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 Alarico Esperanza

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Alarico Esperanza


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PostSubject: Alarico Esperanza    Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:20 am

Arrancar/Espada Application


Name: Alarico Esperanza
Actual Age:273
Physical Age: 22
Gender: Male
Rank: Fracción to Luciérnaga Volatil


Height: 6 foot/ 182.88 Centimeters
Weight:162 pounds / 73.48kg
Eye Color: Crimson
Hair Color/Style: Silver/Gray short and slightly spiked.
Complexion: Fair

Remains of Mask:Right side of his face [see image below for better description]
Hollow Hole: Left side of chest
Espada Tattoo: N/A

Common Personality:
‘Hiding in plain sight, hiding where others may see.'

A key aspect of Alaric's personality is his ability to almost entirely mask every aspect of his personality in nearly every situation. During his youth, Alaric realized how beneficial it was to hide ones emotions in many situations. Over the course of his life, he has nearly perfected this art, only those who know him very well are able to glimpse the emotions which fuel any actions. Others will find it difficult, if not impossible to deem what he is feeling, as his body gives almost no notable signs unless he wishes it to. He also possesses the ability modify his visable personality for most social situations. This falling into place due to his ability to separate the different social situations and modify, or rather hide in an extent, his personality to fit each of the situations. As such, in many situations he may seem entirely indifferent; seemingly not caring the slightest about the events, when he really is planning or thinking deeply upon them.

The Fight for Life, for Play, For Death
“Thus the game begins. The Pawn moves to spaces....”
"The world is the chessboard , the pieces are the phenomena of the Universe, the rules of the game are what we call the laws of Nature and the player on the other side is hidden from us” That simple statement describes Alaric's outlook on life. The world is the board, it's shapes all fitting into the shape, it's environment effecting the people . People are the pieces, the hand moving them is guided by emotions, their motives never clean, pulled into play by primal desires. Any interaction with other's is dictated in strategy like a game of chess, every move in every situation is important. Battle even more so fits this mantra, every move made should be one planned stiffly, but with enough room left for adjustments as to compensate for unforseen events. He deliberately cultivates an air of mystery about himself, keeping his actions unpredictable so that even those closest are often kept off-balance and guessing as to his next move. "Predictability allows individuals to study a potential opponent, note their apparent strengths and weaknesses, and plan accordingly" is a phrase he lives by. He appears also to be extremely intelligent and a brilliant tactician who almost never seems to be unprepared for any thinkable and unthinkable circumstances.

The Inner Workings of the Hidden Mind
Here is where I hide, my thoughts my own safe from you, same from them, safe from all.
More than anything, Alaric is an opportunist.If there is a chance that something will benefit him, he is more than likely to take it. Always calm and composed, although with an ever-ready quip, he is hardly ever seen angry, but when his anger breaks through, it does so in a fiery fury. He enjoys manipulating chaos and disorder—as well as causing it and then manipulating it. This is both because he can usually manipulate chaotic circumstances to his own advantage, and because he simply enjoys the spectacle.

He seems to greatly enjoy learning new things and living through new and unique experiences. He enjoys manipulating circumstances to generate chaos and see what happens, often viewing everything as a game, even those who's lives are involved. He has a very charismatic personality, always willing to talk his way out of situations rather than resort to force of arms. Moreover, talking is what he does best. He can be extremely charming and persuasive..

He enjoys doing anything that may increase his knowledge base. He also finds. He finds delight in puzzles, seeking the solutions franticly, but often tossing them aside after finishing them, the solution having been his only goal. However, although he is intelligent, he rarely displays the knowledge, preferring to only give away what he knows when absolutely needed.

  • Insatiable appetite for games of any variety.
  • May randomly laugh during serious conversations.

Sexuality: Bi
Relationship Status:Single

Name: Rebirth of the Blade
Seal Description: A Katana about 3 feet in total length. [see image below]

Aspect of Death:Rebirth and Transformation
Release Phrase:"To instill fear is to instill order. My order."
Element/Class type: N/A
Resurreccion Effects:
~Standard Techniques~
Name: Regeneración de Velocidad Alta [High Speed Regeneration]
Type: Passive
Range: Self
Description: This is a supplementary ability possessed by many Hollows, as well as some Shinigami that have undergone Hollowfication. It allows them to recover from any damage that they sustain by causing them to heal at an increased rate, closing the wounds on their body and causing any limbs that they have lost to grow back. Despite the many benefits that it provides, most Hollows choose to abandon the ability to regenerate when they become Arrancar, in exchange for a greater amount of power. Regardless, when Arrancar use their Resurrección, their wounds heal away instantly.
Cool Down: Regeneration chart how long in post it takes to regenerate something more than cuts and minor wounds which would heal instantly.
When sealed:
(1) post for broken bones.
(2) posts for more severe wounds.
(4) posts for limbs and organs.
(5) posts if very vital ones.
When in Resureccion:
(instant) post for broken bones.
(1) post for more severe wounds.
(3) posts for limbs and organs.
(4) posts if very vital ones.

