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 Evening stroll (open)

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PostSubject: Re: Evening stroll (open)   Sat Jan 22, 2011 8:10 pm

{{Please note that Rammus has not killed Zanmato, and as such, Rammus needs to edit his post. Please and thank you.}}
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Zanmato Jishaku

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PostSubject: Re: Evening stroll (open)   Mon Jan 24, 2011 2:43 am

Zanmato Jishaku breathed deeply, in and out, relaxing as his preparations entered their final phases. His eyes, though opened, were not focused upon any one thing, rather they were staring off into space as it would seem to one observing from a small distance away. However, even if his human eyes were not being 'used' at the moment, Stolz' eyes were giving him visions of everything occurring on the battlefield. He saw Miyu throw the needles, and as fast as lightning, Stolz destroyed them with a simple swipe of one of the shadows which broke the needles into so much red dust.

Several eyes of Stolz looked down at Miyu with amusement and frustration mixed in equal measure. Luckily, amusement seemed to win out. A disembodied laugh echoed from within the depths of Stolz, and the eyes began to look elsewhere again as Ezrion stepped in front of Miyu, all save for one which now stayed locked on to them. A mouth filled with sharp teeth emerged from the shadows and smiled maniacally.

"Everything will be fine? Oh, how I doubt that little Vizard. I suppose that your glowing arm signifies the charging process for your...Nova Cannon was it called? Ah well, by all means use whatever you like...I'm still going to kill you all if I get the chance.

The mouth and eye looked up in annoyance as Zan heard yet another incantation come from the mouth of Rammus Triggon. Over a dozen eyes rolled at once as the beam of yellow energy was fired, and Stolz simply opened his mouth wide...and ate the entire thing. The mouth closed and licked its non-existent lips mockingly toward the direction that the blast was fired from.

"It's about time that I stopped all of this ridiculous holding back. Well, maybe not all of it, perhaps just most of it. Let's see...Ah, this should work. Now, let's have some fun!"

A new, much more confident side of Zanmato Jishaku had apparently taken over. He had shifted from thoughts of grudging respect and wanting to escape, to this: he was slightly arrogant to some degree and outright exclaimed that he was through holding back and that he was going to take the fight to his opposition. Apparently, either something had hit a nerve, Zan had tapped some hidden degree of confidence, or Zan was simply bluffing. Or perhaps he was not? The spikes inside of his prison withdrew even further, as obviously the need for them was not great. However eyes were kept locked on to the eyes of Rammus.

Meanwhile, four sharp tendrils quickly made their way to Ezrion, originating from the building that the eye and mouth had come from aiming for his heart, lungs, and head. And well, even if he dodged, perhaps Miyu would get hit instead? The Bount then began to increase his Spiritual Pressure again, only this time reaching into the mid range and higher echelons of his power. The first bakudo spell was instantly disintegrated, the rods of light crumbling away like so much fine powder. And yet his power kept rising...
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PostSubject: Re: Evening stroll (open)   Mon Jan 24, 2011 3:19 am

Miyu was frozen she just stood still staring at the bount. How could he.... Why was he here? Why did he fight them. Miyu didn't want this. She didn't want to see anyone die and nor did she want to die herself. Tears start to from in her eyes and slowly rolled down her cheeks. Something was coming their way, it was going to hit Ezrion if he didn't move away. She could not see what it was, everything was blurry because of the tears. She looked at her knees, the blood had not dried up yet. She touched her wounded knees letting the blood come out with her powers. This time it was much more that before. But she had to do this. How more blood how stronger it would be. She got closer to Ezrion putting her hand over his shoulders around his neck almost like pulling him onto a hug.

She had to, if she wanted to keep on her feet. Using so much blood made her feel really light. It would have been better if the bount was bleeding somewhere, but sadly she didn't see any wounds, not from this far. The blood was formed into a shield that would protect them from whatever was coming. She hoped the shield would not break like the needles. At least it would soften the speed of the attack.......
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PostSubject: Re: Evening stroll (open)   Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:09 am

Renzenku, who was several blocks away, could immediately feel the spiritual pressure of his friends and some unknown being. Fortunately he was several blocks away, so while he shunpo'd he slipped up his faceplate, placed on his Vizard Mask, and then lowered the faceplate again. As well as drawing his sword.

