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 Scrapbooks full of me in the background || Rangiku

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PostSubject: Scrapbooks full of me in the background || Rangiku   Thu Dec 30, 2010 1:00 am

Raiden stretched as he walked. He had just gotten off his duties for the day, because his day had started at Midnight. He was one of the few who actually willingly worked for 12 hours a day, so it was about noon. He had just passed his Captain on his way out with the Vice Captain. He wondered at what was going on there, but he just needed to concentrate on getting something to eat. Passing his Captain's office, he happens to glance in, and see a fairly familiar strawberry blonde woman. Matsumoto Rangiku. Stopping, he leans against the doorway and speaks in his gravely voice. "Matusmoto-san, he's not here. He just left with Kohana-fukutaichou."

Raiden wondered if the woman would remember him as the 5th seat that had done all the running around for Gin and Kira when they had been Captain and Vice Captain respectively.
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Matsumoto Rangiku

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PostSubject: Re: Scrapbooks full of me in the background || Rangiku   Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:36 pm

"Hai, hai i know..i`m leaving in a minute, i just need to sort these old things out..", she said from her spot at the desk, her back being turned on him, her body being learned slightly over the table to look at some old photo`s and some papers that she had scattered around the desk, being careful not to mix it up with the half finished paperwork of the day. Despite being of a different squad, Rangiku had been a regular visitor in the third division barracks for many years. Being a childhood friend of Gin, and a good friend of Izuru, gave her that sort of access. Despite Gin was in a cell now, her previous captain being a seat below her, and Izuru now being a captain, she seemed to be natural about the entire change, even accepting that she had been demoted to third seat. She and Izuru had something in common, they had both felt the pain of the man they loved`s betrayal. Even through Gin had been captured a few weeks ago, Izuru had never left to see him, and his only real visitor seemed to be Rangiku, which occurred almost daily if you looked at the sixth division`s cell reports.

After a few moments of looking through some of the photo`s, which mostly were pictures of the former captains and vice captains being togeder at parties or such, she turned around and looked at him. "Well there`s a face i haven`t seen in a long time..Tadashi Raiden right?". She crossed her hands into her sleeves, which pushed up her large bosom slightly. "Drop the honorifics, we are equal seated officers now. Call me Rangiku-san""
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PostSubject: Re: Scrapbooks full of me in the background || Rangiku   Thu Jan 13, 2011 4:28 pm

Raiden had actually forgotten that the woman was no longer the vice Captain of the 10th Division, and was actually the 3rd seat of that Division. He took a few steps into the office, and saw that what Matsumoto was looking through was the pictures of the old Captains and Vice Captains, the people that she would have missed the most, besides the man who was locked in the cells of the sixth Division. To his knowledge, Kira had yet to go and see that man, but it wasn't his concern to be honest.

He gave the other woman a small smile, and put his hands into his pockets. "I'm surprised, and pleased that you remember me Rangiku-san. It has been quite a while since I've had the chance to talk to you. If you're not busy, perhaps we can catch lunch. I just finished my day off, and have the afternoon to myself." He offered softly, wanting to talk to this woman. Perhaps she would know how to cheer up his Captain, because Raiden was running out of ideas.
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Matsumoto Rangiku

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PostSubject: Re: Scrapbooks full of me in the background || Rangiku   Fri Jan 14, 2011 11:30 pm

"Things have been busy haven`t they? Life as third seat is just as bothersome as vice least Hitsugaya taicho is back, so i can have fun while doing my paperwork now". With her little smile and joyful tone, it seemed like she haden`t noticed that she had called Hitsugaya for taicho, which he wasen`t anymore due to the new court of 46 not trusting him. Rangiku sat down onto the desk, seeming to be more interest in listing to him, than to look over the old papers and pictures anymore. She had been there herself, so really didn`t have a lot of interest in them, but they had to be sorted out. When he mentioned something about lunch, it caused the busty woman to raise her eyebrow a little, he wasen`t asking for a date, he just offerd that they could share lunch like fellow shinigami.

"I guess some lunch would`t hurt, it cannot be for long through, i have someone i promised to bring lunch to. The food in the cells makes you really thin". Since there only was one person in the cells whom Rangiku cared for, it was easy to figure out that she meant the silver haired ex-captain. She folded the photo`s together, wrote a brief note to Izuru, and walked towards Raiden, slinging her pink scarf over her left shoulder, letting the ends hang down around her tights.
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PostSubject: Re: Scrapbooks full of me in the background || Rangiku   Thu Feb 03, 2011 8:21 pm

He wondered if she knew that she had added Taichou to the end of Hitsugaya's name, when he was actually the fukutaichou....but he was just going to let it be. After all, if he were to go and meet Gin again, he would more then likely slip and call him Gin-taichou himself. Old habits were hard to break, he knew. And it wasn't hard for Raiden to know who Matsumoto was talking about. His former Taichou was back in the Soul Society, and this was going to screw around with his plans for his current Taichou. As it was, he prevented his back from tightening up and gave Matsumoto a smile, gesturing to the door. "If you'll come this way then Rangiku-san, I'll be more then happy to buy you lunch." He said in his gravely voice. Against his better judgement, he left the pictures on the desk. It was his most fervent wish to take them and destroy them from the eyes of the world. If Kira never had to be reminded of it, then Raiden would be happy. But since he couldn't do that to anyone, curse his slightly kind nature, he left them on his desk.

He knew this nice little restaurant near the third Division that he was sure she had been to before, but it was a nice place for friends to get caught up in, or old acquaintances to get reacquainted.
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PostSubject: Re: Scrapbooks full of me in the background || Rangiku   

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Scrapbooks full of me in the background || Rangiku
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