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 Hiyro Yuzuki

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Hiyro Yuzuki


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PostSubject: Hiyro Yuzuki   Wed Oct 20, 2010 6:47 am

Shinigami Application


Name: Hiyro Yuzuki
Actual Age: 578
Physical Age: 25
Gender: Male
Division: 1st
Rank: Captain Commander


Height: 5'4''
Weight: 130 lbs
Eye Color: Lilac
Hair Color/Style: Burgundy/Orange
Complexion: fair
Any distinguishing features: a cross shaped tattoo across his left cheek


Personality: energetic...even when he is running on little to no sleep, Hiyro is always a bundle of energy. He usually has a smile on his face and is goofing off, unless he knows the situation is serious, even then he always brings lots of energy to the table. He likes to crack jokes and play pranks on the captains, sometimes taking things a bit too far. Some find him to be too much to handle at times.

air head...sometimes it can seem like Hiyro goes off into his own world. He is known for always drifting off into his own thoughts, becoming totally oblivious to everything around him. This usually happens when he is working quietly, or when speaking with someone. Its usually just the fact that one thought leads to another thought and the trail just keeps going, taking priority over his attention.

caring...Hiyro is a very caring person, and usually puts the needs of others before his own. He would do anything for someone he cares about, and has a big heart. He cares about mostly everyone he comes in contact with.

intelligent.. Hiyro is full of useful knowledge for all of those around him. He is more or less like an encyclopedia of Soul Society. He takes pride in his bountiful knowledge and always uses it to his advantage.

Sexuality: bi-sexual
Relationship Status: single
Quirks: Hiyro has what some like to call a split personality. When he undergoes a spike in raw emotions, he changes into someone almost completely different. There is no name for when he gets like this, and few have ever even seen him like this. This personality usually comes out during intense battle.


Hiyro does not remember much of his early life. He lived in Kusajishi, the 79th District during his stay in Rukongai. The slums of the outer districts is not a place for a small child. Yet he lived for many years in the alleyways, able to defend himself, and survive the cut throat lifestyle. He was very quiet and never spoke much, and some swore they sensed and ominous feeling from the child. As time passed, 'incidents' began occurring in the night time, the residents of the 79th's district getting brutally murdered. So many died that it even caught so tul society's attention. Deeming it worthy of investigation, they sent out teams to tryo capture the culprit. Many days passed, but they were never able to capture the culprit. Even some shinigami were murdered during the investigation. After about a few months, the attacks just stopped. The killer had never struck again.

Little did they know that it was tiny Hiyro who was causing all this carnage. Not even Hiyro knew why he was the way he was. Something horrific had happened to the poor child that caused so much emotional turmoil that all the hate and rage boiled inside him, creating a dark, heartless being that had no appreciation for other's life. Just his own. The ominous presence that he had was actually his reiatsu. It was almost as if it had a mind of its own. All of the rage that the boy held in built up and tainted his already strong reiatsu. There was just so much of it that it eventually built its own presence in his mind, a 'second personality' if you will. This split personality is what was responsible for all those attacks. It would posess the sleeping Hiyro and roam the streets, killing anyone who got in their path.

Every morning he would awake with his hands blood stained. At first he had no idea where it was coming from, but when he started hearing more and more rumors of people dying at night time, he was convinced that it was he that had been doing the killing. As time passed he became more and more paranoid that he would get caught, even though he didn't know he had been doing it. In his mind that sounded like a pretty lame excuse if he were to be caught. Especially by one of the shinigami who had joined the search for the killer.

One day he spotted a couple of shinigami soldiers looking around the small wooden hut in the alleyway he slept in. Convinced that he had been figured out, he abandoned his belongings (although there were few) and fled to the outskirts of the district, needing to find a new home. Not knowing where to go, he traveled from rooftop to rooftop for hours, hoping to get far, far away from that place. It had been a rainy night, and while making a jump, his footing slipped and he plummeted to the ground, braking his leg, arm, and three ribs. Losing consciousness upon impact, he was convinced that he had met his end.

A few hours later he awoke with a start, in an unfamiliar, dimly lit room. A young woman was tending to his wounds. At first he refused her assistance and tried to leave, but found that he could not walk. Although hesitant, he agreed to stay until he got better. Little did he know that this young woman would change his life forever. His recovery was slow, but every single day the woman he would come to know as Sana would sit by his side and care for him, attempting to talk to him. After days of complete silence from the young soul, she began telling him stories that she would make up about magnificent worlds.

