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PostSubject: Lightning    Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:30 pm

Shinigami Application


Name: Ecclair Farron HOWEVER This solitary young woman speaks little of herself - even her true name is a mystery. She is known to others simply as 'Lightning'
Alias/Nickname: Lightning
Actual Age: 210
Physical Age: 21
Gender: Female
Division: Lightning is a Royal Guard that is currently acting in the 6th division.
Rank: Captain


Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Weight: 70 kilos
Eye Color: light blue
Hair Color/Style: Light Pink (check picture below)
Complexion: Fair/porcelein
Picture: Lightning stands at a tall 5 foot 10 inches, much taller than most women. her hair is light pink in colour and her eyes are an entrancing shade of blue. She is well endowed and has a lean yet feminine figure. Her skin is pale and almost porcelein in nature. She has a rather customised uniform. she wears her armband with the squad insignia upon it however that is not shown in picture and she almost always wears her pack. (images also in avatar and signature)
FFXIII-2 close-up:


Personality:Lightning's personality is very determined, concentrated, independent, and cunning. Lightning has a straightforward persona with a lone wolf attitude. Interestingly, Lightning seems slightly shy towards physical proximity outside of a combat situation. She is shy when it comes to matters regarding love having been so closed off from everyone and never allowing herself to feel love for another. Even simply seeing a man without a shirt on will cause her to become uncomfortable and blush. She is slow to open up and trust anyone, however once you have gained her loyalty you will have it forever. She loves food, more than she should. It doesn't matter what it is Lightning will most likely eat it She is extremely fond and protective animals even more so than children. Despite her tough exterior Lightning likes female things such as Pastel colours with her favourite being pastel pink and cherry blossoms.
Sexuality: Straight
Quirks: Loves food, cold weather and nights. Hates hot weather, spiders and cruelty to animals.

History:Nothing is known of Lightning's Birth or family history as she suffered from amnesia at a young age.

Early life:
Lightning was born into a rather poor family living in the Rukongai district. She had no siblings or other living relatives that she ever knew of even her parents died of illnesses leaving her alone at a very tender and young age. Left alone to fend for herself she was forced to learn the ways of the streets quickly and steal what was necessary to survive. Several years past and Lightning managed to survive against the numerous odds stacked against her, she had managed to find shelter and survived the lack of food by stealing from markets nearby. Lightning was spotted one day while stealing food from a stall in the Rukongai district by a current captain of the Gotei 13; she piqued their interest. If she was hungry then she had to have spiritual power, thus deciding to check it out the captain followed her to a rundown shack hidden away in a much more desolate are of the district that she had been living in since her parents died.

She had been squatting in the house due to it’s proximity to the markets and its ability to proved shelter from the elements. After the captain engaged Lightning in conversation he discovered that she was an orphan and gauged that she did indeed have a rather high level of spiritual pressure for one of her appearance. The captain realised that lightning was far to promising to let slip away back into the shadows of the street and offered her a chance to train in the soul reaper academy. Lightning eagerly accepted the man’s offer of going with him and training to become a Soul reaper, stating that “anything is better than this”. She hated her current life and wanted more than to get away from it and start again, being a soul reaper was simply a plus.

Upon entering the academy she changed her name from her biological name; Ecclair Farron, to simply Lightning for all intensive purposes. She hoped that by changing her name she could change herself and distance herself from her former life. Despite her attempts to hide her poorer heritage it was discovered and she was looked down upon due to her peasant birth by her peers. Truthfully she wasn't ashamed of her heritage, she simply knew life would be simpler if it was unknown. She stayed to herself and made very few friends during her time at the academy. She was not there for social purposes as she would tell those that asked her why she was how she was, she was there to train, learn and become stronger so that she may become the person she wished to be.

Lightning showed signs of talent and extreme potential early, catching the attention of her teachers and peers alike; this did not help her popularity level in the slightest when it came to her peers. It was then in her final years at the academy that she developed her first crush upon a noble by the name of Byakuya Kuchiki a noble, this crush is still around to this very day. Despite this crush she never made any advances nor did she allow anyone else to know of it. Lightning had no intentions of getting close to anyone ever again. To this day she is yet to have a boyfriend. Lightning graduated top of her grade and was given many opportunities to enter divisions upon said graduation. Lightning accepted an unseated position in the 6th division upon her graduation from the academy.

