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 Zilo Okai.

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PostSubject: Zilo Okai.   Tue Apr 05, 2011 8:42 pm

Shinigami Application


Name: Zilo Okai
Alias/Nickname:Zi, Zizi
Actual Age:210
Physical Age: 14
Rank:5th seat.


Height:Five foot nine
Weight:143 pounds.
Eye Color:Grayish blue.
Hair Color/Style:Midnight Blue.
Complexion: Light cream color.
Any distinguishing features: A small dragon tattoo on his right arm.


Personality: Zilo acts like a kid at times but when he isn’t he sounds like a full grown adult. He trys to keep everyone in check and make sure they don’t mess up on their mission. Because of this he is able to make sure that no one does anything their not suppose to. Though he is now just a fifth seat he has no reason to worry about making it where they have to listen to him. Because of this he is able to be calm and patient with everyone just so he doesn’t get angry and start exploding.

Zilo has a sweet and gentle side that takes a while to get on. Zilo doesn’t generally show his emotion at all. He always acts like he doesn’t care. When you see him when he finally shows his emotion you can tell that he cares for somethings and when he does he tries to protect it any way necessary. Not right off the bat but when push comes to shove he will do anything to keep it safe. It could be a flower or a friend he doesn’t care. If he cares for it he is going to protect it.

Sexuality: Bi sexual.
Relationship Status: Single.
Quirks: Zilo doesn't necessary care for a lot of things. Though he acts like he does and puts on a act pretending to care. You will know when he really cares for something if you threaten it.

History:Birth: At Birth Zilo was a normal child there really wasn’t much that he could do anymore considering that there was something else. He had been born with a weird imagination. Or so the doctors called it. For some reason the baby boys activate was faster than most at his age and that he was probably going to be a little different from most other babies. This upset his mother and child. The baby boy would soon realize that he was different. The days passed he grew older. Each time he saw something he would think about it. When he was older he still remembered it. The parents could hold up flash cards and he could point to what they where. The word car so to say car he pointed at the truck outside that belonged to his father. This made his dad proud to have a son.

Age 3: By the age of three Zilo had already been able to speak full sentences and understand what was going on around him. The doctors where surprised at what this small child was able to do even after all that time. It still surprised them. They told his parents that he was more advanced then most babies they have ever seen. He had the mind of a teenager yet at the same time he was still just a child. Its as if the disease he had a reverse effect. Instead of making him where he couldn’t speak let alone comprehend something he was able to tell everything apart. They had told the doctors how his first words where remembrance. The word was repeating one day on t.v. and Zilo had just spoken the small words on there. The word was his favorite one to say and nothing could take that from him.

Age 5: At the age of five, Zilo had already skipped the pre k school. He was able to take on first grade math and such. He even preceded to do second grade work. For a five yar old in the human world this was a big accomplishment to most. Though to Zilo and his family it seemed to be no big deal. They had grown use to Zilo being able to do things that he wasn’t suppose to be able to do. Like when he solves puzzles faster then his father that gets aggravated at it then just laughs it away. Or when he was able to do the math in his head faster then his mother could do it on the computer. These achievements had stopped being impressive when they started to grow old for the family. The boy was a genious and there was no reason to rub it in on other kids.

Age 6: By the age six he was in the fourth grade classes. Sure he was suppose ot be in fourth but when you are able to take the end of the year test for higher grades and pass them that really wasn’t that much of a reason to stay in the current grade. The parents had allowed him to be with the older kids. The kids didn’t seem to mind it though but when he beat them on the test they got upset. Soon the kids weren’t sure if they really liked the idea of a younger kid being smarter then them. It just made them feel uneasy for some reason. Though Zilo enjoyed hanging out with them but, he felt like he was out of place as if he should be in the lower grades with the other students.

Age 12: Zilo had waited for the other kids to catch up to him that he felt like he was suppose to be with. The classes though didn’t stop he continued to learn advanced classes and much more on his own time. The teachers knew he was working at home on other school work but it didn’t bother them one bit. As long as they were able teach him and not worry about what was going on and why he was able to do half the things he did. Soon though zilo didn’t know it all these accomplishments would end. He was taller then most of the kids in his grade standing at a five foot nine. For a kid of his age he should be a little bit shorter he wasn’t. This made him seem like a giant. Though in reality he wasn’t no bigger to a ant for something lurking.

