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 Tangled thoughts (Private for Cloud)

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PostSubject: Re: Tangled thoughts (Private for Cloud)   Mon Feb 21, 2011 3:34 pm

This relaxing feeling he had was feeling now was indescribable. He noticed how she felt sorry for his own past and how much he suffered but soon the feeling became mutual, as she also started to speak of her past. It was similar like his own, being lonely, having no one to care about, living in poverty and hunger. All these things were in common between them. He started to think now that maybe his encounter with Lightning wasn't chance. It was definitely fate. For him to grow in love with a person this quick and that someone to ends up having a very similar past as his, then it was never coincidence. She was now delivering another question but about something that Cloud himself didn't know anything about. He had never seen his father or mother. They had either left him or passed away when he was very young and he even doesn't remember who took him in after that. It was a weird story but it was the truth. He doesn’t know who his parents were. Were they shinigami?!, lost souls?!..Turned into hollows. He had a lot of questions about them but with no one to answer then for him. His face expressions changed slightly depressed.

Cloud's tone was low and filled with sadness "I never saw my parents, Lightning..I don't even know if they are still alive or dead" he paused as he turned his eyes from her to look at the warm fireplace. But he soon found himself smile a short smile to her as he realized something "I didn't have a family..But at least now i do" he said in a cheerful way as he shifted closer to her to give her more space to rest her head. Lightning was his new family. She was everything in the world to him now. With her in his life, there was no need to look back at the past and all its dreadful situations.
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PostSubject: Re: Tangled thoughts (Private for Cloud)   Mon Feb 21, 2011 4:23 pm

((OOC: I just realised something xD the last topic ended with my post and lightning falling asleep and so did this one D: weird xD))

As she rested her head on Cloud’s shoulder and relaxed completely in his embrace she felt as though she was beginning to lose the war against the enemy that all faced at one point; sleep. The sound of the rain, the warmth of the fireplace and the feeling of complete relaxation she felt in Cloud’s arms were all teaming up with the lack of sleep she had suffered since the night that brought them together, unable to hold her eyes open and unable to even open them momentarily Lightning knew she was losing the fight. She could tell him that she was tired, that she couldn’t stay awake any longer. But she wouldn’t allow herself to do so, she wanted to keep talking to him, she wanted to stay there like that as long as she could but it seemed that her body had other ideas as his speech started to fade away. She felt her heart ache as Cloud’s tone sounded so sad and hurt, she wanted to say something to do something to make him feel better, to cheer him up. But she felt as though her body would no longer obey the orders of her mind, it was heavy and frankly it felt as though it was dead asleep. Doing all she could Lightning tightened her hug slightly to comfort him, it wasn’t much but when your dead tired even a little movement can be difficult.

Managing to fight the war lord that had claimed victory Lightning spoke, her words were slow and soft trailing off as she fell into slumber. “Truly ..I am… the lucky one” The grip she held on Cloud’s loosened but it not fall away completely, she would not allow that awake or not.



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Tangled thoughts (Private for Cloud)
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