While high-speed regeneration is indeed a powerful ability, it is not without its flaws. Despite the extent to which it can heal the body, internal organs such as the brain cannot be regenerated; if such irreparable damage is sustained, the rest of the body can continue to regenerate, though to no avail. In addition, if the body is damaged before it has the chance to heal, or if enough damage is inflicted on it at once, then it can be destroyed.

Name: Cero (虚閃 (セロ), sero; Spanish for "Zero", Japanese for "Hollow Flash", Doom Blast in the Viz translation, "Empty Disaster" if the kanji is literally translated)
Description: Cero is a form of attack used by Menos, Arrancar and Visored. As a standard energy blast, it consists of firing a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at the target. While in most cases it is fired from the mouth, some Arrancar and Visored are capable of firing Cero from their hands, fingers and other parts of their bodies. This often requires the user to under take a specific pose.
The power, force, speed, and blast area of the Cero is dependent on the strength of the user (i.e., the stronger the user, the stronger the attack), and there are some Arrancar and Visored who have come up with their own variation of Cero. The charging and firing time for Cero also varies greatly, from relatively charging fast to firing it to instantaneously fire one without much charging. Alaric can fire Cero from his hands and hollow hole
Duration: Instant.
Cool Down: 3 posts

Name: Bala (虚弾 (バラ), bara; Spanish for "Bullet", Japanese for "Hollow Bullet")
Description: Bala is an Arrancar-exclusive technique that hardens the user's Reiatsu and releases it like a swift blast of spiritual energy. While the technique is not nearly as powerful as a Cero, its speed is 20 times faster and allows for it to be fired in quick repetition. In addition, it possesses more concussive force than a Cero does. A Bala's speed and power varies with the Arrancar using it; Alaric's Bala is fraccion level.
Duration: Instant.
Cool Down: 2 posts.

Name:Hierro (鋼皮 (イエロ), iero; Spanish for "Iron", Japanese for "Steel Skin")
Description: An Arrancar technique in which the user's reiryoku condenses, creating a steel-hard skin strong enough to block a Zanpakutō. This also allows them to fight some of the sword-wielding Shinigami barehanded. The strength of Arrancars' Hierro depends on their spiritual power.
Duration: Passive.
Cool Down:

Name:Sonído (響転 (ソニード), Sonīdo; Spanish for "Sound", Japanese for "Sound Ceremony")
Description: a technique used by Arrancar which allows them to move at extreme speeds, making it highly similar to the Hohō (or Flash Steps as they are called in the English Dub) that Shinigami use. While somewhat similar to Hohō, Sonído appears to be more instinctual than Hohō, requiring no previous knowledge to perform. It also makes a different sound; rather than the swishing or sometimes silent Flash Step of the Shinigami, Sonído makes a booming or static sound
Duration: .Passive
Cool Down:

Name:Pesquisa (探査回路 (ペスキス), Pesukisa; Spanish for "Inquiry", Japanese for "Probe Circuit")
Description:is an Arrancar's ability to detect, sense and gauge the amount of Reiatsu in his or her vicinity. It functions similarly to Sonar.
Cool Down:

Name: Expert Weapon User
Description: Alaric tends to like using his weapons mostly when fighting, and has accquired a great skill at the art of weapons..
Cool Down:N/A

Name:Enhanced Hierro
Description:Due to intense training, Alaric's Hierro is strronger than most, capable of blocking weaker level Cero and Bala blasts as well as most seal weapons.
Cool Down:N/A

~Innate Techniques~(Techniques almost exclusive to your character, NO MORE THAN 6 IN TOTAL, this includes resurrecion and out of resurrecion shoudl you choose to have some not in resureccion))

Name: Experienced Ripplesword [Learned from Lucy's character]
Usage:Normal & Res
Description: By using the flexibility of his body and arms, he undulates his sword rapidly so that they resemble snakes. This makes hisblows impossible to anticipate or block, although higher ranks such as Vasto Lorde [or any Arrancar of Higher rank than Alaric] and above them would probably not take long in being able to anticipate the movements.
Duration:Until he stops
Cool Down:5 posts

Name:Phantom Move
Description:Alarics iconic signature move involves the release of an exceptionally brief and intense burst of Spiritual energy, letting him move at unparallelled speed, so that afterimages remain in his path. The movement is indeed so fast that the earth starts cracking under the user's feet
Cool Down:2 Posts
~Rp Sample~
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PostSubject: Re: Alarico Esperanza    Sun Nov 28, 2010 4:15 pm

Approved, just remember everything can be blocked
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Alarico Esperanza
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