For some reason these stories made Hiyro happier then anything ever had. Slowly after time, the young boy began to smile every so often, and even began talking to Sana. By the time he was fully recovered, Hiyro was a completely different person. Sana broke down his walls and taught the young boy how to live a happy, love filled life. He lived with her happily for years, and even though they lived in the slums, they were still happy to have each other. She had become like a mother to him. During their time living together, Sana had fallen in love with a member of the noble Shihōin house. She would leave at night after Hiyro would go to sleep to see him. He had a suspicion that something was going on, but didn't question her actions because he trusted her, and knew there was a reason why she was not telling him.

One night Hiyro was awoken by a loud noise in his and Sana's small house. Going down to investigate, he walked in on Sana's new 'boyfriend' beating her. Her face was battered and covered with blood, her body trembling. Apparently he wanted her to come live with him in the main house, but would not allow her to bring Hiyro. When she refused and said she would never leave him, he got angered and began beating her. Enraged by the condition of his loved one, Hiyro snapped, his other side rearing it head for the first time in years.

Sana's boyfriend had been one of the shinigami who were involved with the investigation of the mysterious murders a few years back, and had actually been near when one of the attacks occurred. There was no mistaking it, this child was responsible for the murders. Being a skilled fighter, he was able to capture and detain the possessed child, but not without a good fight. After their battle it was clear to him that this child possessed natural talents beyond that of a regular shinigami.

That was the last time he ever saw Sana. He was taken to the main house and kept hidden from most of the outside world. He would be secretly trained to become an assassin for the Onmitsukidō. The young boy spent years training with the best of the best, perfecting his skills until he was deemed one of the most dangerous assassins ever trained. His identity was kept a secret and he lived undercover, posing as a bodyguard for one of the nobles.

Hiyro's identity and abilities were kept top secret, even during times that his assistance could have been used, such as in the battle with Aizen. The Onmitsukidō's best assassin would be rendered useless if his idenrity was revealed. But when shinigami started to dissapear, it was clear that Soul Society needed a strong, noble leader. For the sake of everyone's safety, Hiyro was offered to the Gotei 13 as the new Captain Commander.

Hiyro did a demonstration of his abilities infront of an audience of many high ranked shinigami, and even some central 46 members. With his immense reiatsu capacity, spectacular speed, and powerful unique attacks, he was deemed worthy of filling the position. Though he has never lead a large group before, he is confident that he will be able to protect soul society, find the missing shinigami, and keep everything from falling apart.

~Zanpakuto Information~

Blade Name: kumori sasayaki (shadowed whisper)
Sealed Blade appearance: His sealed blade appears to be a regular katana, aside from the fact that the blade is flipped backwards. Hiyro must wield his blade backwards if he wishes to cut anyone with it.

Zanpaktou spirit: The spirit of Kumori Sasayaki is a very interesting one. A very timid spirit, the only time Hiyro has seen him is when he calls on him. This spirit also does not speak. He is able to communicate telepathically with Hiyro, but rarely does.


Inner world This world is that if contrast. While the white glowing ground is covered in a beautiful, cool mist, the dreary sky is a turmoil of red skies and horrible winds.


~Shikai Information~

Release Phrase: Haku Sakini (fade away)
Released blade appearance: kumori sasayaki will literally fade away, re-materializing as this blade:


~Shikai Techniques/Abilities~

Name of abilty/technique: Field of Force
Description: kumori sasayaki's ability to manipulate friction allows Hiyro to completely control the friction of every particle within a 7 foot radius of himself. Anything withing this radius is subjected to be manipulated by his abilities. Although it takes great concentration, he can raise or lower the friction on anything that enters his 'field of force'. Because of this, he also has control over the speed and grip of objects as well. For example, you may move in to attack and he could increase the friction on your clothing, making the surface so rough it is rendered immobile. He could also decrease the friction around the hilt of your weapon, making it impossible to keep a grip on it. This technique does have a weakness though. If one was able to expand their mass, adding to the amount of molecules he had to manipulate, one is able to weaken, or even reverse the effects of his shikai. This is able to be done with a massive spike in reiatsu, but they would have to evacuate quickly, because he is able to affect one again if they get into his range again.
Duration: The duration of his shikai release, although it does weaken over long periods of time or high reiatsu usage.
Cool Down: 10 posts
Preparation: n/a