Getting Shikai:
Lighting trained almost constantly, pushing her body to it’s limits at every chance she got. She took on many of her higher ranking division members despite never standing a chance, she did this so she could become the strongest she could as fast as she could. Her captain worried about her often as she would commonly be found in the 4th division barracks suffering from exhaustion and fatigue. Lighting never passed up an opportunity to learn from her higher ranking officers in battle and outside of battle. Therefore she earned quite a reputation in the Soul Society, being called by many names such as: Taicho’s pet, suck-up, try hard, etc. She never let any of the taunting get to her as she knew that most of it came from jealousy and inadequacy of their own.

She rose through the ranks of the squad making it to becoming the 4th seat in under one year. It took a lot of effort and many battles to get there but it was all worth it in Lightning’s eyes. She achieved Shikai shortly before becoming the 4th seat, her shikai was of such an unusual type that it caught the interest of many. Her strength and skill in battle was not going unnoticed either, after making it to the lieutenant seat and gaining her even more unusual bankai she was approached by the current captain and asked if she would like to take over the captaincy, Lightning agreed to take over the spot after the captain stepped down. The first year of serving as captain had many trials and tribulations block her path, several of her serving officers disliked serving under one of her heritage despite skill or rank. She had to try and forge bonds with her fellow captains and adjust to life in the captain's hoari, the paperwork took her time to master and the overseeing of the squad duties was hard at first due to the lack od respect she had. After serving flawlessly despite the troubles and proving her skill and loyalty to her division she won over all those serving below him. She served as the captain for the division for several years never stopping in her quest to become more powerful. Lightning became a well known an renowned shinigami, her reputation for upholding duty above all else and her lack of failure earned her respect from her fellow soul reapers. She earnt a reputation for a being merciless and powerful captain.

Being Accepted into the Royal Guard:
Lightning was approached by the royal guard and asked to join their ranks. She accepted the promotion and left the 6th division in the capable hands of Byakuya Kuchiki. Was it favouritism that made her trust the division blindly to Byakuya? perhaps..her crush was still there, but it was also the fact that the 6th division had been trusted to the Kuchiki family for a long time. She also knew of his skill and that he would be a great captain.

Disappearance Arc:
Upon hearing of the numerous disappearances Lightning was ordered to return to the gotei 13 and take the captaincy of the 6th division up once more. Lightning was devastated to learn othat Byakuya was one of the missing shinigami's and vowed she would find him and bring him back to his division.

~Zanpakuto Information~

Name: Zetsu-maru
Sealed Blade appearance:

~Shikai Information~

Release Phrase: "Heel Zetsu-maru"
Released blade appearance:

~Shikai Techniques/Abilities~

Lightning’s Zanpaktou has a RARE ‘constant release’ effect allowing her control over the gravity surrounding her and her body becomes electrically charged. Any direct contact would result in a direct and powerful shock. The electrical shock's effect would be increased by the amount of physical contact. For instance if a hand was placed onto her the shock would result in the electrical shock paralyzing their hand and arm, if only a finger was placed on her then only the hand would be paralysed. In a sword-fight the electrical current does travel down her blade however it is weakened upon traveling the distance. However if for instance she was in a deadlock the electrical charge would buildup in the zanpaktou over time and she could release it to end the deadlock. It would take around 1 full post for the charge to build up strong enough to cause said effect in a sword fight. In this state Lightning can summon Zetsu-maru and he would stay in the battle offering her a companion in the battle however this would drain her significantly so she usually opts not to do so.

Lightning is able to form a shield made from electricity when in shikai state, this shield is rather powerful and is able to block most attacks unless they are shikai or bankai.
Preparation: None
Cooldown: 2 posts

Name of abilty/technique: Kneel
Description: The gravity around her enemy is increased immensely forcing her enemy to the ground under the immense pressure, Thus immobilising them for the duration. Only those of stronger reiatsu would stand even the slightest of chances in breaking free, although lightning has never met one that could. It is possible for Lightning to effect those in a 150metre radius from herself.
Duration: 1 turn
Cool Down: 5 turns
Preparation: NA

