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 From a spar to the healing to....round 2 || Kenji

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PostSubject: From a spar to the healing to....round 2 || Kenji   Mon Dec 13, 2010 3:22 am

While Kenji carried her, she healed her own wounds, her sword still not in going into it's sealed form for a very special reason. And that was because she was going to use it to heal Kenji. She had just finished healing her small wounds with her kido skills when she took a good look at the wounds that Kenji had. Summoning thirty of her 100 needles to her from where they floated in the room, she watches them bend and glow a soft red. Giving a small nod at Kenji, they fixed themselves into his wounds, sealing them closed.

She smiled softly as his comment. "Oh yes it was alot of fun. I haven't ever seen you fight, so it was a pleasure to watch, and participate again." She said with a small laugh. Using her Kido, she restores Kenji's Reiatsu power, and watched his wounds heal faster. Finally, not even 10 minutes later, he was good as new, if a little bit more tired then before. A smile was on her face as her Zanpaktou finally went into it's sealed form. "That was my final ability for my Shikai. I have a Healing ability with it to heal the poison I use for it." She said softly.
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PostSubject: Re: From a spar to the healing to....round 2 || Kenji   Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:06 am

An eyebrow was raised as his eyes followed the needles floating effortlessly within the captain’s quarters. Mentally the captain of the 13th division was chuckling to himself, as various things that his love could do with those needles flashed through his mind. Thank god, Mina was a caring person for if she wasn’t then Kenji would be a dead-man in more then one way. As the needles began to fix his wounds, Kitty the plant that was sitting on the counter across from the two captains suddenly open it’s eyes and began “meowing”. The meowing was a very high pitch kind of noise that surprisingly didn’t hurt one’s ears. The plant only did that when Kenji was in distress or in pain. And once the needles had finished healing Kenji the meowing stopped as well “Don’t worry, if I’m ever in distress or pain kitty tends to make the high pitch noise. The last time she did it was a year after my sister’s death and father’s disappearance. No matter how I hide my emotions she seems to know exactly how I’m feeling. When she sleeps I’m in a calm state. It’s only when I’m distress or the likes that she opens her eyes and meows in that same high-pitch voice. An amazing plant...” He said in a calm voice, before smiling at Mina.

Yeah, it was fun. An eye opener to say the least but your fighting style is unique to say the least. I thank you for the chance to fight you.” He said, exhaling from the refreshing of his kido. Standing up he moved over towards Mina and kissed her on the cheek “What do you want to do love? We haven’t eaten all day and well, I feel kind of bad that I didn’t cook you breakfast.” He said smiling. A smirk came across his face as she told him that the healing technique was the last ability of her shikai “Really now? I have a similar technique in bankai. But not as effective as yours.” The day was still young and the possiblities were endless for this couple.
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PostSubject: Re: From a spar to the healing to....round 2 || Kenji   Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:30 am

When that plant started to Meow, it startled Mina, who gave a slight jump and looked at it as it started to calm down. Giving Kenji another smile, she nods. "After that spar, I'd love some food, after all. I'm not super human enough not to need food." She said, with a small laugh. Remembering her deal with Kenji she realizes that with her withdrawl from the fight, that she lost. Which meant only one thing.... she was completely at his mercy for the next 24 hours.

"Of course it's not my choice, it's all yours, since you won."
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PostSubject: Re: From a spar to the healing to....round 2 || Kenji   Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:54 pm

At the mention of food, the small rumble of Kenji’s stomach was heard as he just chuckled at the situation. “Well here I thought, I could hide the fact that I was hungry as well.” He said with a smile. Tapping the desk with his finger he pondered on where they would eat at, he couldn’t think of anything as looked at Mina “Where do you want to eat at love? There’s a nice little bar and restuarant not that far from here. Want to go there? Or I could just cut what your heart desires.” He said chuckling. Despite having won the match, he wasn’t going to torture her with something she didn’t want to do.

Walking over beside Mina he would whisper in her ear “Maybe afterwards, we can have dessert.” He said kissing her neck. “We should take a shower...maybe together for we did get all sweaty and stuff.” Kenji was hungry alright...hungry for her.

((PM; if we go to shower Wink ))
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PostSubject: Re: From a spar to the healing to....round 2 || Kenji   

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From a spar to the healing to....round 2 || Kenji
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