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 The Great Supercallifornicious Ultimate Beautiful~ Ahem... Kitoushi's Kidou List

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PostSubject: The Great Supercallifornicious Ultimate Beautiful~ Ahem... Kitoushi's Kidou List   Sat Oct 02, 2010 7:23 pm

Custom Kido Application

Haling and Baling Kidou

Note: These Kidou are outside of the Gotei's intelligence, they had never officially seen these or heard much about them

Name: メモリー動かすこと [Memory Displace] {Haling #54}
Category: Haling
Incantation: Let this fool who had seen too much, forget why, whom and everything else in between. Forget the pain, forget the lies, forget the reason. Let this blow relieve your problems, along with your memories.
Effect: Obviously judging from the name or the incantation, anyone with a shred of intelligence would comprehend that this is a technique developed by Kitoushi which actually displaces or forces the brain of the vict~ euh... "patient" to forget specific memories. Or even to be used to reawaken memories that the "patient" had long since forgotten, such as the life they had when they were still alive. This kidou may even replace certain memories with artificial ones or even displace. Such as they were born as a old person, then they slowly re-progressed to an infant or even died then lived. The problem of this Kidou is that Kitoushi may not erase every memory automatically, it can be done but it'll take a long period of time indeed to make the "patient" forget about everything. Literally everything. Also another problem of this Kidou is that the target has to be restrained while Kitoushi does this technique to remove any memories that aren't that recent. This is not required into making someone forget recent events [around 5 minutes] the incantation for such quick work is not required neither.

Preparation time:
Full Memory Wipe/Massive Replacement/ Displacing : 3 Post, which requires the target to be restrained during this period of time unto one location. May never remember things by themselves.
Specific Memory Wipe/Repacement/Displacing : 2 Post. Rarely they may remember the truth and keeping ther likings to things and dislikes as opposed to a full dose of this Kidou where they basically get no personality whatsoever.
Random Memory Wipe/Replacement/Displacing : 1 Post . Usually remembers things, the thing is. It'll be random.
Recent Memory Wipe/Replacement/Displacing: Instantaneously. The memory being too recent and being suddenly taking away has a low to no chance of being remembered.

Duration: Until returned to normal by Kitoushi [Which may be never]
Cooldown: Only once per Person.

Name: 私にあなたを触らせてください [Let me feel you] {Haling #63}
Category: Hadou/Healing [Haling]
Incantation: There's something broken within you, hoho you don't know? Don't realize that something is out of the ordinary? Here, I'll make everything alright. Just you watch.
Effect: Kitoushi, having the ability to be able to manipulate the healing arts that are unique only to the members of the 4th Division and as well as having beyond then comprehension intellect, he had managed to create a art which he calls Haling. A mixture of Healing and the destructive arts of Hadou. Kitoushi had specifically made a incantation that seems really subtle to prevent the opponent from expecting it to be a attack. Once the incantation has been said, nothing seemed to have happened. That it was truly only questions. However Kitoushi had manage to manipulate his cells on a limb or of his entire body to temporarily stop being in a solid state and in more of a compressed liquid like state. Giving him the ability to phase through most things, like that of a Zanpakutou or through the body of another. Kitoushi is able to return to his solid state even if his hand would be in the body of another, giving him the ability to move within that person's body and attack from within. The main downside of this is the fact that it can't be used for long periods of time so Kitoushi only tends to use it instantaneously instead of remaining in such a state as it rapidly consumes his Reaitsu. Even if Kitoushi is in this state, attacks that are Reaitsu based or Elemental Based [Not from a normal source, such as normal fire won't hurt him but a flame elemental Zanpakutou would] shall still hurt him. While physical attacks will not. This is however not normally used in fights as its purpose was originally created to tend people without creating a sort of scar. This Kidou can also let other objects phase through objects as well, at the cost of more Reaitsu being depleted.

Preparation time: Needs to say the Incantation, can not be used otherwise.
Duration: Instantaneously, able to momentarily remain in this state for 1 Post.
Cooldown: 3 Posts

Name: 質問をしましょう [Let's play Interrogation] {Baling #70}
Category: Baling
Incantation: I've got you trapped within yourself, try to break free as much as you want. There just isn't that much you can do without any Reaitsu. Now, now I'll let you go; just tell me the truth and I'll think about it!
Effect: As always the namings of the Kidou's that Kitoushi creates are all odd, including the incantations. This is a Kidou merged with Bakudo and the Healing arts of the 4th Division. Once the incantation has been said while Kitoushi positions himself in a comfortable position to maintain his current position perfectly without even a inch of moving, a white beam shoots out from one of Kitoushi's fingers. A blinding, thin and quick light which then envelopes the target in the same color, still being able to somewhat visibly see the target but more... whitened. Though unlike the Haling counterpart, this isn't a Kidou meant to harm a opponent at all. It is to momentarily render the target to use their Reaitsu at all, thus making them unable to go into shikai/banaki or use any other technique that requires Reaitsu. The main use of this technique is just as the name implies, interrogating people. Though it doesn't make them tell the truth or anything of the sort, this Kidou allows the target to become harmless and relatively weak thus threatening the target to spill the truth would be easy. Or to torture the poor sap. There are downsides to this technique as it wasn't actually perfected just yet.

1) The target must be held down in someway, unable to move from their current position for a bit; while Kitoushi performs the Kidou which takes a lot of concentration which would be lacked if the opponent was moving everywhere around the area.

2) Kitoushi may not move, he must be still or else the Kidou would break and the opponent would be free of its grasp. Foronly one reason, concentration. So if Kitoushi wasn't concentrating the Kidou would break off as well.