Name: "Shred Zetsu-maru"
Description: Zetsu turns into a pure electrical charge and will pass through the enemy numerous times. (Zetsu keeps his form when he does this so is still visible) Seeing as how Zetsu is the manifestation of electricity itself the change in form from solid to a charge is instantanious. Zetsu has never passed through an enemy more than 4 times and Lightning figures that is his maximum. The charge is as powerful as that of a lightning strike.
Cool Down: 4 posts
Preparation: NA

~Bankai~(Captains only)

Name of Bankai:b] Zetsu-maru
[b]Bankai Appearance/spirit manifestation:

To use her Bankai Lightning throws her blade up into the air, a lightning bolt then strikes the blade from the sky causing the blade to transform into the form of its true self (a wolf, see image below) She also says “Time for the hunt, Zetsu-maru” Zetsu will act as a free-to-act support for Lightning unless she calls upon his special abilities which he would then carry out. The two have an almost telepathic connection which allows them to fight as a team effectively. Zetsu-maru is the manifestation of a pure electrical charge, if touched directly by the foe or their blade he would shock them rather severely. The more electricity in the environment the stronger Zetsu-maru's charge would be.

~Bankai Techniques/Abilities~

Name: "Howl Zetsu-maru"
Description: Zetsu will howl and call forth several other wolf-like forms, one for each element. (fire, water,ice,wind,lightning) Upon contact with their enemy they explode into a blast of their element. This attack is extremely powerful with the power of half a gran ray cero and lightning only uses it on foes she deems to be strong enough for the need.
Duration: NA
Cool Down: 4 posts
Preparation: 2 turns (during this time Lightning must protect Zetsu-maru from harm otherwise he will cease the preparation and protect himself)

Name: Army of one
Description: Lightning summons a group of wolves (5) each wolf has its own element (like her previous ability) these wolves do no explode however and will attack her foe alongside her. Depending on their element they can send their own elemental blast towards the target. If they use the blast they will disappear regardless of the time left. Their blasts are about as strong as half a gran ray cero. Lightning will say "an army of one is no match for the might of the pack" to iniate the ability.
Duration: until the clones are destroyed or until the end of 6 posts
Cool Down: 5 posts
Preparation: n/a

Name: The storm is here
Description: Lightning summons numerous bolts of lightning from the sky which strike at her opponent (3). Their power is equal to that of a gran ray cero each. only one bolt can strike at a time so technically a fast and agile opponent might be able to dodge this attack.
Cool Down: 4 posts
Preparation: N/A

~Other Techniques~
Swordsmanship: Lightning is extremely adept at using her zanpaktou in battle.
Shunpo: Lightning is very adept at the art of Shunpo.
Hand to hand: Lightning is amazingly talented in hand to hand combat. She is light and flexible which allows her to fight in an agile manner.
Kido: Lightning knows several kido however this is definately not her speciality, she relies on her own special and unique abilities not kido in battle.

Teleportation: Lightning has the unique ability to teleport in order to counterattack her opponents, which is different from either flash step or Sonido. She disappears and reappears with a swirl or cherry blossoms when she does this. The petals will hurtle towards her foes and provide her cover to appear and disappear safely. They can cut through skin if not dosged or blocked. This is possible through her materialisation and dematerialisation ability.
cooldown: 2 post (although i do not use it that often)

Immunity to Shock: Lightning is immune to damage from shock, she can not be harmed by any electrical current. This is due to her electrical charge that she is subjected to regularly. This is due to the fact that during shikai and bankai her body is constantly charged, therefore her body has been made immune.

Materialisation/dematerialisation of weapon: Lightning is able to materialise and dematerialise her Zanpaktou at will. It is instantanious and requires no cooldown period since it is not an attack. This does however mean she can conceal her blade and if she loses grip on her blade in combat that she can simply summon it back to her; preventing her from being unarmed.

Flexibility/speed/agility: Lightning is extremely flexible and agile. Her fighting style relies on these skills as well as her speed. She might not the strongest of shingami's however can make up for it with her speed and agile fighting style.