Age 14: Zilo hadn’t grown a inch and people caught up to his height which made him happy. He then knew something was wrong today. He didn’t know what it was but he knew that there was something going to happen. But the little boy didn’t expect it to be him that was the last thing he was expecting especially on his birthday. He was sitting there with his mom arguing over what they should watch. He told her he would be right back. But that was made false. He started walking towards the street. He had been playing for a little while. Kicking the soccer ball. Talking to other kids you name it. That’s when it happened. Something had picked him up like a ragdoll. He had been screaming and kicking. His parents came out just in a enough time to see his body snapped in half and thrown like a twig. By what to seem as nothing.

Soul Academy: his past a haze he couldn’t remember anything all he could remember was being in the soul society. Sure he knew that it wasn’t home but what can you say I mean it isn’t everyday that you encounter this place. It was home to him. He had been raised by a family which he thought was his real one. He was taught to fight and protect others with his swordsmanship. His father had been a shinigami before and told him that it was a honor to serve them. But ever since he meet his love of his life he couldn’t risk his life being in the forces and taking on hollows. For some reason this kid had thought about it and had then realized he too could become a shinigami. Thus he started his years in the soul academy.

Graduation: For taking all the classes in the soul academy and getting his zanpaktou it has been a hundred years. He still could think back to the time that he had his first encounter with a Hollow. It was scary but he was able to over come the fear and fight the beast. Later he thought about it. Where these the beast that he remember having dreams about. Maybe but that wasn’t his main focus. He was working his way into the gotei thirteen. He had been instructed to squad 11. He loved the squad they fought head on and other things that made him respect them. He made it to the third seat before he was requested by another captain to join their squad. The Captain that had requested him was Yachiru. She had said she needed some more members into her squad and since they were important since they did mission for the soul society.

Squad 13 years: In squad thirteen almost everyone but him had shikai. He had thought about obtaining it a few times but he wasn’t sure with having a melee Zanpaktou if he would fit in. He heard that the others had Zanpaktou regulating to the squad they were in. He on the other hand had a melee Zanpaktou for being in squad 11 for a little while. He knew that there was something he was missing and something he needed to do. The higher ranks made fun of him for being a kid like in stature and that he was silly for joining the squad 11. They didn’t know that his previous rank was a third seat shinigami of squad 11. But he knew they thought he was just a clumsy little fifth seat that didn’t know how to fight. So he figured one day he will show them what he could do. But for now he needed to follow the captain and makes sure he didn’t do anything wrong. He wanted to fight but wanted to protect something that he cherished. That was his soul family in the Rukongai. This was his dream.

~Zanpakuto Information~

Blade Name:Recuerdo (Remembrance.)
Sealed Blade appearance:
A odachi blade is called a field sword. Its length to be calssified has to be longer then 90 cms. Zilo blade is 67 inches long. And looks like a normal Odachi.
Zanpaktou spirit: The Zanpaktou spirit is a female. She has blonde short hair and is a kid that resembles him but more girly. Same hair style but a tad longer and wears a skirt.
Inner world My characters inner world is like a Cherry blossom forest.

~Shikai Information~

Wish to rp this out.

~Other Techniques~
Hand to hand: Basic
Kido: Basic
Others(is their any other abilities that you feel need mentioning?)

~Other Information~(Could be additional weapons or anything else you like use to know)

~Rp Sample~Zilo had been walking quiet some time after the incident at the bar. The question the cold stare that the girl he liked Akasha or the devil as they called her in the worlds of demons. He thought he loved this girl he gave his one precious thing to her. His first kiss his virtue and other things. He even let his heart open back up to girls only to get that stare. Yes that one stare of death the stare that told him to fuck off and not to come back. That was the stare that he was given when he asked a simple question on whether or not she had thought about giving up the position of the devil. He knew it wasn't his place to ask nor did he see it was fit for him to ask but her to give him that stare and making the door reappear made him lose it. He had traveled all the way to the town where those miners where brutally murdered.

He stood there and cursed to himself he had come here of all places. Where there had to be death around and lost souls who mourned. There was no such things as gods or demons. No there was betrayers of hate and misfortune. Sure he was thinking all of this but he really didn't want to rethink anything he was saying. What he needed was to be far away from where he meet the devil. That girl still haunted him all the way out here with that stare of his. He screamed out in anger enough to scare away all the birds. He started to take his club out and hitting away at the rocks that buried the mine. One by one the rocks exploded his strikes getting more precise. The more he hit the angrier he became. This is why he was the berserker of the Kross family this is why he we the mercenary of death. He finally stopped swinging for a moment thinking. Just thinking why.