Bankai Appearance/spirit manifestation:

~Bankai Techniques/Abilities~

Name: Dark Matter
Description: Instead of a field of friction control, when bankai is released, Hiyro is able manipulate specific matter, as opposed to in his shikai when he could only manipulate what was inside his force field. Dark Matter is a grouping of molecules that he has raised the friction on to a point where not even light can pass through. If one were to come onto contact with this substance, it would be stuck on them indefinitely. Hiyro uses this as projectile attacks, being able to make this matter take on any form he wishes. This tecnique requires a fair deal of concentration, so if that is broken, all of the matter he has changed will return to normal. He has so focus on each piece of dark matter he produces, therefore will rarely create large pieces, only small, projectile like ones that are easily kept. This ability is still able to be nullified with spikes of reiatsu, but it does take a very high concentration of reiatsu.
Duration: while his bankai is released.
Cool Down: 3 posts
Preparation: n/a

Name of abilty/technique: Boosted manupulation
Description: Since his manipulation of friction is boosted while in Bankai, he is able to use this towards many things. Moving without friction through the air makes his shunpo even quicker, also the ability to use condensed particles where reiatsu would be used before. Although it still takes reiatsu to use this ability, it is useful against opponents who have reiatsu absorbing or other similar types of attacks. This ability is still able to be nullified with spikes of reiatsu, but it does take a very high concentration of reiatsu.
Duration: while bankai is released
Cool Down: n/a
Preparation: n/a

Name of abilty/technique: Wings of Hell
Description: When this attack is released, a pair of black feathered wings grow from hiyro's back and a 100ft sphere of dark matter surrounds Hiyro and his opponent. Escaping from this sphere is said to be impossible, but a strong, highly condensed reiatsu attack will break its walls.
Duration: 5 posts
Cool Down: 10 posts
Preparation: 2 posts

~Other Techniques~
Swordsmanship: Mastered
Shunpo: Mastered (he is able make his movements frictionless when his shikai is released, making it so nothing slows down his movements)
Hand to hand: As an assassin, he has had to master close range, hand to hand combat.
Kido: Although this is not his strongest suite, he is able to do up to number 70 with incantation, number 50 without
Others n/a

~Other Information~ n/a

~Rp Sample~

The large study was lit with a warm afternoon glow, the sound of birds chirping coming through the opened window. Hiyro sat at his new desk, randoms paperwork already filling the table, despite him only having been here four days. Ever since he had agreed to take the captain commander position, he had to say his life had been turned quite upsidedown. He was used to a nice quiet, simple life, where he would work as a bodyguard for a noble, going on the occasional mission here and there. Not that he didnt like it here. He loved it. He had gotten to meet so many interesting people already, and was excited to meet the rest of the shinigami who he would be working with.

Even though the times were not looking the best, Hiyro had an optimistic view on the future ahead for Soul Society and it's shinigami's. He was sure that the missing would return and everything could go back to normal. He just had to hold everything together until they did. Not that he was just going to sit back and wait for them. No, he already had the 12th squad working diligently on any information on what may have happened.

Letting out a sigh, he looked down at his cluttered desk. There was still so much work to be done, but he honestly wasn't in the mood to do it. Of course it would get done, and you know it would be on time. He would just have to stay up all night to be able to complete it all. A nice walk would do him good to clear his head, but his future self would be cursing him later as the need for sleep stung his eyes as he worked by candlelight. Standing up swiftly, he adjusted his robes, still not used to the heavy fabric of his captain's robes. Attaching his zanpakuto to his hip, he made his way out of his office and into the hallways outside his office, hoping to bump into someone he had yet to get to know.

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Tia Harribel

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PostSubject: Re: Hiyro Yuzuki   Fri Oct 22, 2010 3:57 pm

Please give your abilities one weakess, at least, each.


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Hiyro Yuzuki


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PostSubject: Re: Hiyro Yuzuki   Fri Oct 22, 2010 10:44 pm

BAM! completed, lovely ^^


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Tia Harribel

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PostSubject: Re: Hiyro Yuzuki   Fri Oct 22, 2010 10:47 pm

Approved, unless another admin says anything else. ^^


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PostSubject: Re: Hiyro Yuzuki   

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Hiyro Yuzuki
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