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 Sabrina Flynn

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Sabrina Flynn


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PostSubject: Sabrina Flynn   Mon Dec 27, 2010 12:46 pm

Human Application


Name: Sabrina Flynn.
Alias/Nickname: n/a
Age: 18
Gender: Female


Height: Sabrina stands at roughly 5feet, 7inches
Weight: 120lbs
Eye Color: Sabrina’s eyes are hazel.
Hair Color/Style: Sabrina to go with Sabrina’s clothing and life style, her hair reaches down to the middle of her back, it is smooth and straight, and raven black.
Complexion: slightly tan
Distinguishing features: none.
Overall Appearance: Sabrina has a slender and lean body, she seems well rounded, her breasts are about a b cup or so. Her skin is also slightly tanned(sun kissed would be a way that Sabrina would describe her completion.) Sabrina is also surprisingly fit, she has slightly toned muscles, she feels she needs to be strong but she also doesn’t want to scare away any potential boyfriends. Sabrina dresses like a rocker, she wears a pair of star shaped earrings, a gray tank top with the words Royalty across the front. Sabrina also wears a black leather jacket and a pair of gray skinny jeans. To top this off she accompanies her attire with a pair of black cowboy boots. Her pants are supported by a black leather belt, and she wears various rings on her fingers. Sabrina also wears a necklace with a cross that hangs from a silver chain, it is said that this necklace has been passed down in the family for a long time.


Personality: Sabrina is very kind hearted and very serious, she keeps a level head and doesn’t let anything get in her way, she is also protective of those around her. Sabrina also has a less serious side as she is often kidding and joking around with her peers and often playing practical jokes on them. Sabrina is a thinker and a good problem solver, Sabrina doesn’t let any detail go unnoticed. Her attention to detail is so acute that she often is able to predict her opponents moves and actions after only studying them for a few minuets.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship status: Single
Quirks: Sabrina chews her nails every now and then, it’s become a habit of hers.
History: many have been told the story of Gabriel Sharpe and the origins of the Sharpe family but, none have heard it more times than Sabrina, why? Well if one were to closely study Sabrina’s family tree and trace it back eight hundred and eighty-seven years you would see that Sabrina is a descendant of Sebastian Sharpe. Now back to more modern times, Sabrina was born an only child and was spoiled from the very beginning, this is mostly due to the fact that she nearly died during her own birth and then later suffered from various ailments as an infant. Her parents spent many nights wondering about their baby girl, often wondering if she would make it through the night.

Once Sabrina reached the age of five it seemed as though everything that she had gone through, just went away over night, thrilled to see their little girl doing well, Sabrina’s parents made sure to keep her in good health and tried their hardest to give Sabrina a good life. By the time Sabrina was eight, she began to notice something strange, she came home one day after school and after she finished her homework, the young girl sat down to watch tv, the program she chose to watch was a concert involving many famous piano players. As Sabrina watched the concert she watched the pianists play and she unknowingly began to move her fingers around as if she was imitating them, she then got the urge to try and play like the people on TV and to her surprise she played the same song key for key. Sabrina’s mother saw her daughter playing the piano and couldn’t believe what she was seeing, interested to see if Sabrina could play anything else, her mother told her to play from an old book but Sabrina was unable to do so.

After the piano event Sabrina began to notice that what ever she saw visually, she was able to mimic, it was at this time that the young girl discovered the first of her powers, she even discovered it’s drawbacks rather quickly as well. At the tender age of ten, the girl found out that she was special, not just because she had a power but also because she could see dead people, surprisingly this did not scare the little girl, instead she enjoyed talking with the spirits.

Turn the clock forward to Sabrina’s sixteenth birthday, as the young little girl matured into a young woman, she would often feel bursts of energy in her body and naturally get pepped up from this, the young girl was curious about these wired and reoccurring boosts in her energy and decided to do a little investigating, and would you know it, she discovered her second power. Had Sabrina discovered this power when she was younger, she would have spent all her time trying to master it but, at this point in her life, school and boys were more important so she tended to spend very little time with this ability. Sabrina’s mentality was that she didn’t want to scare away any boys or ruin her chances at getting a boyfriend.

Two years would pass and Sabrina is still a hard working and very energetic girl, she works hard in school and holds a 4,0 GPA. Sabrina had managed to steer clear of any hollows for most of her life but she has noticed that ever since she turned eighteen, the ugly beasts have been showing up more and more, with the threat of these creatures on the rise, Sabrina has abandoned her old way of thinking and has decided to embrace her second power, hoping that it will help her in some way.
~Special Ability~

Name: Mimicry
Descriptions: this ability allows Sabrina to mimic any technique she sees preformed however, she can only mimic things that have any sort of visuals to them. (examples of things she can mimic. Kido,but using her own energy and not as strong, dances, fighting styles, ect.) Sabrina can also only remember/ mimic up to 4 abilities at a time and in order to use a new one, she must forget one of her existing abilities. the cool downs of the mimicked abilities are the same as their real counter parts and the durations are halved (for example, if a move has a 4 post duration, Sabrina's version will only last for 2 posts.)
also the strength of these mimicked abilities are only as strong as Sabrina so as a reference i would say about as strong as a seated shinigami or lower.
Duration: always active.
Preparation: Sabrina has to see the thing she wants to mimic before she can do so.
Cooldown: the cool downs vary, depending on what it is she mimics. (mimicked moves take on the same cool down of the original)

Name: Energy Manipulation.
Descriptions: Allows Sabrina to use the energy from within her cells to form balls or waves of energy as well as mimic any ability she sees that involves the use of energy. this power is always active. through this ability Sabrina has a constant flow of energy throughout her body, the energy circulates through her body on a regular basis, the energy from within her cells is drawn out and used for the energy attacks, she has to concentrate the energy to a specific part of her body to form balls and waves of energy. since Sabrina never properly built up this power, she is unaware of it‘s limits.
Duration: super strength is always active. Energy blasts and waves last 1 post
Preparation: none
Cooldown: 1 posts for energy attacks.

~Other Information~
Sabrina Boasts a high spiritual pressure.

~Rp Sample~

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PostSubject: Re: Sabrina Flynn   Tue Dec 28, 2010 1:42 am

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PostSubject: Re: Sabrina Flynn   Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:23 pm

Dont freak out xD you can still rp i just wanted to get something added to your app is all.

1. What are the cooldowns, preparations and durations of the moves she mimics?
2. I think that she should only be able to use the one mimiced ability at a time, what i mean by that is that say for example; Tia uses cero and she mimics it. Tia Uses Bala, now in order to mimic the bala Sabrina should have to 'forget' the Cero. Otherwise she would wind up having access to unlimited abilities and that would be op'd. Well in my opinion anyway o.O
3. And how strong are the mimicked moves compared to the originals?




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Sabrina Flynn


Posts : 52
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PostSubject: Re: Sabrina Flynn   Sat Jan 08, 2011 12:38 pm

ok i added in the information you asked for.
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PostSubject: Re: Sabrina Flynn   

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Sabrina Flynn
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