Using the static electricity in the air: (in normal/shikai/bankai): Lightning is able to use any electricity in the surrounding environment to her advantage. She can summon the static electricity from the air and form it into an attack that depends on her form. In normal state she can form it into a bolt that is shot towards the enemy, in shikai it is a sphere that will follow the enemy much like a homing missile. And in Bankai the electricity in the air is gathered around the enemy and will shock the foe. It is least powerful in normal state and most in bankai. It doesn't require lengthy power up time. The power of the attack is also influenced by the amount of electricity in the environment, eg: less powerful on a sunny day and more powerful in a storm.
Cooldown: 2 posts

Name: Reiatsu masking
Appearance: Has no visible effects or appearance.
Duration: 5 posts
Cooldown: 4 posts
Requirements/Preparations: Lightning doesn't need to say or do anything in order to prepare for this ability, she might click her fingers or say something but they don't have anything to actually do with activating the technique.
Description: This technique completely masks/hides Lightning's reiatsu from everybody in the vicinity thus making her undetectable while it is activated. If used in conjunction with her cloning technique this ability masks not only her own reiatsu but her three clones as well making them even harder to tell apart from the real Lightning.

Name: Fangs and claws of the pack
Appearance: Three tornado like swirls of cherry blossoms form into clones of Lightning. They are identical in every way in appearance, even the Zanpaktou's are too ahrd to tell apart from the real thing. (They are however very different in power levels, which will be explained in the description headline xD)
Duration: 5 posts (if not destroyed beforehand)
Cooldown: 4 posts
Requirements/Preparations: Lightning must say "a lone wolf may take a stand, but only the pack shall know victory"
Description: After Kaihime speaks the phrase to initiate the ability, three tornado's (about man size) of cherry blossom petals form into three clones of Lightning. They are physically identical, the differences lay in the power levels of them. They are extremely fast however they lack the strength an power that Lightning has. They act independantly of Lightning herself and are basically 3 allies in combat. They have access to the same abilities as Lightning however they are also substantially weaker. They dont have access to bankai or shikai however.

~Other Information~(Could be additional weapons or anything else you like use to know)
Lightning's control over lightning is unique as her lightning/electricity is not the usual yellow but appears as a light blue.
And her Blade can convert into a firearm which allows her to fire the lightning balls mentioned earlier in rapid succession.

~Rp Sample~
Sample 1:

Illuminated by no more than moonlight the ground beneath her feet was barely visible. The cool winds blew through her hair carrying with them the scent of the earlier rainfall. It had been a long time since she had been in the area, but now she was to be calling it home once more; The Seretei. All was quiet on the streets, none wanted to venture out so late in such weather without a viable need. The surrounding structures had not changed greatly, only small differences were noteable. Crickets soon joined the wind's gentle howl, creating the night's soundtrack. Memories flashed by in her mind inspired by the familiar scents and sights surrounding her. So many memories, each conjuring their own emotion. Emotions.......such useless things or so she had come to believe.

A flash in the sky drew her attention to it, a falling star made it's way across the star filled sky. She stood quite as she watched it wondering to herself, if she believed in the power of wishing upon such an object what would she wish for?

Sample 2:
It seemed as if the weather was taunting her, such miserable weather for a day of importance. The sky flashed with lightning as the storm above unleashed it's rage upon those it saw as no more than ants below it. The cold rain that fell from the darn and menacing clouds above pooling in the shallow indents of the pavement that was the path she walked. As the water dripped from her hair and face Lightning wondered whether it could be as sign of the event to soon follow. As she approached the building that was her destination she breathed a sigh of relief, finally she would be out of the rain and wind. The sky echoed with the whip like crack of thunder as she reached for the door, she felt Zetsu-maru react to the sound. Still excited by storms aren't you To her Zetsu-maru was like a puppy and always would be despite his size.

Due to the large size of the coat she was wearing Lightning had to wiggle her hand through the sleeve so it could be seen and able to open the door. She had borrowed the coat from a much larger member of the Royal Guard upon leaving for the Seretei. It may not have fit ideally however it's waterproof characteristics had shielded her from the drenching capabilities of the rain. Her head and hair however.....well they were soaked just like the earth around her. Pulling the door open She stepped into the room closing the door behind her. Instantly she removed the coat that had protected her on her venture and hung it on the coat stand next to her. The room's air was warm and comforting, almost as if she was standing in the sun on a bright day. The cold droplets of rain falling from her hair onto her body gave her goosebumps now there was no coat to take the temperature away.

She readied herself to take in what was the office she would share with her captain now, she didn't know what to expect as she turned around.

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