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 Lulu Kuiiji

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Lulu Kuiiji

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PostSubject: Lulu Kuiiji   Tue Mar 29, 2011 11:47 pm

Bount Application:

Name: Louise Kuiiji
Alias/Nicknames: Lulu
Age: 210
Visual Age: 30

Sexuality: Bi, erring toward homosexual
Relationship status: Single
Appearance: A tall slender woman, with black hair and glasses, rather gothic in appearance. She usually wears high heels, black lipstick and black nail varnish coupled with tight-fitting and seductive clothing, verging on scandalous. She is especially fond of cat-suits and leather. She also wears exotic perfumes that she creates herself.
Height: 170 cm
Rank: Purgatory Seven: Gluttony

Personality: Incredibly flirtatious and forward to almost everyone, no matter what their age or gender. She behaves the same way in battle, but she is merciless and has no hesitation in taking a life immediately if need be, though she loves to have a little fun with them first if she can. After absorbing a soul, she feeds the body to her Doll.
Birthday: December 31st
Family/Relatives: None (all deceased)
Likes: Feeding, sex, socializing, dancing (in no particular order), motorbikes, leather.
Dislikes: Being hungry, being bored, seafood, old women.
Hobbies: See Likes
Other information: When other Bounts meet her for the first time, many mistake her for the Lust member of the Seven, much to her flattery and the real Lust’s annoyance.

History: Originally born in France, Louise Kuiiji (better known as Lulu) has had many names. After discovering her immortality, she left her home and chose to wander and enjoy life’s many pleasures, not wanting to waste a single moment. First living in Britain for much of the Victorian era, she entertained much of the high society of London, outliving and inheriting the estates of three husbands, before moving to America just before the turn of the 19th century. Her main reason for leaving London was the discovery of her ability to feed on souls, and also of her addiction to it. Soon after her discovery, she temporarily lost control and over the course of a few days went on a killing spree across the dark and murky city. When she finally regained control, at least a dozen women, several men and even two children were dead by her hands. Wondering how she had not been caught, she hid amongst the rooftops of the city for days. Finally, she was approached through the fog by a mysterious gentleman in a top hat and cloak. It transpired that this man was a fellow Bount by the name of Sawatari, who happened to be visiting London at the time. As a fellow Bount and a veteran with a similar hunger to her own, Sawatari had been covering Louise’s tracks for her, mutilating the bodies of several victims and disposing of the rest using his Doll Baura, throwing the pursuing authorities off her scent. He convinced her to pose as his daughter and flee with him to the United States.
When they arrived there, Sawatari took Louise under his wing, training her in the ways of the Bounts and educating her in their history, as well as teaching her about the Soul Society, the Quincy and the Hollow. Under his tuition, Lulu obtained her own Doll, Fresser. Although initially difficult to handle, Fresser proved an invaluable and powerful ally and eventually, through her own persistence and Sawatari’s guidance, Lulu had him mastered. Throughout this time, nearly a decade had passed and the time of the Great War was approaching. For reasons unknown, Sawatari bid farewell to his protégé, never to see her again. He returned to Europe and vanished.
Lulu remained in the USA for nearly fifty years, travelling to all corners of the nation. Along the way, she and her Doll devoured many souls and she increased in power almost exponentially. It was in the USA during the 1950’s that her persona began to change from a rich girl living the high life to a pleasure-obsessed bad girl. She became a cougar that prowled the back streets, preying on anyone she took a fancy to. At this time her sexual preferences also began to change, as more girls took to wearing more alluring clothing, and she became more than happy to first seduce and then devour women. It is thought that at about this time Jin Kariya started gathering the other Bounts to him, but due to Lulu’s ever changing location, name and appearance he failed to trace her, and dismissed her from his mind. However, one can only speculate. Whatever the case, since the departure of Sawatari, Lulu had heard nothing of her fellow Bounts, but frankly, she did not care.
At the end of the Cold War, Lulu decided to explore new territories and headed across the Pacific into Russia. However, she did not remain there long, as she discovered it to be a dire, cold and miserable country on the whole, and moved instead to China and then Japan over the course of two decades. Whilst there, she enjoyed the culture, the food and the beautiful women so much that she decided to settle in Tokyo. Using the money she had accumulated over the last century (mainly thanks to compound interest and a talent for posing as her own daughters), Lulu lived life to the full, inviting various people to her sumptuous apartments for extravagant parties and private dinners…
…until one day, soon after the turn of the twenty-first century, she heard a word she had not heard in a very long time. Bount. There was a rumour going around that several people calling themselves by that name had started a fight in a Tokyo bar a few days before. This group, led by one Jin Kariya, had been overheard saying they were heading for a place called Kurakara town. One of them fitted the description of Lulu’s old mentor, Sawatari. Lulu swiftly packed up and headed for Karakura town.
Unfortunately, she arrived too late. She could find no trace of her colleagues, even after following their trail to a deserted cavern in the mountains. She later learned that Kariya and his fellows had tried to invade and conquer the Soul Society, but had failed, and as far as anyone knew, they were all dead. Despairing, Lulu prepared to return to Tokyo, but at the last minute and at the end of all hope, riding out of town on her motorcycle, she encountered another Bount, also arriving in Karakura too late for the summons. He informed her there were more on the way, and that the last of the Bounts were going to reform under a new leader, and become again the great power they once were. Lulu’s first and lingering thought was ‘great, so long as there’s still plenty to eat…’

