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 meeting with his captain

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PostSubject: meeting with his captain   Sun Dec 12, 2010 3:57 am

"give me thoose i can take them to the captain im heading there now anway"
kitoushi took the bunch of paper from the little suprised squad member. he was in a good mood wich was very rare specially that he was smiling. as he headed for minas office he looked through the papers all except two was from the 11th squad. figures they where just a bunch posessed with fightning. one was from the 5th squad and the other was from the 12th hm new supply of medicin that was good

After a short walk he reached the captains chamber and knocked on the door
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PostSubject: Re: meeting with his captain   Sun Dec 12, 2010 4:07 am

Mina's feet were propped up on her desk, her body was slouched in her chair, her head tilted back, asleep. She hadn't slept much the night before, though she couldn't very well complain because she was dearly in love with the man responsible for it. But it was effecting her Paperwork schedule. Oh yes, she had a schedule for her paper work. A knock on the door startled her right out of her sleeping state, and she looked at the door, rubbed her eyes, and spoke. "Come on in, it's unlocked Kitoushi-kun." Her feet stayed up on her desk, and she started to look over the papers for her Division again. So many things needed to be done, and so many different accounts money wise.

Glancing up as her Vice Captain walked in, she stuck her pen behind her ear, and looked over at him. "What...." Here her train of speech was interrupted by a yawn. "Ah, sorry about that. What can I do for you Kitoushi-kun?" She asked, rubbing one half of her face in an attempt to wake up.
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PostSubject: Re: meeting with his captain   Sun Dec 12, 2010 4:27 am

the first thing he noticed as he opened the door and entered was how sleepy mina looked

"you look tired mina taicho dient you get enough sleep last night"
he smiled as he knew the answer to that question mina taicho had been seen with kenji.
"just have some papers for you mina taicho most of them are from the 11th squad and hi took the liberty of dealing with thoose but thoose two i think you should take a look on its requests from 5th and 12th squad"
he noticed how tired she seemed to be and that she tried to seem to wake up he also noticed that the pile of pappers was almost untouched and smiled as he figured she had been sleeping until he came and woke her up
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PostSubject: Re: meeting with his captain   Sun Dec 12, 2010 5:05 am

Oh she had a real joker for a Vice Captain, she could tell. Giving him a smile, she speaks in her calm and soft tone. "Sleep? What is that foreign concept?" She knew quite well that he knew EXACTLY where she had been the night before. After all, her Vice Captain wasn't a stupid man. "Well then let me see them then." She said as she looked over the sheets for the 5th and 12th Division. Hana's neat hand writing was a comfort to her, and she smiled softly as she read the about the new medicine. This was a good thing for her to read, and it made her happy to see it.

The 5th Division was simply a request from the Shinigami in charge of the man for an extended leave of absence, and listed the reasons why. Signing it off, she puts it in her folder to be personally delivered. "Thank you for dealing with the 11th Division Kitoushi-kun. It's been a long night, and one hell of a day, and it's not even noon yet today." She said, neglecting to mention that she had been going since dawn the day before. Paperwork wasn't her favorite thing to do, but she didn't mind it. The amount she had would only take about three hours to complete if she didn't shove some of it on her new Shinigami, which she was starting to actually consider.
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PostSubject: Re: meeting with his captain   Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:56 pm

"perhaps you should make sure to atleast get some sleep tonight mina taicho. Also i took the liberty of doing some of the paperwork for you while you was... occupied with other duties." he smiled and looked in the direction of the 13th squad barrack before looking at her agian he was sure she would understand the wink. like on a given signal a shinigami carrying a huge pile of paper entered
"i got the pappers from your office kitoushi fuki tachio"
kitoushi took the pile of paper from the shinigami
"ty you can go now"
he carried suprisingly balanced and agile despite his leg and put them down on minas desk
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PostSubject: Re: meeting with his captain   Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:07 am

Mina gave a soft laugh. Oh yes, she was quite happy with the former fourth seat, now Vice Captain she had. He knew her well, and knew exactly where she could be found. "He's gone on a mission tonight, so I'll be sure to get some sleep tonight Kitoushi-kun. Don't you worry about it." She said with a small laugh, looking at the young Shinigami who walked in with paperwork.

