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A site for those that wish to rp as a character from the anime/manga or who wish to plunge themselves into the universe by making an original character :D
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     Kohana Hirikano

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    Kohana Hirikano


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    PostSubject: Kohana Hirikano   Thu Dec 02, 2010 8:57 pm

    Shinigami Application


    Name: Kohana Hirikano
    Alias/Nickname: The Little Flower, Ko-Ko
    Actual Age: 206
    Physical Age: 2O
    Gender: Female
    Division: 3rd
    Rank: Lieutenant

    Height: Now 5'0"
    Weight: 96 lbs
    Eye Color: Heterachromatic. The right one is a deep Cerulean blue, and the left is an emerald green hue
    Hair Color/Style: Long, aqua blue hair that reaches about the back of her knees.
    Complexion: Fair skinned
    Any distinguishing features: Her bi colored eyes

    Personality: Kohana is quiet natured and very peaceful. She doesn't speak much, but when she does, she is soft spoken and hard to hear. She's often times really shy, but she is quite intelligent. She is often a loner, and won't converse with anyone unless it is important, or worth her time. She is often misunderstood and seen as a cold individual due to her quiet behavior. She's not a killer. She values life far too much to ever take it. She prefers to talk things out. She's not one for confrontation or aggressive tactics.
    Sexuality: Straight
    Relationship Status: Single and far too shy to look
    Quirks: Kohana is incredibly shy and often freezes in front of men when they talk to her.
    History: Born in North Rukongai's 15th district to Marin and Hanataro Hirikano, Kohana was a rare thing to see. She was born with heterochromia. Growing up with such a condition made her feared and often teased by the other children in the Rugonkai district. That fact made her an outsider. She spent her time alone. She often read books or spent time raising and caring for plants. At the age of thirteen, Kohana's Zanpakuto manifested itself. This act was witnessed by a captain of the thirteen court guard squads. He spoke to Kohana's parents, and they agreed that she would attend the Shinigami academy. She attended for only a year and a half. She was far beyond the other students in the way of skill. Most shinigami called her a prodigy. At the time, she was one of the youngest shinigami to attend the Shinigami academy, let alone graduate at such an early age. Right after she graduated, she was instantly recruited to the seventh division. After serving in the seventh division for nearly fifty years, she was discovered by the captain of the 8th Division. He was greatly impressed with her skill and talent that he offered her a spot in the 8th division. Kohana happily accepted and soon gained the rank of captain after her superior mysteriously left the division. After years of service to the 8th Division, Kohana vanished mysteriously for a century. Upon her return, she plead with the Sotaicho to allow her to return to the Soul Society. The head captain agreed and placed Kohana in the 3rd division, due to her intellect, where she fought her way up the ranks to vice Captain.

    ~Zanpakuto Information~

    Blade Name: Ichirin No Hana (The Solitary Flower)
    Sealed Blade appearance: The blade's sheathe is forest green in color. In it's sealed state, it appears as a normal Katana with a hollow indention in the center of the blade. The guard has four projections that are shaped like flower petals, and the handle itself is bound in dark, forest green silk threads

    Zanpaktou spirit: The spirit manifests itself in two forms. His first form is that of a large plant-like beast. He stands at about six feet in height. His body is a deep forest green in color and resembles a large Venus fly trap. His head is composed of two thick leaves that look like large jaws. They often remained closed, leaving his head appearing whole. The two leaves split down the middle, each edge lined with thick barbs that resemble teeth. They are black in color. Each side of his head has three beady red eyes that run horizontally in the center of either side of his head. The inner lining of his mouth is a pastel green in color and often seeps a sweet smelling nectar. His body is nothing more than a three foot thick stalk. His "skin" has a rough, mossy feel to it. His arms are long vines with five tendrils at the end of each arm to resemble fingers. Several dark purple thorns decorate his arms and body. His arms also form small flower buds that sprout extravagant flowers during rain storms. The flowers are a light pink hue and consist of twelve silken petals. They produce no pollen and can only be created by Ichirin No Hana in his plant form. His feet are nothing more than a series of large root like appendages. In his plant form, he's completely stationary.

