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 Hope and Despair || Set before the meeting, Open

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PostSubject: Hope and Despair || Set before the meeting, Open   Sun Jan 09, 2011 1:18 am

The usually quiet Throne Room in the palace of the arrancars, Las Noches, was now filled with a tapping noise. As the grand door was locked, only almost empty room was subjected to this tormenting sound. The source of this sound; Incognita Periculum. The soon to be Supreme Leader of the Arrancar Army. She was currently sitting on the throne. The throne that would soon be her most used thing in Las Noches. Her long silvery hair flowed down her shoulders and covered one of her green "dead" eyes. The green orbs stared out in the empty air, looking like she was remembering happier times... And her fingers rhytmically drummed towards the armrest on the throne. Yes, it was obvious... She was thinking about something, but still present in this world, not entirely consumed by the fantastic world her mind was remembering.
She had been wondering about the Espada-ranks lately, but to her it didn't matter right now. Right now, she wanted to remember the time she lived. About him. The time they spent together, before... Incognita clenched her fist and stopped the tapping. It wasn't like she would forget it overnight. The event was unforgivable. Those people deserved her wrath. But they were gonne. She had killed them when she became a Hollow. It was an instinctual kill, not a satisfying vengeance. She could still see the fear in their eyes. They couldn't see what had hit them, but the sheer fear. It was still taiting her eyes. And it hurt. Incognita concluded that this pain had to be Hell. Her personal Hell. Where only one person would be there for her. That was Yeshua-Chaos, the Cuatra Espada. He was the only thing that felt right in her presence. She couldn't say why he was the only thing correctly, but mainly because he was different from the rest of the arrancars. Not just personality-wise. She could also feel something emanating from him... Something indetectable, which drew her closer to him. It wasn't like she was in love with him... Only one person had held her heart in his hands in centuries. And still did. This was more like motherly love. The soon-to-be Leader felt an odd urge to protect him, to prevent anything bad to happen to him. However, she did know that he was far older than his youthful looks told. Perhaps older than herself. No, that couldn't be correct... Incognita was still one of the oldest souls existing. She quietly shook her head and closed her eyes. It was time to sleep again soon. Not yet, though. These souls still had work to do before the reunion...
Incognita slowly rose from her throne and walked towards the vast balchony behind the throne. "Now... What should I do... Do I even want to look over this lonely world again?" She thought as she walked closer to the open space. Hueco Mundo was indeed a lonely place to be. With it's vast deserts and few spaces where the soul-leeches gathered. It was sad to see. This wasn't what she had expected from the afterlife. It was a tragic place, with little to no joy. Millenias ago, she had expected a lush life where the spirits gathered to watch the living. Appearently, she was mistaken... A bit at least. She wouldn't have minded being here if she was together with her fateful one, but he wasn't around. At least not his complete being. It was so painful... But she had to bear with it. Their happiness was not the main priority. The main priority, was to show what she was capable of leading the Espada into. But... The other thought was always in the back of her head.

These thoughts stopped when she noticed something wet run down her right cheek. She was crying for Messiah's sake! She was about to succumb to the sadness and melancholy that had been boiling inside her. Not now... Not when any of the Espada could enter. It would not be respectful if they saw their supposedly fearless and apathic substitute-leader break down emotionally. She caressed her cheek with her left hand to wipe away the single tear which was on it's way into the free air. The moist of the tear she felt reminded her about the fact that Las Noches didn't have a drop of water left. The water-supply had sneaked off and disappeared. Had Tia Harribel perished and gone to a better place? Doubtful. None of the Espada had reported any kills. Where had she gone? The Garganta-blocker had prevented her from leaving Hueco Mundo... But it only worked on Arrancars and so like. Had she sneaked into a Garganta created by a Hollow leaving to feast on the souls of the mortals? That was possible, but it couldn't be confirmed.
The only one of her green eyes visible stared into the night. Was it something greater out there? A God? A Godess? Several Gods? She was obviously not considering the "Shinigami" to be Gods. "Shinigamis are the God's tools. So are Hollows." This was how she looked at the races. There were no winners or losers. No evil or good. It was nature. Nature and Fate. The only thing greater than the living ones. Destiny. Fortuna. Fate. It had many names, but one common thing. It controlled and saw everything. Like a true God. Incognita's true God. The only true God. Above mortal and immortal. Sitting on a throne, watching as the world passed by. Incognita found it quite ironic or very fitting. Fate was just like her. Sitting on a throne, waiting for life. Were they the same person? She doubted that. Did they have a connection? She didn't question that. Why had she gotten this far anyways? The Destiny did without doubt want her to do something. Incognita was unsure about what, though. Guessing was the best thing she could do in this case. It would retaliate her somehow. She knew that.
She glanced of the shoulder. "I swear that I just heard footsteps. she thought. She closed her eyes. "Yes, there is without doubt some powerful reiatsu outside. she thought after a few minutes of keen scanning. Come in, please. she slowly turned around, waiting for the person on the other side of the door.

