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 Cloud {Finished}

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PostSubject: Cloud {Finished}   Thu Jan 27, 2011 5:16 pm

Shinigami Application


Name: Cloud
Alias/Nickname: Cloud
Actual Age: 400
Physical Age: 23
Gender: Male
Division: 7th Squad
Rank: 7th Squad Vice-Captain


Height: 5'7" {174 cm}
Weight: 78 kilo
Eye Color: light blue, although sometimes they appear as greenish blue
Hair Color/Style: Spiked blond hair
Complexion: Fair
Picture: Cloud wears a Black robe and his clothing consists of a high collar black shirt with no sleeves, black pants and boots, and black cloth covering his left leg and arm.He also wears a pauldron, and his chest is covered by two straps, held in place by a badge representing Fenrir, the animal that has come to be associated with Cloud

Personality: Cloud is a loyal and true character to those he cares about and is always driven to protect them, even going as far as to hide his pain and emotions so he could not worry them. People who don't know him say that his rather arrogant or even cold hearted but they change their idea the moment they get to know him well. Yet, Cloud is still more of a solitude character who prefers being alone.

Cloud deals with full respect to all his higher-ups. He takes orders rather firmly and strict and obeys rules without a thinking twice. Even though, his emotions might get in the middle of his decisions he tries as much as he can to neglect them.

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
Quirks: Cloud likes night walks, just sitting alone in front of amazing views like {top of mountains, seas,oceans,open grass fields} and wonder about his purpose of living. He dislikes crowded places and heartless people.


Joining Soul Society

Joining the 7th Squad


~Zanpakuto Information~

Blade Name: Le Loup Solitaire ( The Lone Wolf)
Sealed Blade appearance: Cloud walks with his Zanpaktou around placing it behind his back. His Zanpaktou is an electric based Zanpaktou.
Zanpaktou spirit: His Zanpaktou spirit is a shiny golden wolf like beast with Aqua strips going through it's body. A current of electricity could be shown surrounding the beasts body at all time.
Inner world Cloud's inner world is a place where the sun rarely reaches. Only thunder and lightning could be seen along the dark black clouds covering the sky. The place is empty from any kind of buildings except a castle that is found in the middle where his Zanpaktou spirit could be found. The castle is surrounded by dragons who serve The Lone Wolf.

~Shikai Information~

Release Phrase: Extinguish Le Loup solitaire (Extinguish "The Lone Wolf")
Released blade appearance:

~Shikai Techniques/Abilities~

Name of abilty/technique: Wave Le Loup Solitaire
Description: Cloud swings his Zanpaktou above him for a few seconds as a current of electricity starts to form. He then stabs his Zanpaktou in the ground causing an electric field in a radius of 500 meters from around him. By increasing his spiritual pressure the damge increases.
Duration: 2 posts
Cool Down: 3 posts
Preparation:1 post

Name of ability/technique: Ignite Le Loup Solitaire
Description: Cloud places his Zanpaktou in front of him in a horizontal position as the tip of his Zanpaktou starts generating a sphere of electricity after the required sum of energy is generated into the sphere and changed into electricity, Cloud charges the blast towards his opponent
Duration: 1 posts
Cool Down: 2 posts
Preparation: Instant

[~Other Techniques~

Swordsmanship: Intermediate
Shunpo: Advanced
Hand to hand: Intermediate
Kido: Advanced
Name: Funaikai (Negative Sphere)
Description: This is Cloud's trademark technique,this technique collects the negative aura from around Cloud at the palm of his hand as a stream and by adding a certain sum of energy to it.It changes into a sphere that can be blasted at enemies.Cloud uses this skill to absorb any kind of negative energy[hatred,envy,revenge..] that his opponents hold and fire it back at them and the more the negative emotion the more the damage. {Cloud uses this ability to show others how big there negative emotions are more than using it in battles}
Duration: 1 post
Cool Down: 3 posts
Preparation: Instant
~Other Information~

~Rp Sample~
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PostSubject: Re: Cloud {Finished}   Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:06 pm

Alrighty then i will let you see my beloved

*huggles her seal of approval and carries it away..... is very heavy after all*



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Cloud {Finished}
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