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 Training(Cypher vs Solomon)

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PostSubject: Training(Cypher vs Solomon)   Sat Oct 09, 2010 4:19 am

The training area a place where those who are Shinigami comes to sharpen their skills. While other come here to prove themselves to their superiors. This is also the place where the Academy Students come to train in which they are watched over by their sensai. But today there arena would be used for a different reason. Cypher had summoned the 11th division captain to the training arena, in hopes to see how strong this captain was. Granted this would be his first time fighting a captain besides the former Captain Commander, but then again he believed in his abilities. So it should go smoothly though he had a feeling it wouldn’t.

The warm rays of the sun licked at the back fo his sun-kissed neck as he made his way towards the arena. Cypher was wearing his standard Haori but underneath it, he wore black camouflage pants, a white t-shirt and black combat boots. He didn’t really know why he wore the Captain Commander Haori, but he guess it was to establish his position to those around him. However there was a deeper meaning behind it, he actually missed his best friend and master. The one person who taught him everything he knew and the only person to ever see his bankai.

Reaching the arena, he would lean his massive 6'5, 245lb frame against the cement wall. His usually slanted red hair was not gelled and laid flat against his head. Tentai, his zanpakuto was resting vertical against his right side, not slanted as most people wore them. Speaking of Tentai, he had been rather quiet though he was always quiet, for some reason he has been more quiet then normal. This didn’t bother Cypher for it usually means that he was about to be taught a new ability but for what form? That he doesn’t know.

Cypher had his limiter on and had no plans of taking it off for he doubt he would need it. Some might say this is cockiness but then again this was who Cypher was. So now he patiently waits for his opponent to show...if they showed at all.
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Solomon Black


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PostSubject: Re: Training(Cypher vs Solomon)   Sat Oct 09, 2010 4:47 pm

Solomon was in his way to the training area, from a summons from the CC. He knew what to expect, but it would be overall fun. Unlike most Captains, he refused to wear the normal clothing. He wore long black jeans that looked slightly too long for him. He had a black tight tee-shirt on, and on top of that a short black leather vest; fur laced.

He walked into the training area with a air about him. Like a malice seeping out of his skin. It was not even his personality, but he seemed to leak violent intentions. He showed no emotion on his face, but his large scar made him look quite angry.

One Blade of Nuetrality on his left hip and another strapped to his back. He walked over to the Captain Commander; Cypher. Stopping fifteen feet from him he stood favoring his left foot, " What did you want. "
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Training(Cypher vs Solomon)
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