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 Becoming a captain

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PostSubject: Becoming a captain   Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:33 pm

Yuki looked around her office with a distant expression, her mind miles away from the room in which she stood. How had she allowed this to happen? Hadn't she always told herself that she would never rise through the ranks to become a captain? Apparently her competitive personality, and want to be the best had won out, leaving her no choice in the matter. A captain... Where was she meant to go from here?

She had been so driven by motivation and determination that she had never given it any thought, but now it was slapping in her face, asking her the question over and over again; 'what happens now?' As well as being the captain of the 2nd division, she had the added responsibility of commanding the Onmitsukido; would she be capable of doing it? I wouldn't have been promoted this far if they didn't feel that I was capable of this responsibility and power.
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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a captain   Tue Oct 19, 2010 4:40 pm

It’s a boring day, I’m going to see what the other captains are during.” Kenji said towards one of his family members. Family members meaning anyone that was within his division. Rarely did he ever call them by their rank or their last name, it was all 1st name basics within this division. Then again it was due to Kenji’s personality that everyone is equal. The low ranking officer simply nodded and left the captain’s office. Moving towards the counter, he would water his plant “I’m leaving out for a minute to mingle with the other captains. I shouldn’t be gone to long, while I’m gone watch over the place for me. Okay?” He said in a calm voice. The only still plant would open it’s light blue eyes and made a cat like “meow” noise.

This plant was not like most. In fact this plant was grown by Kenji and acts like a motion detector or sorts. Whenever someone comes into Kenji’s office the plant will make a noise that is only audible to Kenji. Kenji named the plant, Kitty due to the cat like noise it makes and when it’s happy she purrs like a cat. Needless to say she was a nice pet for the most part, she desired less then what the others do.

Grabbing his captain haori that had been customized to his liking. It wasn’t like the other captains haori for his was black with the ensigma being white. Before stepping out of the office he would grab a bottle of sake that he had on his desk and makes his way down the hallway. His brown eyes looked at those within the hallway as some of them still showed signed of worried on their face about the disappearance of their beloved captains and lieutenants. But there was no sign of worries upon Kenji’s face. In fact due to his calm and somewhat disrespecting personality, some would say that Kenji knew about the disappearance. And that’s why he had taken off hours before it happened and had only reappeared back, when they have promoted him to captain. So it was safe to say some people didn’t like him.

Kenji’s body disappeared and would reappear at the door of the 2nd division. “I must be crazy for during this shit.” He mumbled to himself before knocking on the captain’s door, without waiting for an answer he would walk in still holding the sake in his right hand. “Been one hell of a week hasn’t it?” he said in a calm voice. Kenji really didn’t care that much for the 2nd division due to them trying to pry into his life and find out where he was before and after the disappearance. But nonetheless, he does cares for the 2nd division captain. More or less he cared for all the captains
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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a captain   Sun Oct 24, 2010 6:55 am

With a sigh, Yuki pulled herself from her slightly depressing thoughts and walked confidently towards her desk before sitting down on the chair, which was a lot more comfortable than it looked. What was done was done and so there was no more point brooding over something that had been decided, and all she could do was perform her duties to the best of her ability. On the glossy oak surface rested a small stack of paper work, the white sheets resting perfectly atop one another, appearing like a solid block as no piece jutted out past the edges of the one above or below it.

It would have taken real skill for someone to do that and to get it so perfect, but just as she was admiring the subtle skill displayed her keen eye noticed a small corner overhanging somewhere around the middle of the pile. Her eyes narrowed as she moved in closer to inspect it and what she found confirmed what she had already believed - whoever had put the papers on her desk wasn't as skillful as she had been led to believe. The small white corner couldn't have been out of place by half a centimeter, but now that she had seen it she wouldn't be able to not fix it otherwise it would annoy her endlessly. With a small sigh at the carelessness of some people she started to align all the corners up until it was exactly perfect, something which only took her ten minutes. Looking at the stack there was no visible change to any normal person, but in her eyes it looked so much better.

Suddenly there was a knock on her door, and she had barely raised her head from where it had been looking at the pile when someone came in. The person in question had spiky black hair which, if she wasn't much mistaken, had the slightest hints of silver through it - quite unusual. However, he also appeared to wearing a black haori rather than the signature white one of a captain, but even though it wasn't the proper colour Yuki had no doubt that this man was a captain; it was just that aura of suppressed power usually felt by one of captain class. She slowly rose gracefully to her feet, casually pushing back a few loose strands of her brown hair out of her eyes, and looked at him for a moment, considering his question.

"I guess it has been, what with all the disappearances. You're Captain Mamoru?" Her tone was guarded, as it usually was around strangers, and her last question sounded slightly unsure; she hadn't met a lot of the other captains and so was only guessing this captain's identity on what she knew of the current captain's.
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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a captain   Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:44 am

His dark brown eyes would look around the captain’s quarters in a nonchalant manner. And right off the bat, he notice how everything within her room was in a neat order. Nothing seem to be out of place, everything is in their right place. It would be safe to soon that there would be no dust in her room either. Kenji had quickly came to the conclusion that this captain was a neat freak or more so a perfectionist. Granted he kept his offices clean but seriously, hers were over-clean. His attentions would be diverted back to the female in front of him, as he smiles slightly “Yep, I’m Captain Mamoru. But please call me Kenji. I prefer not to be called by Mamoru.” He said in a calm voice.

Kenji had totally forgot that he had the bottle of newly bought sake in his right hand. He wanted to open it badly but for some reason, he felt it would be rather wrong to open it in here. Maybe because the place was so neat? He didn’t want to mess anything up within this place. “At least you haven’t been running around the place with your head cut off or act as if they have something stuck up their...well you get the picture.” Kenji decided to hold his tongue for their was a lady presence and plus he didn’t want to look bad in front of her.

Oh I bought you a present Captain Yuki. I don’t know if you drink or not. But hey, it’s the gift that counts right?” He with a smile before showing her the sake within his hand, placing it on the table. Kenji wondered if Yuki even drink because for the most part, he didn’t know anything about this captain and thus was basing everything under assumption. “So how you been holding up as Captain?”

((sorry for the sucky reply, I'm brain dead atm))
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PostSubject: Re: Becoming a captain   

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Becoming a captain
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