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 Vivi and Kenshirou

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PostSubject: Vivi and Kenshirou   Fri Feb 11, 2011 2:01 pm

Welcome to Viv and Kenshirou
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Kenshirou Uesugi


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PostSubject: Re: Vivi and Kenshirou   Mon Feb 14, 2011 3:10 pm

Kenshirou yawned as he sprawled from his bed. It was the early afternoon, a good sleep indeed for a truly beautiful day. The sun shone and the birds soared through the air gracefully. Kenshirou breathed in the air before coughing. "Euugghh. Shouldn't have went out last night." He said to himself. He then bathed in a pool of water and soaked away the stench of alcohol. He then realized that there was something to do today, but what was it? After he washed he wrapped a towel around his waist and looked around his room for an hint of what he had to do today. He knew he had something planned. He lifted stacks of paper, he lifted his bed, his couch, but nothing. He then sat down and pondered. He thought long and hard trying to remember where he was last night. He leaped up and clothed himself as he remembered which bar he was in and raced towards the bar in question.

On his way, the people greeted him but did not try to stop him as he was in a hurry. One man in particular shouted towards him. "Hey Kenshirou! Sure was crazy last night, let's do it again sometime!" The man shouted as Kenshirou chuckled and nodded back to him during his run. He finally reached the bar and made his way inside. The waitress smiled, almost as if she was going to laugh. Kenshirou took the time to catch his breath and looked at her for the reason why she was holding in laughter. She handed him an envelope labelled 'Kenshirou Uesugi'. He looked in confusion as he retrieved it. "You gave this to me last night to give to you today." the woman chuckled. Kenshirou had planned this out? It does sound like him but he would never do something like this.

He re-opened the letter, it must have been opened the previous night when he received it, and found a sheet of paper with hearts on the top right corner. "Dear Kenshirou...yada yada yada..." Kenshirou mumbled as he read through the letter quickly. His face became blank once he read the bottom line. ...and so you will be taking Vivi out for Valentine's day.... Kenshirou sighed. Valentine's day was one of his favourite day's of the year. He loved the idea of expressing love in the air and telling others how much they cared. He also loved the alcohol for the single people. Yes Kenshirou would drink but not out of pity but to celebrate others and their relationships. This year was different though. He was paired up with someone for valentine's. The question that ran through Kenshirou's mind was, 'what was he drinking last night for? To celebrate or to build up courage to actually spend time with a woman for the whole day without alcohol?

He then scanned the note once again. The time to meet was the afternoon. An hour from now. He quickly made his way to the gate to the human world and began his 'quest'. Before leaving he paid for a bouquet of flowers. They gave off a sweet scent which was quite refreshing and made his way to the human world. When he arrived in the human world, love was expressed anywhere you fixed your eyes on. Balloon hearts, cards, stuffed animals, almost anything. Couples were holding hands while singles were greeting and wishing the couples well. Kenshirou smiled as he looked down from the distance he was in the air. He then looked at the note once again. He had to meet in the park. He glanced at the time he had left, 'fifteen minutes'.

He dashed to the park and sat on a bench. He lay the flowers beside him as he began straightening himself up. He removed his eyepatch to reveal his matching pair of eyes with no actual problem with the once covered eye. He then got up and stretched his body by reaching up in the air and giving a sigh of relief. His back then gave a sharp pain, his face went in shock, he tried to move but could not. WIth profanities Kenshirou tried to straighten up his back before the woman arrived. He turned and twisted even though he was in pain. He finally fell on his back on the hard pathway and let out another profanity before realizing that he was fixed. He was relieved. He then set back down and remained still in for the woman to arrive. He was having a very clumsy day, today of all days.
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Vivi and Kenshirou
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