Doll Information

Name: Fresser (Devourer)

Manifestation: Fresser’s normal form is a huge snake, over twenty feet in length and easily big enough to swallow a human whole. Its body is red in colour and shimmers like metal foil, and its tail is forked. Its head is covered by an ornate white and gold crest tipped by a gold helix, and it has two large horns to which are attached metallic gold bird’s wings (though in this form it cannot fly). Its body is banded along its entire length by white and gold rings, which appear to hold its body in place. If the doll swallows something, the bands can expand and contract like external ribs.
Fresser’s sealed form is a white and gold metal garter, engraved with a Bount crest, that Lulu wears around either her left leg or her neck, depending on what she is wearing at the time. When she summons it, the garter melts and runs seductively down her body to form a pool of liquid metal on the floor which grows and forms her doll.

Element: Metal

Description: Fresser is made of a liquid metal and it can change its form to suit its opponent, rather like Go Koga’s doll, Dalk. When it changes, it effectively melts and reforms, though it appears to remain cool and doesn’t heat up even slightly. When it settles on a shape, Fresser’s body hardens and solidifies. After being initially summoned, it is always in its snake form until ordered to shapeshift. As it evolves through its forms its size increases as Lulu adds more of her spiritual energy to it. In addition, it can repair any injuries it has suffered when it transforms, rather like Arrancar do when they use their Resurrection.

Resistant to: Fire, Wind, Poison, Melee (i.e. it's heavy, tough and has a high melting point. In fact making it hot makes it even more dangerous)

Weak against: Ice (or more specifically cold temperatures rather than icy projectiles), Electric, Gravity, Illusion (i.e. it's heavy, conductive and, well, stupid).

Personality: Fresser is animal-like and feral, and its relationship with its mistress is rather like that of an obedient dog, though it can understand human speech. Lulu uses it as both a weapon and a hunting beast. She sends it to chase after fleeing enemies, or through windows to find sleeping prey. When it finds a victim (male or female, adult or child, it makes no difference), it silently crushes them unconscious, swallows them whole, then carries them to its mistress, whereupon it regurgitates their souls for her to consume. On one memorable occasion it managed to devour the occupants of an entire dormitory of a girls school – some two dozen individuals - in a single night.


Name: Drehzahl Ausprägung (Speed form)
Description: Fresser’s default form, that of a huge snake (see picture below). In this form, it is at its fastest and most evasive, and has the ability to crush and bite its opponents, or smash them with its tail. It is also able to slither through small gaps to find prey. Fresser Drehzahl is comparatively weak compared to its other forms, sacrificing strength and armour for speed and stealth, but it is still strong enough to crush most human-sized opponents and weaker Hollow.
Preparation time: Immediate
Duration: 2 posts to change form
Cooldown: Cannot change form again for 4 posts

Name: Flucht Ausprägung (Flight form)
Description: Fresser grows and changes shape to that of a manta ray-like beast, with a long tail and humanoid clawed hands (see picture below). In this form it is slower than before and less evasive, but it gains strength and resilience and also the ability to fly thanks to its great wings. Fresser Flucht can use both its claws and its tail to attack.
Preparation time: Immediate
Duration: 2 posts to change form
Cooldown: Cannot change form again for 4 posts

Name: Feldstärke Ausprägung (Strength form)
Description: Fresser final evolution and its most powerful form; that of a giant humanoid figure with clawed hands and wielding a huge axe (see picture below). Its face is that of a cherubic child, belying its great strength, and its maw can open wide enough to swallow a human whole. Standing next to it, Lulu is only as tall as its knee. Its strength and resilience in this form is truly staggering, rivalling that of Captain Komamura’s Bankai. However it is also slow and lumbering and it cannot evade at all. To compensate, Fresser Feldstärke is well armoured; covered in metal bangles, a chest plate and a huge collar shaped like a rayed sun. It can also block slower attacks using its great axe.
Preparation time: Immediate
Duration: 2 posts to change form
Cooldown: Cannot change form again for 4 posts

Name: Gradual Regeneration
Description: Thanks to its liquid metal body, all forms of Fresser can self-repair over time. To speed this up, it can grasp a large area of metal (such as a girder) and absorb it into its body. However, it cannot perform any other actions whilst doing this.
Preparation time: Immediate
Duration: 2 post for light wounds, 3 posts for deep wounds, 5 posts for serious damage. -1 turn if there is a suitable metal object in the immediate vicinity it can absorb. Fresser cannot perform any other actions during this time unless it abandons regeneration, though Lulu herself can attack as normal.
Cooldown: Half repair time, rounding up (i.e. 1 turn for light wounds, 2 for deep, 3 for serious), taking into account any -1 turn bonuses for having a source of metal close at hand.

