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 She who brings the Night | Training for lower 8 Espada (enter at own risk)

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PostSubject: She who brings the Night | Training for lower 8 Espada (enter at own risk)   Wed Jan 26, 2011 10:51 pm

(OOC: Spectators are welcome when the fighting starts and maximum amount of combatants against Incognita is 3)

Las Noches had without doubt been eventless the days since the new Leader of Las Noches, Incognita had taken over. Not like Las Noches had been the most exciting place in existance, but their Leader had expected more than just a bloody encounter for her Personal Guard, Vanille, with the Primera Espada. He was indeed a violent child, but what could she do about it? The best thing she could do, was to kill him. But that would be to avail, considering that his abilities exceeded the other Espada. As far as she knew at least. And with the disappearance of Chaos, the fort of Arrancars had become an even more gloomy place. But Fate had to choosen to take him away from her. Incognita could accept such a thought, mainly because it made sense to her. Fate didn't want him involved in these miserable things I am planning to do. It had been a rather decent evening, she had just finished drinking tea with some lower arrancars. A nice way to establish trust, was to talk directly to her low subordinates. Like Aizen, she didn't want to use fear as a factor to establish might. Not in the beginning at least. Doing things like she was planning to do right now, was a good thing. She saw it that way. It was showing who's the boss, while being kind enough to let the Espada demonstrate what they could to...

Incognita's feet swept slowly through the sand of Hueco Mundo as she moved towards the Arrancar Training Ground. When she took over as leader, she moved the training grounds to outside Las Noches, as she doubted that the Espada enjoyed to get their castles blown to bits when other Espada released their true powers. When other Espada trained, though, the outside of Las Noches would be looking pretty destroyed. She did doubt that these top arrancars fought often, though. But now, it was time to train them. The Espada needed to be prepared. They could be fighting powerful opponents, like captains or those mock-arrancars that protected Karakura... The had sent word to the lower 8 of the Espada, asking if some of them wanted to do a training session with her. Three vs. 1. Fair enough, considering the amount of reiatsu she possessed. But taking these elites on loosely could result in fatal damages. Or lose of control, which was on their side, not a good thing. Either way, it was risky for both sides. But risks had to be taken in order to gain success. Having Fate on her side, Incognita had an advantage, but was not secured victory. Oh playful Fortuna. It was all about Love & Loss. If one couldn't love anymore, one was doomed to lose. Her thoughts were interrupted as she noticed something that reminded her of a small coloseeum, but more intact and several times smaller. In order to spare time, she used Sonido to get to the entrance. It was closed by a portcullis. Bring back memories... the Espada Leader thought as she gently rubbed the metal. Sensing her spiritual energy, the portcullis started to lift itself and Incognita started to walk in. The arena was empty, just as she expectede. On the right side, there was a bench, but it wouldn't look very respectable if she were to sit on it. Instead she jumped up in the air and slowly fell comfortably into the throne meant for the highest ranking spectator. Here, she could sit to wait for some Espada to arrive...
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She who brings the Night | Training for lower 8 Espada (enter at own risk)
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