"Wonderful Kitoushi-kun. Thank you. It's a big help let me tell you. Can you file them while your here, so that I can get caught up on these other documents that need my attention?" She asked, gesturing to her cabinets at the back of her office. "I'm going to need your opinions on somethings so don't mind me talking to you while you do that, okay?'
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PostSubject: Re: meeting with his captain   Thu Dec 16, 2010 9:11 am

"oh i see i just heard a rumour that he had returned early from that mission"
ha pointed at a little green piece of paper between the files
"i already sorted them mina taicho each color represent a squad. And the files that i thought was of most importance to deal with right away i put on top of the piles for each squad the emergency ones iwe already dealt with"

he walked to the back as she had requested and started to archive the files
"what was it you needed my opinions on mina taicho"
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PostSubject: Re: meeting with his captain   Tue Dec 21, 2010 6:32 pm

Mina looked at the papers, not looking at Kitoushi at all. She knew that Kenji was back, only because she now had his Vice Captain in her care. "Kitoushi-kun, where would I be without you?" She asked with a smile at him, being turning her attention to the papers in front of her.

"A couple missions came down from another division. They want one of ours to go on this mission with them, they seem to think that they'll run into some trouble. Who do we have that we can spare to send with them?" She asked, listening to his reponse while she went through the papers that he had colour coded for her.

"Oh yes, and what would you think if I asked the Captain Commander to allow me to post one of our Division members to the other divisions to deal with basic injuries that are incurred over the course of a day?"
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PostSubject: Re: meeting with his captain   Tue Dec 28, 2010 3:35 am

"you would be alot in the 13th squad barracks i guess mina taicho or the captains quarters to be more precise" he said and you could hear the humor in his voice

"i heard bout that. And i have made a list of our squad members that would be appropiate to send depending on what squad it is that request the help judging from their abilities and such.
And as for the 5th squad i heard they had a pretty high classed mission so i thought about go with them my self. Would give me oppitunity to pratice my kidou skills also"

he listened to her suggestion bout talking to the cc

"thats a great idea taicho and we can also use the list i made to have a little squad of or squad members ready to also aid the squad if nessecary. when they about to go for a misson for example. We could aslo let the members in that squad swap place with the one we send to take care of the injuries over a day in a squad so they get to know the squad members there build up some trust."

as he speaked he continued to work on the archives as she had ask him to
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PostSubject: Re: meeting with his captain   Thu Dec 30, 2010 2:14 am

Mina took a paper in her waste basket, crumpled it up, and threw it at her Vice Captain. "Enough you. That can get me into trouble, so don't go around speaking about it." She said softly. After all, it was forbidden for Captains to have relations between themselves.

Mina's eyes looked over the list and circled one of the names. That would be the Shinigami she sent. "Ah, I'm sorry Kitoushi-kun, I can't send you out on missions just yet. I need you here for a little while longer. But our fourth seat should work well, no?" she said, putting that paper off to the side.

"I'm glad that we see eye to eyes on this one Kitoushi-kun. And the seperate squad to be dispatched is a perfect idea." She said, adding that note to the bottom of her proposal to the Captain Commander. She needed to get this submitted, but she also wanted to talk to another Captain first, besides Kenji. The Divisions needed to start to interact more with each other.
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PostSubject: Re: meeting with his captain   Sat Jan 15, 2011 7:54 pm

"i know when i can speak of it and not mina taicho dont worry no one can eves drop on us here. iwe make sure of it"
he had heard the paper crumbling and turned around and catched it in the air before looking at mina
"hm if you need me here the fourht or the third seat would be a good idea to send.
And i also suggest that we put our seated officers in command of the small groups we make to dispatch to other squads and that the first one we bring this suggestion to are 5th and 12th squad they have always been the more kind to us"
he turned and sorted the last of the papers before clearing his throat
"i havent been completly honest with you taicho i have already started to train some of our squad members as groups they seem to like the idea"
he smiled as he waited for his taicho to react to what he just had said
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PostSubject: Re: meeting with his captain   

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meeting with his captain
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