Name: Claw / Tail Spear
Description: Fresser can extend its claws and / or tail to impale its enemies. It has a range of around twenty feet.
Preparation time: Immediate
Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 2 posts

Other Information:

Immortality: Like all Bounts, Lulu does not age, nor can she die due to the ravages of time, but neither can she reproduce (which to her, taking into account her lifestyle, is an advantage!). Though she can die in battle or by accident like anyone else, her long life and exposure to many thousands of diseases has given her a powerful immune system, making her resistant to poison and infection, and she heals faster than a normal human.

Reishi Regeneration: If in the presence of large amounts of Reishi (i.e. in the Soul Society or Hueco Mundo), Lulu can regenerate her own body rapidly, healing non-critical injuries.

Immense Spiritual Pressure: Being one of the Purgatory Seven, Lulu has spiritual pressure rivalling that of a captain-class Soul Reaper.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Having travelled the world extensively, Lulu has studied, perfected and combined several martial arts during her long life. Her legs are now particularly strong, and she can leap unusually high, run very fast and kick extremely hard.

Enhanced attributes: Lulu has trained her body intensely, and she has remarkable speed and strength for any human, let alone a woman of her apparent stature. She is also incredibly athletic and has great stamina thanks to her…active lifestyle.

Reiatsu Stealth: Lulu can mask her spiritual pressure as well as any Bount, provided she does not release her Doll.

Alchemist: Lulu has a great talent for chemistry and alchemy which she mainly uses to concoct her own unique brand of perfumes, but also a paralyzing poison which she uses on her intended victims, administering it via their drinks or by painting her nails with it then scratching them. The poison is counteracted by adrenaline, so it is of little use in battle, aside from making non-Hollow mildly dizzy for a brief moment if they are scratched.

Unlimited Gluttony: No matter how many souls she consumes or how much she eats, Lulu has the ability to remain the same age and size, making most women incredibly jealous. This is because she has the unusual ability to store the excess soul energy, and then feed it to her Doll, keeping it obedient but also causing it to evolve in battle.

Linguist: Having traveled the world for nearly two hundred years, Lulu speaks at least five languages (English, French, Russian, Chinese Mandarin and Japanese) fluently, and can speak several others (German, Italian and Spanish) well enough to be understood.

Other characters you currently have on the site:

Name: Maku Kazashimo
Race: Shinigami
Rank: Squad 7, 3rd Seat

Name: Urquhart Vespasia
Race: Arrancar
Rank: 9th Espada Fraccion (Pending)

Last edited by Lulu Kuiiji on Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:33 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : Feedback)
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PostSubject: Re: Lulu Kuiiji   Wed Mar 30, 2011 6:14 am

Quote :
Seductive perfume: Lulu wears a perfume composed of a scent she has developed and perfected over the course of her lifetime. It contains powerful pheromones capable of overwhelming the senses of anyone who gets close to her, causing them to become immensely attracted to her or even faint due to the sensation, making them easy prey. This lingering scent is the only thing that alerts people to her presence.
This overwhelming thing wouldn't work on enemies if you get what i mean, that would be unfair xD

Quote :
Name: Devour
Description: Fresser grabs its opponent and attempts to swallow it whole. This only works against human-size opponents, only when the victim is near defeat (i.e. too exhausted to escape), and only whilst in either Speed or Power (snake or giant) form.
Preparation time: 1 post (to grab the opponent)
Duration: 2 posts (one to crush, one to attempt to swallow)
Cooldown: 4 posts
This will likely never work xD but if you understand you can't force an enemy to be eaten then i will allow but know that it can't be forced or it would be god modding.

Quote :
Name: Gradual Regeneration
Description: Thanks to its liquid metal body, all forms of Fresser can self-repair over time. To speed this up, it can grasp a large area of metal (such as a girder) and absorb it into its body. However, it cannot perform any other actions whilst doing this.
Preparation time: Immediate
Duration: 1 post for light wounds, 2 posts for deep wounds, 3 posts for serious damage. -1 turn if there is a suitable metal object in the immediate vicinity it can absorb. Fresser cannot perform any other actions during this time unless it abandons regeneration, though Lulu herself can attack as normal.
Cooldown: 0 turns
Alright, i dont mind having regen for the doll but considering she is the lowest of the 7 high bounts this is way too strong. 2posts for light, 3posts for deep, 4-5posts for serious damage. The cooldown should be about half of the duration i think.

other than that i dont see anything horribly wrong ^^ Very Happy



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Lulu Kuiiji

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PostSubject: Re: Lulu Kuiiji   Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:36 pm

OK how's this ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Lulu Kuiiji   Thu Mar 31, 2011 9:45 am

Approved ^^


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PostSubject: Re: Lulu Kuiiji   

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Lulu Kuiiji
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