his hand over his mouth to prevent himself from saying something to the girl-child, and bit his lip as he walked up. "My apologies for being last to arrive, Kira-taichou and Yachiru-Taichou. Twas a late night on patrol last night." He said softly, in his gravely voice, his hand away from his mouth, but not looking at Yachiru. But he wasn't looking at Kira either. God he felt like an idiot right now. Why had he agreed to this? When he had found out that Yachiru was with them, he definitely should have declined.....
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Izuru Kira

Posts : 119
Join date : 2010-10-07

PostSubject: Re: Find the Unkown KIller [mission][ Izuru ,Yachiru, Raiden]   Mon Mar 21, 2011 4:30 am

Shortly after feeling the spirtual pressures the pink haird captain appreaed out of nowhere. The blond blink a couples times when the women hugged him playfully. " Um uh Hi to you Yachiru San" he said raising an eyebrow at the girls weird comment after greeting him. " Butt pirate? You mean Raiden kun? What are you calling him?" he asked sounding very confused by the womens comment. The captain had and idea of what it might mean , but he hoped he was wrong. if he was right then she would be calling him one too. Because he was Bisexual and he had slept with his third seat. Of course no one knew that but them so, she wasn't technically calling him one too. Only a few people knew about his sexuality. Those people was: Momo ,Rangiku san , Ichimaru Taichou and of course Raiden Kun.

Shortly after he spoke the women finally released him from her embrace. Raiden then appeared before them and apologized for being late. The red head also gave the two captains a reason for his tardiness. " Its ok Raiden Kun were all a little late for the assigned time" he said in a calm tone. Staring at the boy for a couple moments he wondered if he had heard the pink girl's comment about him. Izu certainly hoped especially if it met what he thought it meant. " Is everyone ready to go?" he asked with a small bored sigh after breaking his gaze away from the red headed third seat.
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Kohana Hirikano

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PostSubject: Re: Find the Unkown KIller [mission][ Izuru ,Yachiru, Raiden]   Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:10 pm

[OOC: Much to my dismay, I must exclude myself from this mission. I'm horribly busy with being a new mom, I hardly have the time anymore and I don't want to hold the topic back. Please forgive me~]


"I'll never be alone again with you by my side.."
Characters: Roll call!!
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PostSubject: Re: Find the Unkown KIller [mission][ Izuru ,Yachiru, Raiden]   

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Find the Unkown KIller [mission][ Izuru ,Yachiru, Raiden]
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