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 A Fugitive's Return..The Truth Hurts (Open)

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PostSubject: A Fugitive's Return..The Truth Hurts (Open)   Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:01 pm

Kade been hunted by some people which he thought that were his friends but truthfully sooner of later the loose cannon would do something to get their attention. He lefted on his own terms after stealing the seikeimon knowing full well now the dark shinigami could travel to any place on the planet. But Kade wasn''t a scientist not knowing how long the seikeimon would last but another thing was on his mind this Ichigo character if he was that strong. Kade thought that there was no damn reason for him to stay in a place where he being greeted by everyone where it took him days to learn stuff something that he couldn't understand. If it was that easy Kade would have just been Ichigo's best friend years ago but because his anti social behavior really it have never work to his advantage. Something else caught Kade's attention it was something a kid was talking about in Karakura high about an ancient sword of death which was guarded by humans.

Kade wonders if this damn legend was true thinking if he posessed that kind of power maybe the odd would back in his favor but still the guy was a fugitive. The Soul society would be after him so if this legend was true about this ancient sword of death, Kade needed to find it and fast. He got back into his gigai body and started walking the high school looking for that kid that was talking about the sword story. Kade finally finds the kid and then confronts him about this sword legend at the first the kid didn't know much about the sword. The kid talked about the sword to the gigai shinigami telling him that the sword was a legend from a Muramasa clan. Kade was listening about the clan's history then the kid talked about the sword hearing about it being within the Karakaura mountains.

Kade was about to get on his journey until he was confronted by two shinigami which they escorted him out of Karakura high confronting him about being a traitor. Kade told them he didn't want no part of being a soul reaper again after the old man told him he never wanted to see his face again. One of them told him that he was under arrest which the rogue had no intentions of coming back to a place where he didn't respect or didn't get any respect. "Kade, I don't wanna hurt you the commander would like to have some words with you" She said.
Kade thought that was an insult after the way he was treated just completely kicked out from the Soul society after being framed for murder, the real killer still remains free. "I don't really care what that faggot has to say to name...he can go shove it for all I care now after all these decades...he wants to talk well the answer is no damn way" He said. One of them charged with his weapon and Kade quickly takes off his gigai drawing his blade blocking the attack. "Don't do this you don't want this kind of pain on you?" The guy said. "Pain???" Kade said growling. "How dare you use that word" Kade grabs the shinigami by the throat slamming him violently to the ground then giving the shinigami an evil look. "What you think of as pain is only a shadow..Pain has a face" Kade said. Kade takes off his mask then but then those low class shinigami drop their weapons which the rogue was hoping they do. He takes his shotgun shooting a round at the female not just hurting her leg and stunning it making it unmovable. The rogue needed to make a message to the Soul society that he was mad as hell and talk wasn't going to cut it anymore just being lefted alone would be enough. He needed a scarecrow just to get the Soul society off his back for a while before leaving the society, Karakura town the whole damn place forever. Kade punched the squad member a few times beating him up badly they sent children after him which made him mad their must be involve in this predictament. Kade grabs a metal rod and forces into the wall hanging the shinigami by his throat making him a scarecrow not what he wanted but it will do.
The stun shingami started crawling over to Kade wanted answers "Why are you doing this? You were a proud member of Soul society and now your just a fugitive. Why?" Kade looks at with an angry expression on his face kneeling down to her ready give his answer. "WHY? I will tell you why you little maggot that idiot of an commander blames me for the unexpected deaths around both Karakura town and the Soul society when they thought I was the killer....then a few years past then some bastard in their ranks admits to those crimes the sad part about was one of their own....I was held on twelve counts of murder and my friends EVER LAST ONE OF THEM STABBED ME IN THE BACK at my trial....I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THOSE BASTARDS EVER...they hurt me real bad....real bad and it still hurts like a freaking sword to the heart or being betrayed by someone you care about" He yelled.

Kade walks away grabbing his gigai body and dissapearing in the crowd. The shinigami girl crawls over to her phone "We lost he's just turn a squad two unseated member um into a shinigami scarecrow...hurry please". She wanted to know why Kade was so angry.
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A Fugitive's Return..The Truth Hurts (Open)
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