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Luna Flores

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PostSubject: Re: Hope and Despair || Set before the meeting, Open   Sun Jan 09, 2011 1:36 am

The large doors slowy creept open, and the pleasent smell of strawberry flowed into the room, hitting her nose with its gentle scent. The small frame of Luna walked into the room, the lower part of her espada uniform flowing slightly began her each time she took a step. With her 5.5, she was around 2 feet shorter than Incognite. The scent of strawberry first appeared to come from the fraccion herself, but at closer inspection, it came from the tray she was holding, were a pot of tea and a cup was placed, steam flowing out of the pot. Luna`s unusually soft face had a little smile over it. "Incognita, i brought you some tea..", she said while placing the tray onto the small table that stood not far from the throne, pouring the warm tea into the cup. Her purple hair hang down her back, the tips of it touching her waist. Her bangs were hanging over her shoulders, framing the face that always seemed so gentle, yet could turn into a killer on an instant. She slided her pale, unsual slender hands out of her long sleeves, firmly gripping around the cup. She then placed it onto the wide arm lean that was on the throne, making a little bow towards the new soon-to-be leader. Luna fixed her icy blue eyes onto Incognita`s frame, her thoughts wandering back to one of her many memories...

"Luna-san, what`s wrong?", the always imposing voice of the former captain spoke, his brown eyes laying on her. "N-nothing...its just..", she said while rubbing her left arm slightly, looking away with a slight blush over her face. The sound of his feat making a small thud as he stood up reached her ears, causing her to look up slightly. Aizen placed a hand onto her frail shoulder, observing the spot on her arm that she was holding. "Yammy got rough when you healed him huh?", "well..y-yea..", she mumbled in respond, fixing her gaze at the floor. He let out a light and warm chuckle, kneeling down so her was at eye height with her. "There`s no need to hide such things for precious espada is a family..and you are a part of can share your problems with me..". He stood up again, his signature smirk comming over his face now. Luna turned her back to him, pouring tea into his cup once more. Even through she had her back to him, Luna knew he was still looking at her...

Luna looked downwards, having caught herself doozing into an old memory. Folding her hands in front of herself, she looked at Incognita again, trying to look neutral. Her first thought was to leave right away, but for some reason she chose to stay. The lonesome and almost lost look in her eye reminded her slightly of Ulquiorra`s...only that her`s wasen`t almost complete hidden away by an emotionless facade.
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PostSubject: Re: Hope and Despair || Set before the meeting, Open   Sun Jan 09, 2011 2:58 am

Unisex Voice
Chaos Voice

The young arrancar had been wondering the hallways of Las Noches from some time now. This is somewhat unnatural for the Cuatra Espada if one could say that about him. For he himself was unnatural no matter how you cut it. But what made him so differently then the rest? He wanted the same thing the others did right? Or was there something else that he wanted that deep down inside of him, he knew would never be accomplished? There were many things about this young boy that drove even the smartness hollow insane. Many if not all didn’t know the real name of Chaos, excepted one. There was one Espada that had found the key to his loyalty. That person was no other then Incognita, the Segunda Espada.

She had somehow manage to get inside the young arrancar’s barriers and earned his trust. Though there are many more barriers that she has yet to unlocked and it made Chaos wonder if she could even connect with him fully? Could she break down all the barriers unlocking the secret behind him? Chaos wasn’t sure she could or if it even possible. Could she connect with someone who died at the age of four? And for what? A fail safe to the same people that the hollows despise. Could she retake the place of the “voice” that had guided him through his hollow evolution and such?

The young arrancar doubt it, but he was willing to give it a try with her. Some might think that they were lovers, but that’s a silly idea. Chaos sees her as nothing more then his mother...the mother that he never had. Walking towards the throne room, after sensing Incognita in there. Chaos wasn’t wearing his normal attired and one would be shock to see that his hands were uncovered, revealing his rather tan hands. Walking into the thrown room, he nonchantly made his way towards Incognita and looking at her with his neon blue eyes.

His eyes were soft and emotion felt through it would only last for a split second before they were void of emotions. He had sensed it, there was something a misted about mother....The young arrancar wanted to know what it was all about but did not say nothing...not yet anyway.

“We protect those who we cherish.” A unisex voice suddenly spoke within the mind of Chaos. It had been years since the young arrancar had heard the voice that echoed through his mind.


When the one you cherish falls, you will find a power like no other.” The unisex voice said. The voice knew that it probably would only get a few words out of Yeshua since during the hollow evolution it had only got Chaos to speak a couple of times.

Chaos would so something that was unexpected from an arrancar and would catch Incognita off guard, for a split second he embraced Incognita in a hug...well at least try to. For the shortest Espada was trying to hug one of the tallest Espada, so it would seem kind of awkward. Incognita would know why Chaos gave her a hug but Luna wouldn’t have no clue. It was like a child hugging his mother.

Such a nice child, ain’t that right Messiah?” The unisex voice said. Chaos’s real name was Yeshua which meant Messiah. So far only it had called him this, though Chaos knew that Incognita knew the meaning of it.

