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A site for those that wish to rp as a character from the anime/manga or who wish to plunge themselves into the universe by making an original character :D
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 Rammus Triggon WIP

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Rammus Triggon


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PostSubject: Rammus Triggon WIP   Sat Oct 16, 2010 3:55 pm

Vizard Application:

Name:Rammus Triggon
Visual Age: 23

Personality: Very quite at most times. Though always thinking and extremely logical. He reacts like a computer and thinks like one. He cannot speak to women unless drunk.
Sexuality: Bi
Relationship Status:SIngle
Birthday: July Seventh
Rank applying for:-----
Ex Division/Rank: Ex Captain of the Twelfth Division

Likes: Fire and Drinking
Dislikes: Brutes
Hobbies: Building
Quirks: _ _
Other Information: - He has fair untouched skin by any freckles or Scars, ect.

History: In the human world. Rammus was born into a simple family. He was a simple boy who lived a simple life, except for the fact of his extreme intelligence. Which went to waste at his parents lack of money to send him to school.

Mask Information

Name: Eruda-Shi
Unique Ability: Along with the normal abilities that one gets from doning a mask. Rammus can Feed off of the Spirit energy of others by coming in direct contact with them. He can absorb quite alot in a short time, but he cannot hold onto anyone for longer then six seconds (a post) or else he will start to fall unconcious.
Hollow Mask Appearance: Like the skull of a Large bear with its Maw wide open, able to See the bottom half of Rammus' face after putting it on.
Duration: 12 posts

Zanpakuto Information

Zanpakuto Name: Kyofu
Zanpakuto Looks: Just a normal Katana in type. Its blade is blood red and its hilt ir a light grey. Its Guard is a darker red.
Zanpakuto Description: The sword can focus Spirit energy and fire it off like a Cero.
Released Zanpakuto Description: Retains all abilities from before, but now allows More condensed versions like thin beams capable of piercing near anything. He can also form barriers out of Spirit energy in either a sphere around him or just parts of it. The Size and strength depends on how much energy he puts into them (Once a post, single post cooldown)
Zanpakuto Release Phrase: Make Them Fear Us
Released Zanpakuto Looks:


Name of Technique: Eye form
Description of technique: Rammus, focuses energy into his left eye. Which takes three posts. He can now levitate a anything that he focuses that eye on. This drains him quite alot, but is one of his most powerful techniques.
Preparation time: Three posts
Duration: Till the End of teh Topic
Cooldown: N/A

Name of Technique: Eye Release
Description of technique: Rammus having replaced his left eye with a fake one after losing it in a battle. Made a new organic eye. This eye is incapable of being blinded or damaged. It can move Without Rammus looking in the same direction with his real eye. Has a 360 degreee's view around him and can sense, track, gauge, and differentiate spirit energy.
Preparation time: N/A
Duration: Passive
Cooldown: N/A

Name of Technique: Multiple Eye's
Description of technique: Rammus can spawn up to twenty eye's that will float above his body. Each eye can do three things alone. The can target and fire; Large and powerful fireballs at the opponent, Shoot out a lightning bolt (one per eye each post), and make a type of kenetic push that will knock all things within a six foot raneg of it backwards. Rammus can see out of each eye.
Duration: 6 posts
Cooldown: 3 posts

Name: Perfected Hand-to-Hand Combatant.
Description: Rammus main from of attack is hand-to-hand combat. He has perfected his own style fo fighting that he states is the best.
Duration: Passive.
Cool Down: N/A

Name: Immense Endurance
Description: Rammus can take almost any hit and still just get back up. A good trait treating that he is mainly a physical fighter,
Duration: Passive.
Cool Down:N/A

Name: Extreme Intelligence
Description: Rammus' Intelligence is beyond comparable. He thinks better than a supercomputer. Able to predict teh movements of a opponent and think so far ahead into a battle that it seems like he knows what they are going to do before they do it.
Duration: Passive.
Cool Down:N/A

Name: Master swordsman
Description: Though he does not often fight with a sword, he is very capable in it's use. Can hold his own against any other swordsmen.
Duration: Passive.
Cool Down:N/A


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Rammus Triggon WIP
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