He had just given the girl his only virtue he had and then she tells him to get out of there with that stare and not to come back so he didn't. Maybe his mother was right maybe he wasn't suppose to have a happy life. Maybe he was the bringer of despair that's what he had come down too. That he wasn't man nor angel. Nor was he a demon he was despair and that's how he felt. He smiled to himself that's right no love. No forgiveness death was the only thinking ticking in his mind. And that was to kill anything he saw. It started with the angels around trying to help out the souls from underneath the rocks. Then the demons that where trying to eat the souls. The humans he left alone. He battled on for hours against the angels and demons.

Before night fall there was hundreds of demons and angels laying at his feet. He was breathing he still felt the anger he had before. It wasn't satisfied why? Well there was only one reason why. Killing these people meant nothing to him these angels and demons meant absolutely nothing to him. Sure it felt good getting some anger out but this wasn't the answer that he was looking for there had to be something. He stood there and saw more demons rising to avenge their fallen comrades and more angels swooping down to help theirs. He battled on for hours before finally dropping down the demons bodies going back to hell. The angel bodies going back to heaven. He still didn't feel satisfied even after the fighting.

He turned back around and looked at the small cave behind him where the souls where trapped maybe he would put his club to use. He struck the rocks all day. Noon had passed humans walked by and saw the strange man working and not ending hitting and smashing the rocks away. Maybe....just maybe what he was looking for was freeing these souls sending them to heaven. After about five more hours he had one soul come out he smiled and put the cross to its forehead sending it to heaven. He stood there unsure of what to do next he turned around and saw sun down. He pulled out a water canister and some food and began to eat what he had on him. Sending the soul back made him feel a little better but he was still craving something. He enjoyed killing the demons more then anything. He looked up at the sky and sighed.

He looked around and began walking towards the small town he needed something something to get his mind off of this one way ticket of hell. He needed a job for a merc. A job for someone of the Kross family he found several jobs. There was one for a guy named Reiko that had a nice pay on his head. Then he saw one of Akasha the Devil with a bounty of five billion yen on her head. So much for the head of the devil. He continued to look. He decided that none of them would be worth his time besides that Reiko guy. So he started out searching for him. Three million yen on his head. That would be enough to drink away this pain he was feeling maybe. All he had to do was find this guy and take him out and take back his head for the pay. But for some reason he looked at the picture again.

If he did find this guy would he be able to bring himself to kill him. Looking back at the board he saw himself sitting there in a picture that the police had taken with him and Akasha. He ripped the picture down and growled. Why must she be everywhere he goes why must she continue to fuel his rage. Why just why! He said to himself thinking. He continued to walk out side of the town unsure of himself now. He didn't know why. He had been the berserker a man without heart and he let one girl in again and he made a mistake of letting the Devil back into his heart he was pissed. He couldn't get it out of his head why he had done that.

Zilo turned around as a guy poked him on the shoulder smiling. He spoke to Zilo. "Hey you got a nice reward on your head boy. If you don't mind dieing real quick we will end your suffering soon eno--" Before he could finish his sentence Zilo fist struck him in the face. His giant club whacking him across the room he stood there. "I am the berserker because of my strength, you think I would just let you kill me?" He asked the man that he had just broken his neck he walked over to the bar keeper and spoke softly. "What has this Reiko person done to anyone that hes on there for?" He asked nearly in a demanding voice. The bar keeper gulped a little bit. "He killed man that belonged to a gang and they want the bounty on his head." Zilo looked at the man and sighed.

He started to walk the other way unsure as to what he was going to do. There wasn't a single bounty that help his interest nor did he really care to go for them. Sure the Devil had a bounty on her head but he wasn't about to go after her, and the demons no instead he was going to go away for a little while. He needed a break he needed someone to think to talk to he didn't care who the hell it was but he needed someone. He thought he needed some time to cool off. He heard about a place here in the mining town that he could rest. He decided it would be a good idea to go there.

He walked up to the top of the mining fields and saw that there was a small place that seemed that he could just relax and not worry about anything. He sat down and looked out at the village and seeing everything. Even the sun setting. He sighed it was peaceful and it cleared his mind but what was there? There wasn't anything that completely made his mind forget nothing at all. He couldn't place his finger on it. That one thing just sat there on the tip of his mind. That stare she had given him. That damn stare that told him to get out. And he didn't hesitate to get out and didn't see any reason to hesitate she made it to where she wanted him to walk out.

Other characters you currently have on the site:

Name:Kisuke Urahara
Rank:Former 12 division Captain.

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No Shikai makes this so much easier xD I say everything looks good~ Approved unless any other Staffer says otherwise x3

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Hold on a tick. Advanced on shunpo and whatnot is a little too high for a fifth seat. Tone that down a bit..


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Good. I say approved now.


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PostSubject: Re: Zilo Okai.   

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Zilo Okai.
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