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 Avery Dunn || fraccion to James White

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Avery Dunn


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PostSubject: Avery Dunn || fraccion to James White   Thu Feb 24, 2011 3:55 am

Arrancar/Espada Application


Name: Avery Dunn
Actual Age: 489
Physical Age: 19
Gender: Female
Rank: Fraccion to James White


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 138 lbs.
Eye Color: pale purple
Hair Color/Style: light brown
Complexion: fair

Remains of Mask:

Hollow Hole: Center of chest
Espada Tattoo:


Personality: Avery has always been seen as the little girl, the one that everyone loved and could do no wrong. Until her father died... and her mother and brother went missing. Avery had a big turn in her life when she turned 15. She went from the shy girl that could do no wrong, to a crazed killer with a large side of blood lust. Avery would always get what she wanted, and if she constantly had to switch up her personality a bit to do it, she did. Avery was constanly showing off her body but in the end she never gave herself to neither man nor woman. Until she finally got caugh.
Quirks: People try and tell her about these all the time, but she never really listens.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Single
History: Avery had a simple upbringing, a perfect mother, a perfect father, even her brother was perfect. No one ever thought bad of her until her father died. Everyone seemed to mourn except for Avery. She seemed to calm, and then when her mother died they began to question it all. They found reason to bring Avery in and question her about the deaths of her family but when they went to go and get her. She was already gone. Avery had managed to find herself a way out of town after getting a ride with a passing trucker.

Avery lived the next three years almost any where she could; it didn't take her long to find ways to get some money and food, as well as a place to live. No body knew, nor could anyone even find out her name. But if they ever did find out, they where dead in less than five minutes. It was a good life, a simple life, though her kill number seemed to constantly go up.

But then her time finally ran out, one man reconized her and called the police. Avery knew that he had called the police and knew that she could easly get him, but she didn't have time. She had to get out of town, and she had to get out now. Though in truth police had been tracking down since her dissapearance. When they finally caught her she was trialed as an adult, charged with three first degry murders; as well she was being questioned about 28 others. Avery was sentanced to death but died months before her date when she was to be put to death.

Though Avery was pronounced dead and the guards didn't bother to find the cause of it. Her spirit haunted the jail for a while until a hollow showed up. There was a bit of running; and a bit of hiding; but after sometime the hollow finally caught up with her. Trapping her in the chamber she was supposed to be put to death it.

Within moments the hollow launched forward at her, expecting to swallow her, when a flash of bright light went off as well as an explosion that took out 1/4 of the jail. Once the dust cleared Avery was surprised to find herself still standing. Her wrist burned a little bit and she could see something white in the cornor of her eye. Moving her hand to touch the side of her face she found that there was a white circle around her eye as well as two long pieces had when over her ear. Then she noticed the bracelet her wrist as well. She didn't know what was going on, nor did she really care. She just felt power running through her veins, and she just knew that she was going to enjoy this.

Since the large blast was pretty much a large blast of spiritual energy a lot of hallows and many other beings began to appear, but the only one that really seemed to catch her attention. One man that seemed to be almost like her. She didn't really understand what he was doing there, she just seemed to kinda... Fallow him. She learned his name from other people that was around him, James White. Though she learned that from a man that was never said to actually speak, Fuu Numa. The 4th something or other...


Name: Anei
Seal Description: A simple bracelet on her right wrist.
Aspect of Death:
Release Phrase: Tsubame hyakuji Anei.
Element/Class type: Shadows
Resurreccion Appearance: The same as her sealed appearance but a chain that is attached to a black revolver.

~Standard Techniques~

Name: Cero (( is fired from her chest as well as her revolver when released ))
Description: Cero (虚閃 (セロ), sero; Spanish for "Zero", Japanese for "Hollow Flash", Doom Blast in the Viz translation, "Empty Disaster" if the kanji is literally translated) is a form of attack used by Menos, Arrancar and Visored. As a standard energy blast, it consists of firing a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at the target. While in most cases it is fired from the mouth, some Arrancar and Visored are capable of firing Cero from their hands, fingers and other parts of their bodies. This often requires the user to under take a specific pose, with Coyote Starrk being the only exception.
The power, force, speed, and blast area of the Cero is dependent on the strength of the user (i.e., the stronger the user, the stronger the attack), and there are some Arrancar and Visored who have come up with their own variation of Cero. The charging and firing time for Cero also varies greatly, from relatively charging fast to firing it to instantaneously fire one without much charging.
Duration: 3
Cool Down: 2

Name: Hierro
Description: is an Arrancar technique in which the user's reiryoku condenses, creating a steel-hard skin strong enough to block a Zanpakutō. This also allows them to fight some of the sword-wielding Shinigami barehanded.
Duration: Constant
Cool Down: N/A

Name: Sonído
Description: is a technique used by Arrancar which allows them to move at extreme speeds, making it highly similar to the Hohō (or Flash Steps as they are called in the English Dub) that Shinigami use.
Duration: Skilled
Cool Down: 1

~Innate Techniques~

Name: Anei Akuma (( Shadow Demon ))
Usage: Resurreccion
Description: Anei Akuma is a move that uses Avery's shadow as well as shadow's of any inanimate objects' that are up to five feet at max away from her at the time of the release. A large shadow like demon appears and can easily be controled by Avery. But though this technique is quite stronge and can take out large groups of enemies at once, once the duration is done Avery is almost completely drained of her energy. Though Avery is much to stuborn to allow others to protect her.
Duration: 3
Cool Down: 6

~Rp Sample~
Avery looked around as the dust began to clear. What had just happened? Where did that giant creature like thing go? What the heck had it wanted? Feeling her wrist burn and seeing white out of the conor of her eye she couldn't help but become curious about everything. Moving her hand she touched the white bone like feel that was around her right eye, moving her hand more she found that two pieces that went over her ear. Finally looking down her her wrist she saw the bracelet that was around her wrist. She was curious about what was going on, but she really didn't have time to find out before she found out that others where around her.

They looked like guards which was very confusing, they could see her, and seemed to be a little taken back that she was standing there in all of the ruble that was around. The crash had killed 3 prisioners and 6 guards. "What have you done!? Why are you alive!" Avery felt anger running through her veins as they began to fire they're guns at her. She felt power running through her, and towards her right hand and into the bracelet there. "W-what the hell is that?!" A guard behind her yelled, everything seemed to stop as she looked down to her hand, seeing the black aura that glowed around it before she moved and gripped onto something. "It looks like, your death." She said with a growl leveling the revolver.

Other characters you currently have on the site:

Name: Hanako Ichimaru
Race: Shinigami
Rank: 12th Captain

Name: Fuu Numa
Race: Espada
Rank: 4th

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PostSubject: Re: Avery Dunn || fraccion to James White   Sat Feb 26, 2011 5:17 am

If you're going to be the Fraccion to James, how did he find you? Or how did you find him?

As for your attack, the Shadow will have to be limited to yours and that of inanimate objects.
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Avery Dunn


Posts : 3
Join date : 2011-02-24

PostSubject: Re: Avery Dunn || fraccion to James White   Sat Feb 26, 2011 5:46 am

Move was edited as well another paragraph was added to history. Anything else seem out of place?
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PostSubject: Re: Avery Dunn || fraccion to James White   Sat Feb 26, 2011 6:11 am

Welcome to the Site!!!

Other Admin might have a couple questions, or issues, so this might be unlocked.

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PostSubject: Re: Avery Dunn || fraccion to James White   

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Avery Dunn || fraccion to James White
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