    His other form is that of a humanoid male. Like his plant form, he is about six feet in height and weighs around one hundred and sixty-two pounds. He has waist length, forest green hair, styled in dread locks. Each lock had a bright green vine, about four centimeters thick, wrapped tightly around it. There are two to three jagged leaves projecting from the vines. His skin is a very pale, almost whitish green hue, giving him almost a sickly look. His eyes are a piercing crimson hue. His body has a sturdy, muscular build. Each muscle is well defined, making him look quite cut. He has four diagonal line markings on his face, two on each cheek. They markings are a deep violet in color and run parallel to the other. The markings on the right cheek run left to right, the outer mark starting just below the center of his bottom eye lid and stops just at the center of his jaw. The inner mark runs from the corner of his eye to the corner of his jaw. The marks on his left cheek run the same way, but go left to right. His attire consists of nothing more than forest green hakama pants. His chest is completely bare except for a set of criss-crossing vines that loop over each shoulder and wrap around his waist. The vines are about an inch thick and have various jagged leaves and violet tinted thorns scattered about the vines. He wears only straw waraji sandals on his feet, they also being forest green in color.

    Spirit Personality: Ichirin No Hana isn't the most pleasant individual to be around. He's ill-tempered and rather crude. He can't speak a single sentence without adding in an f-bomb or two. He's bitter towards Kohana every time she refuses a fight. He's a total opposite of her, personality wise. He's always battering Kohana with petty insults, often calling her a "scrawny little bitch." His petty insults are nothing more than a cover to hide his true feelings. Deep down, he loves and respects Kohana, despite his harsh behavior. He adores the rain and often pleads with Kohana to release him during rain storms. To thank her, he often awards her with a hug and a gift of a rare and extravagant flower that he can only produce in his plant form

    Inner worldIchirin No Hana's Inner World is that of a vast, vibrant green meadow. It's a place of peace and serenity. Flowers and large sakura trees decorate the extravagant landscape, giving the world a fresh, calming scent and a soothing sensation. In the center of the vast meadow like world is a large camphor tree. This tree is Ichirin No Hana's "heart" When in the inner world, Kohana often finds him there, resting beneath the tree. The meadow holds every kind of flower known to man. Dragonflies and various species of otherworldly butterflies are often found flitting about, adding to the calming scenery.

    ~Shikai Information~
    Release Phrase: "Sing the song of Nature's requiem"
    Released blade appearance: When released, her blade explodes in a storm of razor sharp flower petals that soon combine together to form a long, razor sharp whip. The whip is light pink in color and the petals will often disassemble themselves when the whip comes in contact with another blade. Kohana's appearance doesn't really change during Shikai, but every so often, her eyes with glow red. That is an obvious sign of her Zanpakuto's spirit manifesting itself through her.
    ~Shikai Techniques/Abilities~

    Name of ability/technique: Flower's Masquerade
    Description: During Shikai, Kohana creates a storm of flower petals that envelope the whole field, creating nearly zero visibility for the opponent. The petals can be easily destroyed, however.
    Duration: 4, but once the petals are destroyed, they can't come back for a short period of time.
    Cool Down: 6 (gives time for the petals to regenerate)
    Preparation: No real preparation needed

    Name of ability/technique: Nature's Embrace
    Description: Kohana thrusts her sword into the ground causing a vine to come up that she can control completely using her reiatsu. The vines themselves are studded with toxic thorns that carry a weak neurotoxin. The toxin is fast acting, and can cause paralysis if it enters the target's bloodstream.
    Duration: 3
    Cool Down: 9
    Preparation: Must store large amounts of heat and reiatsu for 3 posts.

    ~Bankai~(Captains only) (no more than 3 abilities)
    Bankai Appearance/spirit manifestation:

    ~Bankai Techniques/Abilities~
    Cool Down:

    Name of ability/technique:
    Cool Down:

    ~Other Techniques~
    Swordsmanship: advanced
    Shunpo: Intermediate
    Hand to hand: Intermediate
    Kido: Advanced

    ~ Other Information ~ None that I can think of

    ~ Rp Sample ~
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    Tia Harribel

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    PostSubject: Re: Kohana Hirikano   Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:02 pm


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    Kohana Hirikano
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