Sometimes emotions is a sign of strength and not weakness.” Chaos said, his words were soft and spoken loud enough that only Incognita could hear.
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PostSubject: Re: Hope and Despair || Set before the meeting, Open   Thu Jan 13, 2011 2:04 pm

Incognita stared at the incoming arrancar. It was rather odd to see her alone, as Incognita had always assumed that Lune Flores had been the obedient dog of Ulquiorra. But what did she know? She had come to Las Noches much later than Luna, after Aizen's defeat. And she had never got close to the modified arrancar. Neither did that matter right now. She gave Luna a satisfying nod, as she put the cup of tea down on the table. Why did she come? I never told anyone that I went to this room to think... Besides, I haven't told anyone about the fact that I am giving up my position as Segunda Espada. she thought. But... Incognita shifted her glance as the eyes of the Fraccion suddenly looked distant. Did she also memorize her happier days now? At least, they were two then. She slowly began to walk closer to the Fraccion and also noticed that her eyes became clearer, but she didn't leave the throne room. She stood almost right in front of her now and bowed down to meet the girl's eyes. What's wrong, Luna-san? she asked, voice filled with echo.

It was rather odd to see the difference between Master and Servant. Ulquiorra was had as much emotion as a doornail, while this girl oozed of lonelyness and despair. It was almost painful to think that someone like her served under someone like him. In a way, it reminded Incognita of Ulquiorra and Orihime, an affair which was infamous in Las Noches.
Before her conversation with the Fraccion of the Tercera Espada could continue, another arrancar entered the the room. It was... Yeshua? She took a few steps back from Luna, eyeing the Cuatra Espada which moved closer to her. Suddenly and completely unexpectedly, he embraced her in an affectionate hug. Incognita was rather surprised and almost immoblized. She didn't manage to hug him back, only pat his head with her right hand. She heard him mutter something about showing emotion and strenght... She sighed inwardly. If he only knew... she thought. I could tell him, but not as long as someone else is present... But it would be rude to chase Luna away. Another time, then. she thought as she let go of Chaos. Incognita slowly turned to Luna. Luna-san. If you don't see any problem with it, may you please get some teacups for you and Chaos too? I don't want to sit here drinking tea while the two of you are merely watching. she said and slowly closed her eyes. This looked like it would become a long day, but not necessarily a bad day. It would possibly be a day of talking and listening... Which was always nice.
Incognita started to walk towards one of the corners of the room. Is it there? she wondered as she slowly came closer to the shadows. Yes, there they were. The soon-to-be leader of Las Noches had hidden several folding chairs in the one of the corners in the throne room. The main reason was probably about the fact that she could get important visitors in the future. But having a nice talk with her subordinates was also in the back of her head. How far, was not good to say though. She picked up both chair in one hand. Incognita had no problems carrying such light objects. She was used to carry far heavier things. She put the pair down not far away from the throne, facing it's direction and unfolded them slowly.
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Luna Flores

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PostSubject: Re: Hope and Despair || Set before the meeting, Open   Thu Jan 13, 2011 5:52 pm

Luna wacthed as the tall second espada roose up from the throne, her height making her appear like a giant compared to Luna. Luna left her hands hanging down her sides, her eyes following the espada`s every movement. Was she gonna leave? Would she say that she had to watch her mouth when talking to those above you? Every theory and surspision that Luna had dissapeared when the tall Incognita bend down, being almost at eye height with Luna. The purple haired fraccion looked into the eyes of the taller woman for a few seconds, listing in silence as she asked if anything was wrong, using -san as if they were close friends. "I...". Luna forced her eyes away from her, folding her hands in front of herself slightly nervous. Before Luna brought herself to give an answer, they were joined by the Cuatra espada, named Chaos, who had entered without saying a word.

Chaos, whom only was an inch taller than Luna, looked small compared to the second espada..but so did most arrancar`s anyways. Luna raised an eyebrow when the espada hugged the higher ranked woman, who patted him on his head in return. Luna`s gaze remained on the two until Incognita moved away from the other espada, telling her to get two cups, since she didn`t want to sit there and drink, while they just watched. "Hai", the purple haired girl said in a light bow and left. Within two minutes, she returned, caring two simple cups, placing them onto the small table. Luna noticed that two chairs had been set up fairly close to the throne itself, had Incognita got the idea to sit and share tea with a fellow espada, and the fraccion of different espada? The former espada`s relationships had never really been good, it had only seemed to be the fourth, third, second and first that could sit in the same room without getting angry at each other. Having been the espada`s primarily healer in the past, she had gotten a insight on how their minds worked, and what she should not say in their presence. Having been a fraccion so long, had taught her the prober manners and ways when it came to speaking and making choices...if she did anything wrong, it would be punished, which in her mind, wasen`t a bad thing. The few times Ulquiorra had punished her so far, haden`t directly hurt her. Maybe it was because of her hiorre being on espada level, or maybe it was because he didn`t see a reason to kill her.

Luna poured tea into the two cups, trying hard to make her face look emotionless. She handed one of the cups to Chaos, making a light bow to him, before slowly sitting down at one of the chairs, holding the second cup in her own hand. She had slided her hands out of the sleeves again.
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PostSubject: Re: Hope and Despair || Set before the meeting, Open   

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Hope and Despair || Set before the meeting, Open
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