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 Kon ~ The Lion plushie

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PostSubject: Kon ~ The Lion plushie   Sat Feb 19, 2011 8:37 pm

Modified Soul Application


Name: Kon コン Short for Kaizō Konpaku (改造 魂魄, Modified soul or Mod-soul for short)
Alias/Nickname: Kon
Age: unknown
Gender: Male


Height: 33 cm (1'1") (plushie)
Weight: 170 grams (6 oz) (plushie)
Eye Color: Black eyes (plushie)
Hair Color/Style: Brown lion mane's
Complexion: Orange
Distinguishing features:



Personality: Kon primarily serves as a comedic foil in the series; when not inhabiting Ichigo's body, his normal plushy body is treated with little respect and much disdain, sometimes bordering on abuse.

Kon is quite perverted and is preoccupied by sex much of the time. He will often try to take advantage of his plushy body to get girls to hug him to their chests. Kon is especially attracted to girls with large breasts, which makes Orihime the center of many of his fantasies. In the manga he is also seen using Ichigo's body to gratify himself while fantasizing about Orihime and Rukia.

Kon's redeeming quality, which allows Ichigo and Rukia to see him as someone worth saving, is his views on the sanctity of life. Because he spent many years in the form of a pill, fearful that one day he would be discovered and disposed of, Kon has developed a moral stance that prevents him from killing anything. He will also risk his own life in order to save even the lowliest of creatures, and is angered to see people who belittle their creations and dispose of them off-hand.

Sexuality: Straight
Relationship status: Single
Quirks: He likes company of womans.


~Special Power~

Enhanced Strength: During the few times that Kon is in combat, he has proven to be able to hold his own — in addition to possessing all the combat abilities of Ichigo's well-trained body, he was designed to have exceptionally powerful leg strength. He was able to fend Ichigo off in combat by using just kick-attacks and leg-blocks, and is able to kick aside massive Hollows. He is also capable of jumping over 13 meters and 56 cm from standing position in Ichigo's body.

Enhanced Speed: Kon can run 100 meters in 3.8 seconds.

Spiritual Power: Being a modsoul, Kon possesses some spiritual power, though not as much as spiritually aware Humans, such as Yasutora Sado or Orihime Inoue.

~Rp Sample~

It was a really hot day. A perfect day for the beach. Kon quietly laughed as he was on his way to the beach. He knew that on a day like this the beach was filled with people, but not just people. Girls and womans in bikini's. A real dream for the tiny lion plushie. Kon had finally reached the beach and hide him self behind a sand castle. The plushie watched the beach with stars in his eyes. His starry eyes became hearts as he saw what he had came here for. A matured woman was walking towards the water. Cooling down from the hot sun in the cold water. Suddenly a giant shadow appeared over Kon. He turned around with horror on his face and saw a small kid standing there. "A plushie!" the kid called out and picked up Kon. Nooooo! this was meant to be a watching girls day Kon screamed in his mind having fake tears in his eyes. The small lion pretended as a real plush. Not moving and staying quiet. The kid sat down and put Kon in front of him. "i'm gonna call you Simba, because you are a lion" The kid said while smiling. Kon almost wanted to scream as he heard what the kid was gonna call him but stayed still. The kid lay Kon down and started to put sand on his body, burying his body under the sand. After that he added some shells as decoration. The kid smiled down to Kon as he did so. Suddenly a womans voice was heard and seemed to call out to this kid. "i'm coming mummy" the kid said and ran away from kon, leaving him there half buried i the sand. The sun was going down and people started to leave. Kon relished that he was stuck, unable to move. He was now stuck there, hoping someone would find him and free him. "help..." a soft sad voice was heard on the empty beach.

Other characters you currently have on the site:

Name: Katsu
Race: Vizard
Rank: Former Captain 4th division

Name: Miyu
Race: Human
Rank: (Shiko) Medical Team Head

Name: Arisu
Race: Shinigami
Rank: 4th seat, 6th division
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Hiyro Yuzuki


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PostSubject: Re: Kon ~ The Lion plushie   Sat Feb 19, 2011 11:26 pm

Hahaha, i love the sample! Everything looks good to me!


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Kon ~ The Lion plushie
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