When he reached the place that Rammus and Ezrion were fighting he was on top of a roof, looking down at them, and could instantly tell that they were fighting someone who manipulated shadows. "No one tries to hurt my friends, fool." Raising his hand he dismissively waved it through the air and annihilated every shadow in over two hundred meters with brilliant light. Light shone in every direction and from every orifice of anything that provided light and totally staunched any shadows in sight. Not a single shadow remained, not even the people cast shadows because every surface glowed with intensity. "Rammus! Ezrion! How's it hanging?"
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PostSubject: Re: Evening stroll (open)   Wed Jan 26, 2011 4:11 am

Ezrion ignored Zan's words and felt Miyu wrap her arms around his shoulders and he shunpoed away, moving from Zan's quick strike. Then Ren showed up and blinded everyone, Ezrion shielding his eyes as best he could from the light that came from every surface. He heard Ren ask how it was hanging and he couldn't resist a joke. "Slightly to the left. You?" He blinked through the light, trying to find where exactly Ren was. He sighed, one good about this was that Zan was essentially powerless, his shadows being destroyed.
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Rammus Triggon

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PostSubject: Re: Evening stroll (open)   Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:40 pm

Rammus stood calm and unmoving, not blinded by Ren, but unable to see anything but white. Luckily he was still invisible and quickly Shunpoed besied Ezrion and applied his coat to Miyu, " Hide. Shit is going down. " He said to her.

Renzenku, Ezrion and Rammus. A three man team that no force could stop. This bounto was doomed and with his shadows effectively halted Any three of them could move in and destroy him easily. Seeing though as he did the work till now, seemed proper for someone else to try.
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Zanmato Jishaku

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PostSubject: Re: Evening stroll (open)   Mon Feb 14, 2011 2:33 am

Zan smiled malevolently as his spikes came closer to Miyu's shield, then cringed slightly as every light within two hundred meters of the general area seemed to suddenly become brighter than what should have been possible, reasonable, or expected. His shadows retreated and the dark mist surrounded his body protectively. He heard someone calling him a fool and looked around with his eyes. Of course...yet another Vizard. He rolled his eyes as the Vizards exchanged cordial greetings as though he weren't present. He wanted to place his hand upon his head and shake it slightly...and his arm obeyed. The black holes had faded away as he had unleashed his powers! Taking the opportunity to stretch after having been stuck in that position for a few minutes, the Bount walked over to the edge of the building that he had been standing on and looked down at the Vizards with a rather irritated look in his eyes.

" know, it's considered rude to interrupt a battle without introducing yourself Vizard. I would ask for your name, but at the moment I doubt that your identity has relevance. I'm just going to make a few points, then I'm going to leave. One: Don't...ever...try to hurt Stolz with light you fool; it's a doll, not a normal shadow. It defies every law of light and gravity that you care to think of, and is more powerful than those weapons that you're holding in your hands now.

So saying, Zan breathed deeply, inhaling a vast quantity of air to match his now growing vast spiritual pressure, then exhaling all of it at once. The dark mist spread over the field of battle at immense Tspeeds, growing in amount and vastness correlating to Zan's spiritual output. Soon it covered the field in a sort of darkness by simply covering over the vast majority of the light sources that the new Vizard had been using to try to kill Stolz. This being done of course spread new shadows, which Stolz immediately spread himself toward, regaining its former areas and spreading further out, wrapping itself up and around buildings, cars, trees, and whatnot. Eyes opened in all of these areas and returned to the Bount a sort of omnipresence and a 360 degree vision.

"Two: Don't ever call the leader of the Bounts a fool. That will most certainly never end well for you during the course of a normal interaction or event, or whatever you wish to call it. Impuls!"