3) This Kidou does not make the opponent unable to move, it merely sends Kitoushi's own Reaitsu which by itself has a poison like quality which specifically gets sent into a person's control over their own Reaitsu. Stopping it, this does weaken the opponent quite considerably but still lets the opponent move.

4) He may not be able to do this to multiple targets... for now. As the concentration required for even one is quite above the level of what he can do at his current state.

Preparation time: 1 Post
Duration: Until broken off
Cooldown: 3 Posts

One more Note: To be updated in the near future... >=)
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PostSubject: Re: The Great Supercallifornicious Ultimate Beautiful~ Ahem... Kitoushi's Kidou List   Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:55 am

(Although these arent in the right template XD i will allow it since it is better then the template xD)

A few things worry me with these,

1. Your character is only an academy student. These are very high level things that you are applying for, i simply don't think an academy student would be able to do them. Nor is it fair that an academy student could (since this site does take rank into account)


2. I don't like the idea of forcing someone's character to lose a memory completely unwillingly. Sure in the show and manga that would be fine but unfortunately here each character has someone (a real person) behind them pulling the strings....or should i say typing the letters xD Perhaps if it was temporary amnesia it might be more allowable but unfortunately i don't feel right allowing an ability that could potentially force the opponent's character to PERMANENTLY forget something. That would change the character they RP as and that would mean alot to them. So im really sorry but i can't allow an ability that would do that. Sad If you wish for another opinion feel free to ask Cypher, although im sure he would have similiar views....meh maybe not i might be wrong :p

3. The second kido is still in my opinion above that of an academy student.......maybe i am wrong. Perhaps ask Cypher to check my opinions. I am willing to discuss it with him if he has a different opinion.

4. Also the last ability, i think would be an academy student COULD do but it would have to have a longer preparation time, and cooldown plus a duration.

Hope you understand what i am saying here, it is because you chose to be an academy student that he has to be restricted in abilities and techniques not to mention power levels. An academy student can't be too powerful.

once again if you wish feel free to talk to cypher and get him to double check, and talk to me i wont feel offended.

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PostSubject: Re: The Great Supercallifornicious Ultimate Beautiful~ Ahem... Kitoushi's Kidou List   Sun Oct 03, 2010 3:22 pm

1) Kitoushi is a academy student as I've applied as a academy student however, think about Zaraki Kenpachi. He is a being who excels beyond the skills of Zanjutsu [Despite not having Shikai/Bankai] and Hoho. He excels in these because he had never practiced Kidou/Shunpo or anything else of that matter except for Zanjutsu and Hoho. Kitoushi has a similar characteristic to Zaraki. Though it wasn't the disinterest of the other arts but rather more of his weak body. Following this logical debating Kitoushi would be able to perform way higher then normal Kidou skills up for a max of 70 until he had ranked up in this society.

2) To permanently wipe characters memories would be in the use of the Full Memory wipe which has weaknesses. It takes 3 posts to wipe someone of all their memories. 3 Posts, is a lot. In those three post someone would easily have the chance of killing Kitoushi right there as he concentrates on erasing their memory. For this the target would be required to be restrain, unless they willingly approve of this. This is a technique used to deal with any enemies of Soul Society. Like a Captain that went all evil and tried to desert Soul Society but got caught and restrained. Kitoushi then would wipe their memory as Icly this is what the technique would tend to be used for. Also it can only be used once on a person, so Kitoushi would never go on a wiping spree as he wouldn't know which person would be a enemy next. Also people who have experienced lower ranks of the technique Specific/Random would eventually get their memories back. Just not automatically. Recent is used to delete any memories that were recently seen and not wanted to be seen.

3) Well Kitoushi is a highly intellectual being. Way more then your average academy student so it wouldn't be above his level and also there are downsides to this technique as well as stated in the effect category. It depletes his Reaitsu fast so he wouldn't be able to use it all the time so its usually instant or momentarily being in a phasing like state for 1 post. For that a cooldown of 3 Post is created... as I've said 3 Posts is a while. It also isn't mean tot be a combat abiltiy a sstated in its effect and it's more for healing/torturing people without creatin any scars.

4) To be perfectly fair, it is meant to restrain a opponent and not anything else. Again, it was created for the better of Soul Society. The reason that the preparation time is short its because its basically a beam of reaitsu that shoots out of his hands and envelopes the target in a white glow and disabling their Reaitsu system. During the time.. Kitoushi can't move and will only concentrate on the target and maintaining the Baling. So if they have a accomplice of sorts... Kitoushi can easily die right there. Too concentrated to check his surrounding and the inability to even move compensates for all of that. Also they can still move... they've just been weakened.

5)Kitoushi, as I'm planning would rarely ever fight due to his personality and also all of these Kidou would be difficult to use without the aid of another.
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PostSubject: Re: The Great Supercallifornicious Ultimate Beautiful~ Ahem... Kitoushi's Kidou List   Sun Oct 03, 2010 4:43 pm

Actually lightning I agree with you. Disapprove till, you further advance yourself with the plot and such.
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PostSubject: Re: The Great Supercallifornicious Ultimate Beautiful~ Ahem... Kitoushi's Kidou List   Mon Oct 04, 2010 5:36 am

i'm going to move it the archieve until a later date.
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PostSubject: Re: The Great Supercallifornicious Ultimate Beautiful~ Ahem... Kitoushi's Kidou List   

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The Great Supercallifornicious Ultimate Beautiful~ Ahem... Kitoushi's Kidou List
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