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 Dymitry Turncov, Secret leader of Russia

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Dymitry Turncov


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PostSubject: Dymitry Turncov, Secret leader of Russia   Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:59 am

Human Application


Name: Dymitry Turncov
Alias/Nickname: Ballcoff
Age: 28
Gender: Male


Height: 6' 2.5"
Weight: 225
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Light Black
Complexion: Fair
Distinguishing features: The left half of his set of teeth are fangs. A result of the Time warp.


Personality: Dymitry is a aspiring young man, who craves power, position and respect. Is also a complete psychopath and will not halt to shoot and kill anybody. Can be very charming, and is a very passionate believer in Communism, and despises Capitalism. He has a split type of personality and is most often a kind impressionable man. Is not a soft man and often comes off strong and is very passionate abou most things and often loses himself. Is controlling and confident, able to control a country without most people ever hearing of him.

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship status: (single, taken etc)
Quirks: - Extremely manipulative
- Cunning
- Evil
History: Dymitry was born in the fantastic year of 1948. He was raised in an army family and quickly went off to a private school for special people. The government was training people with special powers to be perfect soldiers. Dymitry was not the top of his class, but was a evil mastermind, during this time he unlocked his ability to phase. When he did not graduate due to lack of attendance, he murdered the whole facility and everybody that ever went there. This was at the age of twelve. He lived alone in the forsaken school for four years listening to their souls cry out in hate and anger.

He was picked up by a military squad and kept in a facility for another two years. He was released and put in-charge of a organization called the KGB. He was not known to be in-charge by anyone but Stalin and Secretly held the position. Running the KGB, while remaining on the front lines as a soldier. Using his abilities for assassination and to take out insurgent towns. He always worked alone and was a secret asset, did not exist.

On one mission though something happened. In the year 1963 he went to take out a target and found a beast there. It looked human, but had the feel of an evil spirit. The thing had an ability similar to Dymitrys, to create worm holes. He used this at the same time Dymitry teleported and a phenomenon happened. Dymitry woke up the next day in the year 2007, un-aged. Initially he freaked out and was unable to figure out what to do.

He quickly figured out what to do and founded an organization called the COVS with the help of a old member of the KGB who believed hsi story. He rallied the underground and with his occultist personality amassed a secret force the size of an army. This organization quickly an secretly took control of Russia, and now runs it through its face leader, with Dymitry as the true Dictator of Russia. Or as he calls it The United Soviet Russia.

~Special Ability~(For special humans only no more than 3 to begin with more can be learnt later on via the new techinique board)

Name: Matter transference
Descriptions: This allows the user to switch his body with matter in a different place. A light blue flash is emitted when the ability is used. He must switch place with somewhere he knows exists, in sight. Meaning he must be able to visualize where he is switching with. If he does not he may end up underground unable to move or breath. This is limited inside of Battle by the amount of uses. Outside of Battle there are no limits. Can extend the switch to things he is touching, but anything more than small items and clothes and it is tiring. What he switches with is the exact mass and shape of him, no more. Weight is not taken into account. The matter he switches with will be in the perfect shape of him initially, and can serve for nothing.
Duration: N/A
Preparation: N/A
Cooldown: Inside of Battle: 3 posts

Name: Phasing
Descriptions: The User can phase his body through any matter that is not a living person. He may also not phase through Zanpakuto's, and pure spiritual Energy. Spiritually infused objects and matter he may NOT phase through. He can also extend this ability, but barely. So he can only to it to generally small items he is holding and clothing. He controls his phasing, as not to phase through everything.
Duration: Passive
Preparation: N/A
Cooldown: N/A

Name: Perfect Sight
Descriptions: The User can see spirits perfectly. He may not speak to them without focusing, and cannot hear their movements overall. When they are within fifty meters of him he can sense their exact position, and he gets goosebumps. He may extend this ability to everyone within a fifty meters radius.
Duration: Passive/ 3 posts
Preparation: Passive/1 post

~Other Information~

Dual pistols, where the bullets are spiritually infused with energy and able to kill/harm Pluses, Hollows and Shingami. They are each modified magnums with infinite clips of a sort. After firing ten shots, the user must reload the clip out, then back into the gun before he may continue to fire. (1 post reload) Though he does not need actual ammo and the power is the as a magnum round. Each clip maxes out at thirty shots before it overheats and is unusable.

He also has a black Broadsword with the same spiritual properties.

Has an Eidetic Memory since his time travel.

~Rp Sample~

Dymitry chewed on the tip of his cigar before blowing the smoke into the face of a young child in front of him. The boy looked to be in poverty and around the age of ten. He took the smoke to the face without batting an eyelash, without shedding a tear. He looked up to the man infront of him, who was quite large, wearing a black suit and a large brown fur coat over it. Which the boy envied since the building they were in was quite cold. Dymitry broke his thoughts with a chuckle, getting out of his seat and kneeling in front of the boy, placing his free hand on his shoulder.

" Boy, I am very pleased to know that children of your age taking a liking to my regime. Though you are to young. " He stood up and took a step behind the boy, " You cannot see your family again, and I cannot keep you. " He removed a magnum from his coat and shot the boy in teh back of the head, killing him instantly.

" Clean him up. " He said, his face stone cold and his voice even colder.

He put the gun away and walked out of the room, leaving everyone alone with the dead child. Stopping when he heard one of the men scream and fire a clip of a Sub-Machine gun at him. the bullets simply passing through him and his clothing harmlessly. Sighing he continued to walk as the man was shot several times by his loyal COVS members.
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PostSubject: Re: Dymitry Turncov, Secret leader of Russia   Tue Feb 08, 2011 5:22 am

Approved ^^



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Dymitry Turncov, Secret leader of Russia
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