Zan raised his arms high and wide as new echelons of power were awakened inside of him, sighing with pleasure at how good it felt to unleash so much power at once. He only vaguely noticed that a consequence of his actions was that he was crushing many things surrounding him, including on accident a nearby hollow that was chasing a child's spirit. As was to be expected, more darkness flowed from him in waves, flowing and spiraling around him as the manifestation of his reiatsu. Stretching a bit, the Bount raised his right hand and snapped his fingers, causing a great amount of the mist to flow into three shapes that simply stood before him. The shapes were armored and carried terrible mace like scepters in their gauntleted hands. The spiritual pressure that they exerted was at the immense level, and they as one bowed toward their master.

"And finally, Three: Be thankful that I no longer feel the need to rip out your hearts and feed them and your souls to my doll. Just know this: Next time will be different, and if you ever attack me again, I will kill you. Slowly."

At that, Zan's malevolent demeanor seemed to take a 180 degree turn. He smiled warmly and for a moment at the Vizards and presumably at Miyu too, then waved jovially at them. Turning to look at the moon with a yawn and a last stretch, Zan began to walk, which turned into a jog, which became a run, then a sprint in human terms. As he reached the edge of the building, he simply jumped off and onto the next one, then instantly began to use his powers of speed, his moving speed would have dominated even the fastest of the Captains in the Soul Society, so the Vizards would be no threat to him anymore, being unable to catch him. Besides, they'd be preoccupied soon anyway. He smirked as he jumped from building to building thinking about what to command his Einberufung minions to do. Eventually landing on the ground to continue at a run instead of jumping, he sent the command mentally that he had decided upon.

The shadows each stood erect as the command reached them. They knew what to do and were prepared to do what they had been commanded to do. Fed by the power of the Bount Leader and the Impuls, they moved with speed that made them nearly invisible for a second until they reappeared in a line formation in front of the three Vizards, one for each of them. The one in the center, apparently the group leader, raised his mace-scepter and pointed at the enemy group menacingly. The other two reacted as one, moving at great speeds to attack each of them, separating to get the assignment done. One physically jumped to the top of the building that Renzenku was standing on and while he was still in the air launched a grey ball of immense power at the Vizards from its mace, enough power was present to rival and even surpass a Gran Rey Cero, not something to be trifled with at all; a second ran toward Rammus Trigon and swung its mace with deadly force at his head, and the third simply stood its ground and waited for Ezrion to unleash the Nova Cannon. They had been given a command by their master, and they would obey...they would fight with these Vizards until death or dismissal and the return of oblivion and non-existence.

OOC: Yes, I was allowed by administration to release myself from the Kido and yes Stolz can be used even in bright lights. And also yes, the admins know that too.
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PostSubject: Re: Evening stroll (open)   Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:13 am

(OOC: i have been asked to look into a matter in this topic. Zan; in your character application/profile you do not state that it is immune to light. And as a matter of fact i would never allow that, since the weakness of shadows is light.
Quote :
"Description: Stolz is the doll that represents the darkness itself, and as such is darkness incarnate. It cannot be said to have a specific form because virtually every shadow potentially be a part of its form. If one had to give it a form, it would be Zan’s shadow, and the dark mist that seems to appear whenever Zan fully releases his dolls full potential. Its primary abilities lie within the shadow, which is like any other shadow although much larger (it can expand to cover a large area, and appears to defy the natural laws of light and gravity, even rising off of the ground to attack and defend"
When you say that it APPEARS to defy the natural laws of light and gravity to rise and attack or defend. I understand it to mean that it breaks the law stating that shadows are cast upon surfaces, and therefore it can rise and attack and defend. You state nowhere that they are immune to light, so please edit your post accordingly.

You are free to get other staffs opinions on this matter however i am confident they will see it the same way.



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Zanmato Jishaku

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PostSubject: Re: Evening stroll (open)   Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:15 am

Actually, I'd like to speak to you personally about that. C-Box, here, or PMs, it's your choice. And in my defense, Tia was the admin who approved my theory.
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PostSubject: Re: Evening stroll (open)   Tue Feb 15, 2011 9:18 pm

tell me when your done editing and bla.. so i know that i have to post @_@
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PostSubject: Re: Evening stroll (open)   

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Evening stroll (open)
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